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Hi, really likes your theme.

Some q before I buy…

How can I make the footer-container, footer-container-small and primary-nav-container boxed and centered, not fullwith?

On single portfolio page, can I add a link/arrow sending you back to the portfolio page? And also a link/arrow to the next portfolio post?


Hi thanks for the interest.

Boxing the nav and footer is as easy as changing the width of the container, or removing the containers background (can’t remember off the top of my head) to null so only the centre part had colour if you know what I mean, I can help you with this.

I can help you put a link back to your portfolio however a link to the next item is a little bit more complicated I’m afraid.

Regards, Martin

Hi, This is an awesome theme. Great work!

I like to edit some positon and feature on homepage layout. These are my questions.
  • At homepage, if I want to pull out more than 3 latest items from portfolio to display. Can you point me to a code file that need to be edited? I will do it myself.
  • Margin between those area such top menus, logo, slider, introduction message can be changed in css file. Which file should i look for? where is it? I just want to to reduce a gap between each section.
  • In the latest work at homepage, when I roll mouse over each image, it will appear white space with a sentence “What WE DID :” I want to remove/change this sentence. How can I do that?


Hi, thanks for purchasing :)

1. You need to open up template-home-nivo.php/template-home-slider.php (as there is two different home page options) which are located in the main theme folder, and at around line 38 you will see a WordPress Query, at the end of this line you will see ‘posts_per_page’ => 3, simply modify this, you may also need to take the content box out which currently sits to the right of the 3 home page items.

2. You will find the core CSS file in the folder ‘styles’ and named default.css, depending on what your editing for the slider you may need to use slider.css in the same folder.

3. In the same homepage files as the first point, at around line 62 you will see the text ‘What we did:’, simply change this to what your after.

Hope this helps, Martin

question, the reason i did the custom structure for the links was for seo reasons. is there not a way to have the blog post do what the default selection does but with a specific name structure like /home or /portfolio etc..?

I think this is more a general WordPress question rather than theme specific and I’m by no means an expert at SEO I ’m afriad, I think the WordPress Codex will be your friend here ;)

Can you upload you own background patterns and images?

Hi there,

It comes with lots of different background patterns to choose from as well as the option of changing the background colour. If you wanted to upload your own you would have to manually put it in the theme folders.

I’ll keep that in mind for the next update :)


Hi Martin,

I bought your template some days ago, I find it very nice and the theme is well documented. However I’m new to “Wordpress” and I definitively need your help. I tried to find the solution by myself but that don’t work.

1°) nothing appears on the slider. 2°) I added project into my portfolio, but appears neither on my Homepage nor on my Portfolio menu. 3°) I have the same worries with my blog. How to insert a video and a gallery?

Here’s my link to see what I mean :

I’d like that work like your demo.

Could you please help me?

Regards, Katia

Hi Katia and thanks for purchasing,

Could you email me your WordPress login details so I can see what’s going on here please.

Regards, Martin

Really great stuff!

I’ve a question regarding the slider is there a way to hide by default the thumbs appearing on it ? At this time this is “Show” as default


Hey, thanks for purchasing :)

Unfortunately this is an issue with the third party slider, when it’s set to hide by default, the slider doesn’t function correctly which is why I omitted the options from the theme for the time being.

Regards, Martin

Thx for your quick reply !

I’ve a question regarding cufon webfont customisation. I try to modify h3 font size but nothing change while i’m using the “marketing” webfont. Do you have an idea where i can modify the size ?


Sure, if you head into default.css which is inside the styles folder and look for the h3 rule which will be under the text styles section, just change this to your desired size.



How can I set the nivo transitions to “fade” only instead of random?

Update: nevermind, I found it in the admin.


Before all i’d like to thank you for your quick replies!

i’ve a question regarding translation : i’d like to replace all “read more” that appearing on the home (latest news) and after each article on the blog. Is there an issue ?


ok… sorry find all the labels in the php pages

Was just writing a reply, glad you found them :)

Hi there !

still working on translation and i need to change the “what we did” sentence appearing on mouse over on the homepage thumbnail portoflio. I search for this sentence but can’t find it…! any issue ?

thx & regards for your help.


You’ll find this in the homepage templates, template-home-nivo.php etc.

The text your after will be wrapped in h5 tags and is around line 62 ;)


Great theme first off!

My Nivo slider seems to be broken –

Any idea what might have caused this (was working fine for weeks!)


Hey and thanks for purchasing :)

I’ve noticed this problem has suddenly happened across all the sites I run with the Nivo slider and I’m a little baffled as to why it’s come about to be honest.

When I’ve looked into it, it seems to only be happening when the slice transitions are being used so I would suggest not using those until a solution has been found.

You can set the transitions in the theme options under the slider tab.

Regards, Martin

i’m still loving this template.

i’m trying to reverse the rollover state on the latest news posts on the home page images area.

i’d like the red line to be there and when you rollover the image it goes away.

i’m having trouble finding the correct file?


Sure, what you need to do is open the extra style files named alt-red.css or alt-blue.css depending on which pre-defined style your using, and there will be a selector named .latest-blog-item img:hover, change the colour in this selector to transparent.

Then in default.css find the selector .latest-blog-item img and change transparent to the colour of your choice :)

Regards, Martin

how do i get the shortcodes code?


The shortcodes for this theme are in the documentation.

Regards, Martin

Hi. I get the following error after installing the theme:

Warning: include(functions/functions-widget-twitter.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in xxx

Please advise. Thank you!

Hi and thanks for purchasing.

Could you verify you are uploading the correct theme folder when installing the theme please.

If this is not the issue could you try re-downloading the theme from your ThemeForest dashboard area and try installing again.

If you have anymore issues could you let me know through the contact form on my profile page please.

Kind regards, Martin

Hi is it possible to add the google+ “+1” in the footer ?


Yes that could certainly be done if you are handy with code. If not, drop me an email if you purchase and I’ll help you out.

Kind regards, Martin

Love your designs! How can I get ahold of the backgrounds you used for these templates? Thanks!

Hey there and thanks :)

A lot of background designs I use are patterns I’ve modified from

does the home page slider support vimeo videos?

The homepage slider is Nivo slider, you can find details of the slider here on their website

I don’t think Nivo slider supports video but you could ask over on their website or perhaps change the slider to one more appropriate if you are a keen coder.

Kind regards, Martin

Hi, I bought the theme ‘Alight’ a couple of weeks ago and wanted to know if there was a manual…it sounds like a silly question, I know.

I want to know how to put in my pics for the homepage slider just as they are in demo mode.

Also want to move my menu to the right side and change my site title from white to black. I looked through the css sheets a couple of times but I’ve missed it/can’t find it.

I also want to create a homepage that just has my basic address listed in the url bar ( not , etc.) Thanks in advance for any and all help. Best, George

Hi George,

Getting back to the CSS changes you wanted to make, for the menu, look for the selector

#primary-nav-container-light #primary-nav ul
and add the following two styles,
 width: auto;
float: right;

For your logo, in the Theme Options there is an option under the General Settings tab for your logo colour.

Regards, Martin

Thank you so much Martin! I’ll try it out. Best, George

No problem.

Would you mind rating the theme 5 stars if you’re happy with the support please.

Kind regards, Martin

Hi, I just purchased the theme and have read the documentation. Three questions, please:

1) Much larger portfolio. I am relieved that more than 20 items will be able to be displayed (I have hundreds). Does your additional code allow for pagination, or how does it handle a lot of images?

2) Info vs Grid view. For some reason, my portfolio page does not show the picture AND the excerpt, as it does in your Info View demo. It just shows the text (I keep adding bigger pix to test). The Grid View doesn’t work at all. I have two projects with pix and text, but I just get a partially eaten red Project Name overlapping both projects and no pix or info at all.

3) Project Types. I thought I would be able to use Categories to filter. I have a great number of categories I would like to filter by, including parent/children types. Are the project types active as categories in the back end if I want to add a plug-in for multi-level filters?

Thank you.

Hi there and thanks for purchasing :)

Let’s get you some answers!..

1) To activate a handy set of pagination simply pop the following code
<?php number_pagination(); ?>
within the portfolio page which you are using right after the following line
</div><!-- end .portfolio-->
Then within the Theme Options under the Portfolio tab, change the amount to show option to what you require per page.

If you are unsure what I mean by that feel free to send me some login details from the form on my contact page and I’ll do that for you :)

2) I see you’ve answered this one yourself ;)

3) For filtering, you simply create and select project types from the project types meta box which you should see on the right hand side of the WYSiWYG editor when creating a project. Once you’ve done this for a few projects you will notice the filter at the top of portfolio pages which you can use to filter through items on that page. They’ve not been tested with any 3rd party plugins so I couldn’t give you an answer regarding that I’m afraid.

If there’s anything else i can help you with feel free to get in touch through the form on my profile page (I can reply quicker through that)

Kind regards, Martin