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I accidentally bought the product twice. Would you return 1

Ürünü yanlışlıkla 2 kez satın aldım. Bir tanesini iade eder misiniz.

Hi, No worries you just send a refund request to envato we’ll accept the refund request.



mgma Purchased

I created a page with your template, and a few other scripts etc. and it will not scroll on mobile at all. Do you know why this is happening? What I should check or reference?... thanks!

Hi, can you please give us your link. Thanks


mgma Purchased

Thanks guys. I sorted it. It was me… I had another CSS file that was duplicating some basic stuff. So the browser was aruing about stuff. I removed those and it is golden now.


Glad to know you sorted out the issues.

Hey there, just a quick question, my RS won’t shift below my navigation menu without problems. I have tried various ways to start the slider from under the nav menu including amending the css of .slotholder class that only shifts the image down, not the container itself, so it overlaps elements below it. Using margin-top works, but on full screen, the slider drops below the fold instead of stopping at the bottom of the screen. What would you suggest to simply shift the entire slider down below my nav menu (80px high) without overlapping elements below it or the full screen option running off the bottom of the page?

Many thanks!


There are 96 RS demo, we are not clear which one you are referring. So based on our guess, if your navigation contains no-background class then remove it. Hope you’ll get your expected result.

Thanks :)

Please help me on below issue

1. Open Below page http://alien.lab.themebucket.net/rs-demo-web-product-dark.html 2. Scroll the slider up to 4th slide 3. Try to scroll at 4th image

Issue: Unable to scroll the page after 4th image in slider. Here we are unable to see the text content of the bottom page and footer


Hi, Its a third party plugins which we just used for demo purpose only. Can you please check rev slider documentation in your downloadable file.


There seems to be an issue with the full screen navigation not self closing upon selecting a link. It can be viewed in any of the demos featuring full screen menu. Is there a solution to this as I would like to use this menu type?


Hi, Thanks for you comments. We’ll check it and let you know.



I’ve got a problem with parallax scrolling on the iPhone and iPad. The background image gets stretched beyond recognition (a couple of times too big). The issue doesn’t appear on Android phones or when resizing a browser window on desktop, so I’m having a hard time troubleshooting this.

The same thing happens in the car dealer demo, so I don’t think that’s something I’ve done but rather a theme issue. http://alien.lab.themebucket.net/mp-car.html

Let me know if you have any ideas how to fix this. Also, ping me if you need screenshots, etc.

Thanks! Michal

Just to clarify – the issue affects the elements with js-Parallax class. I know that your parallax scrolling script won’t work on iOS and it’s disabled on smaller screens.

OK, so adding this has solved the problem:

@media screen and (max-width: 992px) { .js-Parallax > .ImageBackground__holder { background-attachment: scroll; } }

Somehow background-attachment: fixed, which doesn’t work on iOS has messed up the image size. You might want to add this to your default CSS. If you find a better solution, please let me know.

Hi, Glad to know you’ve find the solution and thanks for let us know.

Apart from the available social icons within the theme, where/how to add new ones? ex:LinkedIN

This page http://alien.lab.themebucket.net/sc-social-links.html have different social icons style which one you need to add. We just give you a first one example for linkedin see this screenshot https://monosnap.com/file/EFcAPpBozPpqQXTBIFR7uutwUq5Ful Thanks

i have bought this theme. i am facing the issue on the contact us page(http://alien.lab.themebucket.net/contact-us-2.html). When i click the want to meet us, the map is not showing the marker. it is aligned well left, Everytime i drag the map to right to see the marker. How can i fix this issue? Any help Well be Appreciated, Thanks in advance!..

Hi, Please replace the following code instead of that pages bottom script. <script> function initMap() { var latlng = { lat: 23.810332, lng: 90.41251809999994 }; var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map'), { center: latlng, zoom: 10, scrollwheel: false }); var marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: latlng, map: map }); var $mapToggle = $(".js-toggle-map"), $cancelBtn = $(".js-cancel-btn"), $map = $("#map"); $mapToggle.on("click", function (e) { e.preventDefault(); $(this).next().slideDown(); $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: $map.offset().top }, 300); google.maps.event.trigger(map, 'resize'); map.setCenter(marker.getPosition()); $(this).hide(); }); $cancelBtn.on("click", function (e) { e.preventDefault(); var prnt = $(this).parents(".map-row"); prnt.slideUp(400, function() { $(prnt).prev().show(); }) }); } </script>

Hope solved your problem.


The contact form is working fine but, the fields are not cleared after Form Submission. Kindly suggest a solution

Thanks Cool Minds

Hi Cool Minds,

To clear the form you just have to add this $form.get(0).reset(); simple JS code in this file assets/build/js/mailer.js

Thanks :)

Good afternoon.

Thank you for the awesome template and making my life 100% easier. I have a quick question concerning the migration of files to a CMS. I copied files to my site’s CMS, such as the css and js files; everything works fine except for the social media/line icons – i.e. “fa fa-facebook”.

I was wondering where these files are located and which folder I have to transfer over to my CMS to get them to work?

Also, would it be safe to change the actual file names? Or do you recommend not changing the names because they’re referenced within several other files?

Thanks again! Regards, Mike

Hi, This icon come from font-awesome icon which is located from https://monosnap.com/file/d6AeKsujlVApS06ztmX3hUh1reMpkO you just take this folder and make sure your location path is ok according your file location. If this file was already there then may be your location path is incorrect thats why font icon wont shown.


Great. Thank you. I was able to get the icons to work and launched my site yesterday. However, the site doesn’t work properly on iPhone and has some glitches on Android. For example, portfolio images will not load, the logo will not appear, and the banner image is zoomed in. Is this anyway for me to privately message you a link to my site so you can have a better understanding? Thanks!

Hi you can send you link here themebucket@gmail.com

I may finally get a chance to use you’re beautiful template. I have an important question, however.

Can I create a couple of pretty elaborate Revolution Slider pieces in WordPress (so I can build them with their editor) and then export them as code and place them in this template… get it to go full frame, play them etc.?

They say you can export a Revolution Slider slider as code and use it in HTML… I’ve just never tried.

Any feedback you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks!!



prinet Purchased

Hello, I love your Alien 5 Responsive HTML template, but am having issues in regards to the ImageBackground__holder (in alien.css ) whereas the background image is very blurry when viewed with IE 11 browser. I know this is a known issue in IE, but do you have any suggestions?

Thank you. SB


We have purchased your Alien Responsive Multipurpose HTML5 Template and have no idea how to use it!

It doesn’t seem to come with any instructions at all, so wondering if you can please help??

Thank you, Steph

Hi, This template is made only html, css and js. So anyone can use it if they know atleast html and css. We have also a documentation guideline you can check it out. Thanks

Hi nice template

If you like partnership in joomla version then please contact me via contact.bluetheme@gmail.com


prinet Purchased

Hello Theme Bucket,

I’m implementing your Alien HTML5 template here but having problems with the menu.


The menu looks great for a while, but if you keep going to menu items, the menu fades out so that it’s unreadable. It has the appearance that the menu items are at an opacity of about 30%.

I can email you a screenshot after I hear back.

If I reload the page it seems to work again for a time, but then can degrade again at any time.

My purchase code is 60621d1e-dbb7-4958-a725-1500daeb797d – 22 May 2018

Could you lend some insight.

Thank you.


Looking at this template. There seems to be a loading screen on page load. Is this your template or is this something envato has? I’m hoping it’s not in the script.