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very nice idea and design

but …

it can more sales if you have more backgrounds

you can use my “narsis vcard template” patters and backgrounds as free ;)

Thanks! That’s kind of you, and good tip.

Bobby. Simply beautiful, a masterpiece of minimalism and simple navigation, but with lots of content that can be added. :) Bookmarked` it! For future purchase :) I will test it on IE8/9/10 for the animations, sometimes, some animations works on Chrome only. But anyway. Great one! And GLWS!

Thanks for checking it out and for your input :)

Nice job : )

Thanks for checking it out!

I am completely lost as to how to use the section. tried making a folder to point to under my directory… that served to really mess it up… what do i do?

came to tell you i figured it out… (thanks)

blonde hair not there for nothing you know. :)

Glad to hear it!

Hello, I’m newbie and I want to make a personal page.

This theme has not panel admin, has’t this? or I just have to customize the index.html ?

I’m sorry for dummy question, I still learning..

Hello! Yes just customize the index.html and change it to use your own text, images, and links. Portfolio items should be in separate pages which you link to, like in the sample index.html. The documentation should help too.

Oh, I get it. Thank you.. :)

Hi! Great Work!! There is just one thing I’d like to check if is intended or not, but the tile Whale Ship tile desapear when resizing from the size of an ipad and smaller. If there is a way to get it to not desapear would be great. Thanks!

Hi! You are correct, that appears to be a bug that affects large portfolio tiles. It will be fixed in the next couple days.

Fixed now! Just replace the main css file with the new version.

Thanks! :) That was very fast!

Man, this is awesome! GLWS!

Thanks for the compliment!

Love this!! One thing tho, upon closing a project page containing a video, the audio is still audible after return to the index page. Any clue? Thanks

Fixed it now and re-submitted it. It should be approved in another day or two – check the item page for the “last update” date. The change was made by adding line 510 of the index.html in the script section (in case you don’t want to replace your whole index.html)

Thank you very much. Works great correctly now!

But it wasn’t Line 510, it was Line 496 $(’#container-ajax .ajax-content’).html(””);

Hi, I have just sent you an email for support. Thanks!


First of all great theme!

I am just customising it and run across a problem. When i link to a portfolio page they don’t have any styling and they do not fade into eachother, they just abruptly switch the next page if that makes sense.

here is the code im using for the thumbnails to link to a portfolio page.

Any Ideas?



Hi Pete, thanks for the purchase. Does the demo have the correct fade effects when you run it?


No it doesn’t which is strange…

Make sure the link element has the class “ajax”. It should look something like class=”element element-portfolio portfolio isotope-item ajax”

I have a quick question – I am looking to buy this theme and was wondering if it was possible to have the portfolio pages open up as a page, rather than having the ‘X’ on the top right corner. Everytime I got to press back on my browser it brings me out of the site completely, instead it would be nice if I could just go back to the main page.

Love the site otherwise!!

Thanks for the interest! The template does not come with that type of page load, it only loads inside the same page by default. You can make it work how you want if you know some HTML and rejig the functionality, but it is not a native option.

Well done! This is a nicely designed theme with elegant animation and typography. The navigation and responsive adaptation is also quite handsome. My wishlist—you should have linked up one full sample portfolio slideshow such as “project_image_1.html” as an example for more novice folks like to me to use and follow. I’m at a complete loss on how to configure the portfolio, and I shouldn’t have to be a Bootstrap pro to customize this template.

Hi, thanks for the purchase! The project_image_1.html is a portfolio “slideshow” type item that you can follow, just replace the captions with your own and the image sources to your image paths.

Thanks Bobby, my bad. For everything to sync up together, I needed to upload files to my server. The instructions you included were clear, but since I was working locally, I couldn’t figure out how to connect the portfolio pages.

Ah I see. Glad you got it to work!

hi bobby, the style is really nice and the idea is perfect… i was looking for something similar but with some enhancements in movements, animations and pages to support any corporate business companies if there is anything similar u did or doing please let us know … thanks but yet this is an awesome piece of work.

Thanks for the comments! Unfortunately this is the only template I’ve made that has this kind of style, and I’m not currently working on anything with a more corporate look.

Mobile ready? And is this highly customizable?

Yea I agree the backgrounds seems really lacking. How about some backgrounds applied with a Gaussian blur filter or other nicer backgrounds? That would definitely get more attention!

The icons also doesn’t seem Retina ready? I am worried that the icons for some social websites are missing since I didn’t see it in the demo and you did not list them in the item description.

Hi magnox,

100% retina and mobile ready – I’m using a retina display as we speak and the template indeed looks sharp. The icons are retina display for sure because they are font icons.

The social icons are from the original Social Foundicons set which should include all popular social websites.

As for backgrounds, you are right that some nice gaussian backgrounds would be nice. I may look into it. In the meantime its always possible to download other backgrounds instead.

Thanks for the reply. I was getting worried. I already bought it (as you probably know), and have some questions.

Ah, hopefully I answered them then. Also I’ve added some blurred backgrounds in my latest version which I’ll upload and get approved soon (though there may be better ones out there on the web)

great theme! very easy to customize!! great work! :) thanks :)

Thanks for the purchase and the feedback!

I love your theme! It is great! I have one quick question: My website is german and it does not display “Umlaute” (Ä,Ü,Ö,ß etc.). How do I change this? Thank you!

Hi acryke, thanks for the purchase! Try adding this tag inside the head: <meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html;charset=utf-8” /> This is an HTML issue and not related to the theme itself, but related to how browsers handle special characters. I would search online for how to encode german characters in HTML.

Thank you, it was my mistake, I fixed it now. Now that I got to play around with your template even more, I love it even more. Very easy to customize! Thanks!

Hello, first thank you for your great job. I want to add an Header on top of the Page (like the Footer on the bottom of the Page). Is this possible ? How can i do that ?

Thank you and greetings from Germany

Glad to hear it!

Yes, but can you help me with an other problem ? Wenn i Look at the Theme with my ipad it goes to the “mobile-mode” :-( Can i change it for Landscape (1024×786) , so that it look like in my Desktop browser ?

If you want to change the responsiveness, you can change the main stylesheet and change the @media queries to different widths

Awesome concept / idea … this is the reason i have purchased this template. Very easy to customize as well!


Thanks, glad you like it!

How can i fixed position 2 elements in the top. Thanks

Other question is how can i hide elemnts in the home view?

To hide elements in home view, just set home as a category instead of showing all elements, and choose the elements that you want to be in the home page as part of the category. As for two fixed elements on top.. you’d need to edit the css files to make the elements have fixed position