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but I find that? in the documentation does not detail much: (

only as set up the necessary, the rest I think is so clear! and if something is not clear then ask me I will answer )

have an email or skype? to help me please, is urgent … I really liked your topic is why buy it, but I’m having problems

I give you my skype: daleunenter Gtalk: daleunenter Msn:

Please send on my email:

Hello, Internet Explorer gives me a warning, says

Online: 2 Error: Unable to get value of property ‘getAttribute’: object is null or undefined

and found the error, is on file froogaloop.js? ver = 3.4.1, Line 2 Character 228 and the line of code: var c = this.element.getAttribute (“src”). split (”/”)

Please help to correct that error in Internet Explorer, thanks.

ok, send!

Hi there, the shortcuts to add content to the home, they bring the content but its all broken, and cant be seen, please help i only have 2 days to deliver the project…

Hello, ok, send me an email: your site address

Hi, I am new to WP and just d/l the allnews theme and I got a error message ” Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” Please help!

Hi, you just need to unzip the package and install the theme!

with All News – Responsive WordPressNews I,M using Wordpress 3.5 and I stil have this error message ” (ThemeUnpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.)” Please help!

Package not need install!) unpack this package open folder and select AllNews folder!


Thanks for such a great theme.

Quick question, I can’t seem to split my home page blog into categories and 1/3’s. The home page is just one long stream of my blog.

Could you please advise how I this is split out just like in your demo, (Your home page catorgies Technology, Economy and health)?


you can show me on your site? or write me on email your site address!

So you read documentation how to configure theme? also in package is XML file for quick install content like on demo!

I have 2 questions:

1. I initially liked the [carousel] shortcode featured on the demo’s homepage, but it doesn’t automatically slide to articles that are out of plain view or display random posts in a particular category. Is there any way you could configure this option, even if I paid?

2. If the above is not possible, I like the custom post columns displayed on this page: and I would like to know if it’s possible to display random posts within the columns? I don’t want the page to always contain the same information. If this is not possible, can we pay for such customization?

Thank you.

tell me your email

I meant to thank you for your exceptional support.

Thanks for your Fast and Wonderfull Suport!

Can I make the homepage a blog with slider? right sidebar? future updates?

Yes it’s possible but manually, it’s easy, i show you how it’s make! ;)

Is there any HTML version?

No HTML version

i have imported about 500 articles from an old news site we are upgrading to. My question is, since i do not have the time to filter through EVERY post and add a featured image, is there a way to have the template use a predefined thumbnail for any article that does not use a featured image?

great theme btw, havent had many issues at all with it

I think not, you’ll have in each entry set post thumbnail

ok, thank you… that may be a feature you think about adding in the future. these news sites can often involve the importing of old articles. In my case almost 500. It would be nice to have the older ones just pull a predefinied thumb

you can manually program this function, try search on internet!

I have a problem with the headings of posts not displaying on the blog page, but it does display when viewing individual posts. Am I missing something simple? Please assist!

Hello, can show on your site?

Site still on local machine..

you can send on my email: screenshot your problem?

I actually came across one issue with the site ive put together. I imported a bunch of articles, and added featured images to most. However, not all are populating on the home page correctly. You can see what I mean here:

You can see how in the ‘Trends’ and ‘Marketing’ areas, they are not listing 3 across as they should. Can you tell me what is causing this?

Tested in firefox and Chrome

You can tell me your email?

I truly appreciate your fast responses!

hi, nice theme. but home page with flex slider doesn’t seem to work. I can see only a gray bg

I’ve theme’s v.2.3 and wp 3.5

Ok, you can tell me your email?

Anyone know where the manual is for this theme, or docs?

many thanks

Documentation in package!

I can’t get the featured section to work. Is it an issue with the timthumb script? Is there a version without timthumb?

So now it’s ok?

Hello, thanks for the beautiful theme ! But the colorization does not works, even with the option of custom style. (Sorry my English is very bad xd)

Hello, tell me your email