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like @dharmachick said, probly best to post answer here, if you did then I would not be asking this question again.

Just purchased, installed per instructions, only showing “bear with me” loading screen.

Thanks for purchase!

Please go ahead and create a new photoset post. That will fire up the script and hide the preloader.

Just like I said before, I’m not freelancing anymore, so I don’t check this section as often as I want to. But you can always mail me ;)

This theme is riddled with bugs. I had uploaded my 3 photo photo set for the front page… and then uploaded 14 photos for my portfolio section. The site broke and was stuck at bear with me until I deleted and reuploaded the photo set. After that point, only 9 photos show despite the fact that I have 14 photo posts on the account. Not super impressed right now.

I just sent you and email ;)

I don’t understand how I can upload this theme to my Tumblr-page… Can you explain it?

Sorry, I’m lost here… Did you have the chance to check the readme file?

I sent you an email about your design which is not what is offered. Ghost in the machine here. I need the code, not a bugged page. No response from you. You have taken my money and not given the creation. Please respond and help asap. I just need the correct code, probably like everyone else.

are video post able?

Please contact me. No response through your email. Major problem with a project I have already purchased from you.

This is extremely buggy and non functional.

This is not at all functional. I just get a “bear with me” page. I would like this to be fixed or I want a refund!

as good as always;