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Any reason why the navigation bar icons are not showing up?

I simply just uploaded the files and went from there. Will continue to search for a solution but I would imagine they would be there by default.

Got it figured out though I would recommend updating the files to already include the icon codes.

Icons are shown by default

Hi, I got a few requests.

1. Can you add a download resume somewhere

2. Fix copyright to be vertically align to the center

3. Fix twitter issues (it doesn’t get the latest posts)

4. Add tooltip over the skill bars?

By the way, I just saw there was another version uploaded with the new backgrounds. Besides those, are there any other changes? A changelog of the changes would be good, even more so if there was an instruction on how to update our older versions to the new one.

1. Simply upload your resume and put a link in one of the elements, 2. use css text-align:center in the footer element, 3. Twitter updated their API after the theme was released, may be fixed in future release, 4. No plans to add tooltip. 5. Changelog is provided on the template description page on Themeforest, to update simply replace your css and js files (and background image files if desired)

Actually the Twitter issue isnt an issue, its just the way the Twitter widget works

I added an font-awesome icon to the top nav bar. Trying to get the link to open up in a new window. target=”_blank” is not working. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

Hi douginsaltlake, thanks for the purchase! Everything in the main menu bar filters in the main content – they are not really links. Everything in the class “option-set” will be treated like a filter. You’ll need to create a new link outside of the ul list and style it manually to make it align with the rest of the links.

hey, i’m very impressed of your work. thank you very much for it! but i got one special question:

i want to add with isotope another filter menu in the portfolio page, for example: Show All | Webdesign | Flyers | etc. is that possible in the easy way?

thanks again, derox

Hi derox, thanks for the purchase! As you can see, the isotope is only used in the main menu in this template. There may not be any easy way to do this outside of the main menu. You would need to do this manually for now. Sorry!

Hi, on the iphone, the box that has whale ship in has a big white gap at the bottom, any ideas why or how to fix it?

also i need to increase the depth of the footer on the iphone as i added more icons and its cutting the second line off..any idea?

also is it possible to make the twitter widge 100% on the ipad view? ive changed the width to 100% which didn’t seem to work.

Hi moggy, to get rid of the gap, simply use an image that has a bigger height and it should fill the white space. For the twitter widget, it is by default a small element box so it will not become 100% width unless the viewport is at mobile size. To make it 100%, you’ll need to make the width of the box 2 instead of 1 (refer to the documentation to see how to change sizes of the boxes). Thanks.

Great layout!

Is there any way to stop the content from resizing? That is, to always have the layout pretend that the screen is 1000px wide? I’d love a portfolio that doesn’t resize with the browser.

Hello! The responsive resizing feature is a built-in feature. Unfortunately there is no way to change that without editing the stylesheet. If you know a bit of css, you could remove the media queries in the style sheet and set the content container div classes to a fixed width.

I am having a problem where I have to set the height on the video’s to a hard number for them to even fit in the window, but then when viewed in mobile it is all over the place.

Is there a way to have it within a div or similar that will auto-resize to make it truly responsive?


Hello, you are correct that you have to set the height of videos to an exact value. However, one way to get around this is to write custom JavaScript that checks the div’s width onload/resize and readjusts the height based on the width. This is not a built in feature of this template unfortunately.

Hello, Great work ! but I don’t know why but there is no .css for the portfolio-page, there is just html one, when I click on the link it doesn’t work … could you tell me how it works ?

Hi! The portfolio HTML is loaded into the index page when you click on a portfolio item. They are just used to help you separate your portfolio into different pages. Viewing them as individual pages won’t display them like they would in the site. When you click on a portfolio item in the index page, it loads the HTML for that item into the current page. Make sure you run your site on a server or localhost to get the portfolio items to load correctly from the index page.

Hi. I purchased your template and like it very much. One question: is there a way to filter the homepage so that when index.html first loads, and also when the home button is clicked, not everything is displayed? I’m creating this for a client who thinks it looks too busy if everything is shown on the homepage.

Hi there, this may be possible by setting the homepage tab to a category instead of showing “all” by default. Set the homepage content like how you would set the category content for the other tabs. I haven’t tested this out though, and apologies about the late reply – I hope you figured out a solution in the meantime!