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Well done, glws!

Thank you!

simple and clean design, congrats mate :D

Thank you so much!

Nice and simple. Great work!


How do I remove the gap between the footer countdown?

- By the way, it’s beautiful hands of health, Achievement. :)


If I understood you rightly then just add “margin-top: -62px;” to the “body > footer” in the “main.css”.

Thank you!

Oh, Thank :)

Hi there, this theme looks to be exactly what I’m after. Can you tell me if it’s easy to remove the countdown section? (and if it’s easy to add in again?). I’d like to just have the welcome, newsletter, about and contact pages for now. Thanks for your help!

Also, is it possible to add a centred logo on the “Welcome” page just above the “We are happy to see You, but our site isn’t ready yet….” text? Thanks again

Any help please? I’m ready to buy the theme, just wanted to confirm some details first. Thank you


Yea, It’s possible. But if you will have some troubles with it I’ll be always happy to help you.

P.S. I’m sorry for a very long response :(

hi, how do I make the special characters (accents and foreign languages letters) show properly?

thank you

This looks like what I’m after, great job! Just a suggestion for the demo, maybe use some nicer looking pictures. It would make it stand out even more :)

Hi, mate. I try to do it. Thanks :)

Hi Roman,

great template, thank you very much. Could you please advise me of the best background image resolution to get the image always centered?

Thank you.

Hi Roman, could you please tell me, - why my logo is not showing up on the site is there a hight limit? actually all the images are not showing right, (twittre. facebook, youtube,) - the feedback fomular is going in the air I did not get it

Thanks in advance Tarek <!--// OPEN LOGO & DESCR //--> <header> <div class="logo"> <a href="img/LogoNakhill.jpg">Nakhill Labs</a> </div> <div class="tagline"> <span>Our site is coming soon</span> </div> </header>

Hallo, the cited over questiosns are solved, but still have problem by MaiChimp subription are sent but on MailCamp I have no subscriber. did you have an idea what could be?

any answer Roman still waiting for your reaction


It’s very strange. Can I see the problem in live? It helps me to find a solution.


Hello Roman,

Excellent Product! I’m having an issue where the background sliding image does not show. Instead I get the loading black and white image. Do you have advise on how to solve this. I greatly appreciate your help. Thanks, Cris


I solved the issue. My background image had in caps the .JPG part of the file. I changed it to lowercase .jpg and it solved the issue.

I love your aesthetic! Thanks!

My email subscription form is not working properly. I’m just getting a spinning wheel. Any suggestions?


Can you send me an url of your site? It helps me to find and solve your problem.


I’m trying to install the LIGHT – Coming Soon Page plugin on my wordpress site. Not working properly. Please help me.

Podskagite kak ustanovit pohagovo ?

Great work! Thank you!!!

Just want to show you what I did to the site =)


That’s looking great! Thank you and good luck in your projects!

Awesome work, really awesome.

Man, i love this template!! Quick question, can you please tell me how i can remove the dark overlay on the main image slider? Thanks!


I’m also having trouble getting emails to work. My site is at

No worries. I’ve got it sorted out.

Hi! I bought Alive Coming soon… and I’m having an issue because I’ve successfully linked mail chimp, but I need two more fields such as Name and Zip code, and I don’t know how to get it. Also, we are using a different mail manager. Is it possible to use it with your template? Thanks for your time and congratulations for your work!


Nice theme. But i am having some difficulties. It works nice in computer and table but when i open the site from my mobile it does not show any pictures or styling.

Any help would be appreciated.


you can check it out by your self-

All good. DOnt know how it solved, but working well.