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I am having some issues with your contact submit form. i keep getting an “Code is incorrect” message when you hit Submit. Not sure if your CAPTCHA is not working or your config file is. Can you check and update the files?

For some reason my contact form will not work :( Any help would be much appreciated. It keeps saying I have a ‘Something is wrong’ when I hit submit message every time I run a test to submit an email. Any advice would be great. I have it live here:


Hi there,

I’m having a problem with the subscribe settings in the config.php

upon hitting the “subscribe” button, all you get is the loading icon and no sending. any advice?



Great design, thanks. Can you let me know if that possible to upload to shopify because every time I uploaded I have this error message “Upload Theme does not contain all required files: missing template “layout/theme.liquid” I don t understand because I zip the right file.

Many thanks


I would like to purchase this but I want to know why the issue of the subscribe loading icon hasn’t been addressed?

Hello, when I install this theme I get the following error.

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description ALIVE Stylesheet is missing. MACOSX Stylesheet is missing.

Is there something I am doing wrong?? Please advise.

Please help me, I wanted to know how to slow down the actual transition animation between slides so the fade is slower…

I cannot upload the theme. “style.css Stylesheet” is missing. Could you help me?

Cheers Oliver

Hi Roman,

Subscription using mailchimp not working for me. Appreciate your help here.


Just an update. Everything is working with mailchimp but the site is sticking on the spinner.

Browser console is saying:

<ode>Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/damatw/ on line 22

If anyone is having the same problem I had with the spinner and are using the mailchimp option you need to change the following code on line 22 of subscribe.php from:

if ( in_array( $_REQUEST['email'], $_SESSION['emails'] ) ) { echo response(0, 'Email was already used'); exit; }


if($_REQUEST['email'] && $_SESSION['emails']) { if ( in_array( $_REQUEST['email'], $_SESSION['emails'] ) ) { echo response(0, 'Email was already used'); exit; } }

worked for me. Roman, would be nice if you could fix in your source for everyone. not sure if the will break for people using the standard email option as haven’t tested.

beginner… How can i replace “amazing” or “alive” with a .png file for a logo? or even add it to the “Welcome screen” can anybody help?

Great Job, buyed and rated 5 stars

Very nice but the problem with the spinner persists.

My form doesn’t work too. Same problem: Spinning whell.

Can you help me?


2 months and no answer for a simple problem.. maybe the theme owner have more important things to do…

How to use the bars icon from fontawesome? when I do this, it doesn’t show up:

class=”fa fa-bars”

class=”pic fa fa-bars icon-4”

There is also some “i class” that I am confused about, is it new version?

I tried other ways, but still not working, help?

Hi! I bought your template, is very good. But, I have a question.

Is Possible put some ZOOM effect to the slide in somewhere? Like this site.

I need to put that modification to the Slide Pics, but I don’t know how do that. Can you help me?


I really like this template but I want to make sure I can get my questions answered before I buy this.

Thanks so much!

I have the solution to the SPINNING forever thing. Here was my problem. The entire website is meant to sit in the ROOT FOLDER. That means if your domain is then you must put this landing page in the root folder, and not in any extra directories. In my case, I put it into a directory called “soon” so my landing page was in

This causes problems in the Config.js file, because your background image can only be found in and it can NOT be found in FOLDER)/img/slider. When your server looks for your images, it can’t find them, and thus, the forever spinning icon.

When I put the “img” folder and the “engine” folder in my root directory, it fixed all of the spinning problems, and my MAILCHIMP form started working again!

So, at the end of the day, this is what you do. Add this entire website to your root directory at a maximum, and at minimum, put the “img” and the “engine” folders in your root directory, and that should save you headaches.

I hope this helps!

I would really like to preview this coming soon page but I get a blank page. Can I preview it in another url?

your preview isn’t working, it says that the domain is available for sale?