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Welcome TF, awesome theme royalwp, good luck mate! ;)

Thanks, csspress ) I’m very glad that my theme accepted, after much effort!)

Clean and Nice, Good Start

Congrats for your first one, and good luck with it too :)

Looks nice, but what are the options at the back-end? Can you sent me a screenshot?

You mean the settings panel? Ok, tell me your e-mail

Nice theme, which I am looking for! But I need more advertizing space, polling system, latest news flicker/slider, animated banner etc which I need. Is it possible to add some widget for above purpose with the best matching with your theme? Is this theme support self hosted video and audio posting format? Is it possible to post an article in different language?

In theme has a special widget for banners, also supports other plugins! In the demo there is a video post format, audio yet, but will in the future… On bill language I do not know, because did not try, only supports English!

great work. do you have a plan of releasing an HTML version.

Thanks!) no yet, will improve this theme)

Welcome :). Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

the template with this error on page 404! 404.php file. I not edit, I need you to send me the file 404.php template demo for me to replace.

Page 404: http://royalwpthemes.com/allnews/?cat=1584848

My page 404: http://www.jaraguagoias.com.br/2013/notfound

I await solution thanks!

Hi, tell me your email

Great theme! :) Is it possible to play video at the homepage?

- Jairo

Thanks! you have in mind to play video in lightbox or simply embed code video in home content?

I want to play a video instead of slider in the top of the homepage.

- Jairo

Now you can play video in Flex slider!

no it is not yet possible, I add a new slider coming soon and you can play the video! now while that a video can be inserted just under the slider ;)

Is it easy/possible to add an image background to the theme?

Is not designed for arbitrary background but it is possible, but it’s better use just white background!

hi nice templade i buy and install, but do you have the .xml to import de example data ??

No .xml file, sorry!

i try to install the theme it but i get the error: ‘Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in D:\web\localuser\ideiaon\www\jobsphp\0188-wp-koine-2012\wp-content\themes\AllNews\options\functions.php on line 226’ http://www.ideiaon.com.br/jobsphp/0188-wp-koine-2012

You need to install manually via ftp then there will be any problems!

This is a conflict with WordPress you need to completely update WordPress to the latest version!

I too have the same problem, how to resolve?

Problem with installation? You need to install manually via ftp! because during an auto installation may be a problems…

This is a conflict with WordPress you need to completely update WordPress to the latest version!


i have installed your theme with filezilla. Then, when i activate the theme i have the same problem : wp-content/themes/AllNews Package/AllNews/options/functions.php on line 226

Could you please help me ?


This is a conflict with WordPress you need to completely update WordPress to the latest version!

I use file zilla, load all the files using filezilla, I get this error allnews / options / functions.php on line 226 …...

Update WordPress ;)



I have done all the updates. There is no more any conflict, but this the page that the theme display now : http://tra-v-elle.fr/

Thank you for your help

Try download new theme version 2.0 and update on the server!