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i decided to buy,, where can i get support? do you have forum support? thank u .. this theme just awesome

Thank you :) On all questions address to my email:


nice theme but there is any support for arabic or right to left (RTL)

Hi, No sorry, only English is supported.

Considering purchasing your theme.. Question, Does the sign in/log in drop down work with word press, or is just for looks? It doesn’t seem to do anything.. Thanks..

Yes, it’s built-in form of registration and also login, everything works fine!

Thanks.. Purchased..

What a great upgrade 2.0! I Love it!

I have a question: When I go to: Home – Video Portal, and click the first video, it automaticly goes to the next item/picture and the video is still playing. Is it possible when I click to play the video the slider will stop?

Great Job!

- Jairo


I really am enjoying the theme. I am trying to use it for a new podcast I’m working on . I am having an issue where the images are not showing up.

I think I followed the directions as best as I could.

Is there any way to help with this? Thanks,


Thank you for the reply. I looked over the info for TimThumb:

2. TimThumb – top

1. TimThumb will automatically create a /cache/ subfolder with proper write-permissions. If your host server doesn’t allow this by default, be sure to manually change the cache folder permissions to 777. If you don’t know how to change permissions, google: change permissions + “name of your FTP application”

2. If neccessary, make sure the folder which contains TimThumb is also set to 777 as well.

3. Please note that on some hostings you need to set 755 instead of 777.

4. Please note that if everything above fails, you need to contact your hosting provider to white-list timthumb script

5. Please note that this is not theme’s issue. So please refer to your hosting providers – if they have a good support, they should know what you want, straight away

I couldn’t figure out how to install it or make it work.

Thanks again.

Hello again,

I just spoke with my hosting provider. I set my “All News” Folder to 777 as well as the “AllNews/cache” folder to 777. This isn’t fixing things.

My hosting provider pinged me back to you.

Thanks for the help.


Ok, i understood, you need version without timthumb script, tell me your email, i send you!

Hi, Can I use bbpress with yours ?


Hi, if it is fair I do not know, have not tried :)

For $ 35 anybody tested with bbPress please

Hi, I’ve been playing with your theme… I’ve been really enjoying it… I’ve found a couple things that I feel that need to be added, and I hope you would agree. If you could help me getting these tasks completed, I would be ever so thankful.

1) At the home screen, I think there needs to be a link between what is displayed and the category. Example, in your live preview, on the home page, under technologies section, a link should be added to take a user to the entire category for technologies or simply take the name technologies and turn that into the link… If a user wants to read everything, and option should allow this without having to go back up to the menu…

2) My second thought… I looked over the document and am I missed this, I apologize. A custom two column post would be pretty handy…

Great looking theme, I want to use it for one of my projects but i’d love to be able to slide the articles across the screen in each category when viewing on an iphone instead of pressing the next and previous arrows in the category headers. Is there anyway to achieve this?

Thanks! probably not.

is this theme compatible with wordpress 3.5? is it safe to update wordpress?

Yes but only with version 2.1, tell me your email.

i suppose i need version 2.1 ti work properly with wordpress 3.5. my e-mail:

thank you

Hello first to say I like your theme looks en functionalities.

But, it doesn’t use TimThumb everywhere, on them homepage when i use home_posts_one and the latest messages widget for instance. They just load the big images I uploaded. This way it loads unnecessary large images and second problem with the, the images are out of proportion. Can u perhaps fix this?

And i would like the 2.1 Version too since i want to use WordPress 3.5. I sent you a message for this. In that message is my email where you can send it too.

Hy, i too have a problem with timthumb script as Teachercast.

Hi, soon I will decide this issue with images! so images you have are displayed?


I’m having Posts carousel problem and I’ve mailed you my problem with a screenshot.

Waiting for your response.

Hi, I just bought the theme and I see that is version 2.0, some comments already mentioned that version 2.1, as I download the current version?

Hi, now on TF version 2.1 her you need to download and install!

hello, I have left the following error. it is due? Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, no array or string given in /home/daleun/public_html/viateve/wp-admin/includes/widgets.php on line 192

how you got this error?

If a widget is not pay attention, it works fine) you need to go to the tab Settings -> General and enter your email in the field E-mail Address

Is it possible to share sample data?


Sorry, but this is not possible.

You insert shortcode in

Insert in HTML tab (Text tab in WP 3.5) it's easier)

You insert shortcode in

Insert in HTML tab (Text tab in WP 3.5) it's easier) :)

pre tag, sorry :)