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Hi, im beginner about the blog setting but this the it very beautiful. Is it easy to setting and personalize? I have a normal blog (, but before to change i want understand if easy to working on. Thanks

Hi, i have purchased the theme =) and i have 2 questions: 1. How can i do to setting Stickty post? 2. To setting the Slider Revolution Full Screen, is it need to setting a Static page or it possible use a normal post page? and if it possible use the normal posts homepage, how can i do to active the slider?


Hello Gerardo, thank you for your purchase! The sticky post is a Wordpress feature, click this link: to see how to set it. The revolution slider can be activated from the plugin area and in the download package you have a sliders folder with a read me file, there you’ll find a youtube link on how to import revolution sliders.

Perfect! but now i have 2 issue: 1. i don’t have idea but the search button on right top don’t change position. If setting Boxed or Full Width nothing happen 2. i have setting 3 footers space, but are not center… i think depend always from the first issue.

The website is:


Loving the template. I got it all sussed. Just one thing tho, Looking everywhere for it. Where is the option to change the colour of the homepage background. Want to change from white to a subtle grey.


Hey there ! Glad you like it :grin: Right now there isn’t an option for that, but in the near future we’re planning on adding support for a background colour. We’re debating wether to apply it to the body, or give an option per page. Anyway, you can simply add a css style in the customizer panel ( WordPress Admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

body.home{ background-color: #f3f3f3; }

Hope it helps! You can find us on Facebook or our support system over on Ticksy if you need any more help.

Hello, I find that the main menu is not as bold as your demo.

Can you please advise?

Hi Maria, We answered to all your questions on ticksy.

You guys are pretty amazing. I was overwhelmed and frustrated, last night. Your team is some of the most responsive I have found, in WP dev.

Thank you 5 STARS!!!

Thank you Maria, We truly believe in our products and our biggest reward is our customer’s satisfaction!

Thank you for choosing Alimo! Happy Blogging!

5 STARS for customer support!!!!

Hey team,

Great theme! Have a couple of questions:

1. The design options for the post pages and categories etc are great, but they don’t translate to the visual composer. I want to create a page that has some custom text before the posts are shown. Build a bit of a custom homepage. But when I use Visual Composer to do it, the post blocks don’t have the same layouts or anything. Any advice?

2. What is the CSS to have a page title removed? Either single one or all pages at once is fine.



Hey there Matt! Thanks for purchasing Alimo, we hope you enjoy it :) You can use one of the page layouts we have for now, and place your custom block in the content area that comes before the posts. We’re hard at work to build our own post layout VC elements to give out users more freedom to build amazing websites using Alimo. Please get in touch with us either on Facebook messenger or on you support system (

The page title can be hidden using the following code: .page-title{display:none;} Again, use our messenger page or ticketing system so that we can provide a better tailored solution.

Again, thanks for the kind words and for supporting us !

Happy Blogging !

Ah, such a bummer because it need it working now for launch next week. Thanks for your reply though.

We can help you with that. Drop us a message on facebook and we’ll sort it out for you

I really like the minimalist approach to this theme. I only have one question before i decide buy this one or another theme similar to this one.

On the mobile version the social media icons disappear from the top and are lumped together with the menu. Is there a way for have the social media icons show up at the top on the mobile version?


Thanks for considering Alimo as a choice for your blog :) To answer your question, no, out of the box you can’t do that because the space is really limited on small screens. We initially had it that way but we wanted an option that would provide our users a pain-free experience when installing and configuring the theme options. If for example you use the woocommerce plugin, have search enabled and also use a large landscape logo, the space on a regular phone just doesn’t cut it.

Anyway, If you do decide to go with us, we can help you out with some pointers on customizing it to fit your needs.

Again, thank you for your consideration!

Have an awesome day!

Since you replied promptly and offered to provide some pointers. I will check out now and buy. Thank you!

I tried to upload but it says: The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. is our support system. Also make sure to check the articles we’ve put there, maybe the solution to your question is already there. Happy Blogging!

Thank you. How do I change the background color to grey on index page? Just like your demo.

You need to create a new page and set it as home page, select the category and listing layout (masonry or interlaced half) this will automatically add the gray background color.

You can also use the WP admin to add additional CSS: WordPress Admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

body.home{ background-color: #f3f3f3; }

If you need any more help and if it’s ok with you, please switch communications to Facebook or to our support system over on Ticksy. We will happily answer to any question. Thank you!

Hey Guys, Enjoying the template.

I have managed to find out how to prevent the type from being Justified (flush left and right).

I’d like my type to line break accordingly instead of forced hyphenation. Where is the option to turn off ‘auto-hyphenation’?

Thank you.

Hello there Tasty :grin: Glad to hear it and welcome to the Alimo Family ! We’ve added that CSS setting to avoid some cases where the row gets stretched. To disable it you need to add a small snippet in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS : .post-content p { hyphens: unset; }

Hey guys,

I don’t plan on offering any purchases upon launch of the blog.

I have looked everywhere for this. How do I remove the shopping cart icon from the top header?

Thank you.

Hello David, To remove the shopping cart icon you need to uninstall the WooCommerce plugin. Simple as that :)

Awesome theme, thank you! But I can’t understand, how to display tags in posts?

Hey Alex, Thank you for choosing Alimo. Right now there isn’t an option for that, but if this is important, you can either wait for the 1.2 update that is comming really soon | we’ll make sure to add it for everybody | or we can give you a code snippet & add it yourself. Just open a ticket on ( ) our support system. and we’ll answer ASAP. Thank you & Happy Blogging!

Hello! Thank you for answer. Faced a new issue. When I use Grid layout on main page without widgets, some post preview shift under and appears empty fields. Screenshot:

Hey Alex, thanks for getting in touch. Please add a ticket on our support system for these issues, and we’ll help you as soon as possible.


awad Purchased

Hello, I bought this lovely theme. Demo importer seems to freeze there. I can’t import demo data. Your assistance is appreciated.

Hey there awad ! Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’re working on improving the demo content files, we know the import takes a while. We have this article here that offers a possible solution If it doesn’t work for you, we’re happy to help you with the setup. Just add a ticket on our support system and we’ll take care of it.


awad Purchased

It didn’t work. How can I create a ticket? and follow the info on screen

Hello, Your theme is amazing but I have a pre-sale question : can we add advertising banner or adsense on the top ? Like centering the logo then the banner under the logo ? Thanks,

Thanks at the moment we don’t have an option to do that but it should be very easy to do with a bit of custom code. We’ll look into adding support built into the theme in the near future. Thank you


awad Purchased

Hi, I’m Alimo Author widget is not working. I can’t update picture. Every time I upload it and reload the page, nothing happens.


awad Purchased I will send access details to your email directly

Fixed. Let us know if you have any more issues


awad Purchased

Sure thing.

Is this theme still getting updates? The last update was on 16 December 17 :/

Hey there ! As a matter of fact we’re just finishing up some fresh new demos to go with the big features we’ve added in version 1.2. It should be out by the end of the week and we’re super eager to get our users feedback. If in the meantime we can help you with anything, just shout out over on messenger or on the support page. Happy blogging!

Oh, thanks! I was afraid it was “forgotten”. I’m already using on my main website. Thanks :)


ste7enm Purchased

Hello there – happy to see an update for the theme. I wondered if there’s a changelog / summary available that I could browse to see which components I might like to update (as I’ve made some customizations)?

Hello! We are working on an update history with all the alimo options and details about how to use them right now, we’ll make it available somewhere around next week.

Here is a here is a summary of version 1.2:

- Added custom Page Builder elements - Added new options for the site header: enable transparency, setting the background color for the main menu, dropdown and drawer menu (mobile) - Added an option to disable the featured image on single posts and set the image height - Updated WooCommerce compatibility, updated bundled plugins WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution - Updated available one-click-import demos - Updated styling on some elements and fixed some bugs

Remember to always stay safe backup your site (files and database) before any updates.


iamm Purchased

Love the new update – I am trying to get the demo import of the Urban style. But its not included in the demo importer. Will you be adding that as an option?

Hello Iamm! All demos are available, try to update the Alimo Demos Plugin. they should be all there! :)

Hi, your beautiful theme can add video in post content?


Yes :) you can also use a video as the main header image. We use YouTube and vimeo an we automatically get the video thumbnail to use as featured image in post listings. For the post cote t just copy the embed code from YouTube and it will show up. We also use FitVids JS to auto resize the video container on mobile ;)

Thanks! and appreciate your quick and so good explain answer! I’ll buy your theme :)

Thank you :) Glad to have you onboard. If you need help with anything you can reach out to us using our Facebook chat or our support system. Happy Blogging

The demo importer doesn’t work and visual composer plugin integrated it was impossible to install. Can u answer my ticket ?

Hello Diego! We’ll get it sorted for you and we’ll also push an update later today to fix it for the rest of the users. Thanks for your patience!


How can I setup on masonry blog listing image thumbnail size?

Hey! The thumblnail is the featured image size. The aspect ratio is not constrained by Alimo. So if you have a very tall featured image, you will have a very tall masonry tile. Hope this helps. Cheers!