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love this theme. however, I do not want the zero to appear before the amount of days left. Can this be removed?

Hi there, thank you for purchasing the template! You can manipulate with these digits by editing line 122 of js/alive.js file. Try playing with part, e.g. remove d100 and d10 divs.

Great theme! I can’t get the about page (like you have in the demo) to appear in the top navigation. Any tricks I am not seeing? (I have created the page but it won’t show in the navigation).

Any help would be great!

Hello! Thank you for purchasing this template. Can you please send me a private message with your email address using my profile page?

Hi! Really good theme. I would like to know what is the font used for the logo.

Thank you!

Can we activate or add a blog tab?

Email reply sent.

I just purchased your theme, looks awesome! My question is about the email integration, is there any way to integrate it with mail chimp? Or any plugin you recommend, I’m sure some people here have already asked this question. Thanks!

Hello, HitchB. Thank you for purchasing the theme! Unfortunately it does not offer MailChimp connectivity. You will have to find a relevant plugin if you need it, or hire a freelancer to modify the template code for you.

Thanks a lot! I have another question sorry. How can we adjust the buttons size? Seems like a bit too big. And when I go to the file css code, the css code is a bit difficult to adjust because there’s no role to adjust just the size of the circle, everything else should be adjusted after. Appreciate your help. I just need to resize the circles to something smaller…Please!

HI Guys, love the work

can you help though? I want to add more contact fields to the form, i can create the form but cant get all fields sent to the email.



Hello! Thank you for purchasing the template. Please send us an email to support@webdesignpla.net and we’ll take it from there.


I love this template. But I am having trouble activating and adding the blog , contact us, and about us tabs. Please Help!

Bobbi O.

Hi! Thank you for purchasing the template. Please send an email to support@webdesignpla.net and describe your case.

The blogs are not showing on the webpage. In the menu I added the blog category and its still not working. How do you add blogs to show on the site?

It seems as though the blog option is not available on the downloadable version but is shown as part of the demo. Can you please clarify? Is this not we paid for? Since we paid for the template with the blog, can you please supply that?

Never received email from you guys. Please send instructions to consultingatbrandupsdotcom

Hi Vivere. We’ve sent you another email. Thanks!

I can’t figure out how to change the countdown, in the JS file it lists a long layout and there is no Year or Month.

Hello. Thank you for purchasing the template. Please go through the supplied documentation – there’s no need to edit JS files. Everything is stored in a PHP configuration file, or inside WordPress admin panel if you’re using WP version.

Hi, just brought this theme, WONDERFUL !!! However I am trying to change the font color of the links when they are highlighted. I am using the WP theme and its not alllowing me to change it. Any help would be appreciated.


Hello! I’ve sent you an email already. Thanks!

Hi Guys

i have test the site and its fantastic on my one.com hosting but when I place it on my clients Go Daddy server i get the code below.(when using the email sign up, contact form works ok though.

Any ideas

SMTP server response: 451 See http://pobox.com/~djb/docs/smtplf.html. in D:\Hosting\9757859\html\test\signup.php on line 23



Hey great theme … I wanted to use this theme to display in my Facebook Page tabs. Since the maximum allowed width for the tabs is only 810px i cant figure out how to adjust the theme width to fit 810px … Thanks in advance

Hello! Thank you for purchasing this template. Adjusting the wisth to 810px would require some additional programing. Please contact us at support@webdesignpla.net and we’ll se what can be done.

Hi, I cant get the countdown timer to work. Can someone please help me. I have used the wordpress installation.

Thank you. dannisuriano@gmail.com

Hello. Please use numeric values for months, days, hours, etc. Hope that helps.

How do I collect email addresses if I don’t have a database set up? It says collect emails in a .xml file but where does that go and do I need to set up more than just clicking that box?

Hello, i I bought WP theme. How can i disable countdown? I want to have vimeo video / e-mail form.



where can I translate “Days”, “Hours”, “Enter your email…” etc. into german language?



PS: Very nice theme, by the way…