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I can not get the featured image to pull thru the images to the site or the slider

my email is

site is

Also the screen shot shows 2×2 adverts – where is the widget for this?


I send on email!

Thank you – I have replied with a question – also the Twitter widget is not grabbing the data

I bought the pattern. When I upload it to WordPress Write me: You can not install the package. Missing style.css file system design.

Installing theme failed.


Hello, you need unpack this package and select folder with the theme :)

Hi there,

Where do i get hte files to update my theme???


download here!

how can i disable the feedburner signup in the subscribe widget next to the homepage slider? I want the FB and Twitter one, but even when i have the feedbrner one turned off, i still see a signup and email on the homepage subscribe widget area. also, in the backend how can i tell which version of the theme i have?

You can tell me your email?

also, this site doesnt display correctly in mobile sites. is there a way to have it just display as a normal site and turn off any mobile friendliness?

Hi there. I recently installed the theme and already adapted it to some of our needs. However, I get the message “Element does not exist in DOM!” when I load it with the IE 9.0.8112.16421.

Do yo have an idea?

P.D. The message only occurs when I disbale the news ticker in the “All News Options” sector …

Thanks for your help Henrik

Only if you disable ticker? strange… So you will use the ticker? I do not see such an error!

Because now the ticker is enabled. Now I disabled the ticker. Can you again please?

I still do not see, I have everything working fine, I checked, make a screenshot and send it to me on email:

I am having an issue with this theme.. please email ...

the site is

I would like to customize exactly like this.. only red instead of orange.. and with the header topics I already chose…

can you help me?

Hello, you want to change the theme colors? then go to Colorization tab :)

The package could not be installed. The issue is not the style sheet style.css.

The theme of the installation failed.

help me, please.

Hello, unpack this package and select folder with the theme, better install via ftp use FileZilla!

send me a tutorial screen, please. The theme of the installation failed again.

If you install in auto mode you need make zip archive with this theme and selected this archive for installation! can you tell your email?

Carousel on the home page has broken, Could you help me to fix it? I tried to deactived all plug ins to see if it was an incompatibility, tried do reinstall the theme and still not working correctly.

By the way, my theme is Version 2.3, and I saw you have updated it to 2.4, where can I download the version 2.4?

My site is

You can download latest version on Themeforest! Can tell me your email?

Hi, I’m having trouble putting the categories below the slide, I can not fix this part. It has to do with shortcodes. e-mail:

How do I create categories on the home page? I can not

Hello, please read documentation!

fixed my issue.

great theme!

Thanks, so now all ok?

yes, a plugin we installed completely hijacked the home page. it was a plugin issue.

Can I use the same theme for different sub domains under one main domain?

I not try, but what is the difference? )

my question was that should I buy every time to use for each sub domain? my domain will be like, and I will have 4 different sub domains like:, etc. and each one has its own installed wordpress and theme

So what’s a problem, all it’s separate WordPress? yes, it will be works :)

good afternoon,

On our menu items linking to categories, we are only seeing one item per page. where can we adjust the amount of stories that appear per category page? here is an example link:

Go to Settings-> Reading and set “Blog pages show at most” option!

very quick response that fixed my issue. This support is above theme issues, and its greatly appreciated. The issue was with a plugin that not only hijacked my homepage (as a support request above noted), but apparantly also issues like this. Much appreciation to the developers for quick responses that turn out to not even be theme related.

i have wordpress 3.5.1 it is not working with it???

Hello, can tell me your email?

hi i like to start my posts_mini_one_column category=”noticias” num=6 meta=1 excerpt=1 in the second news, no in the first how can i do that

Hello, can tell me your email, and also your site? what i need is a offset

I have just downloaded your theme. I went to upload it to my wordpress and when it gets finished it ask me if i am sure i want to do this and then gives me the option to try again? I am really confused! Never seen that response before and it does not give me the ability to ask one way or the other if “I am sure I want to do this”.

Any suggestions?

I tried to load the them through FTP, when i went back to my theme manager, it said that the style.css sheet is missing? How would i go about installing the missing file?

You need first unpack this package and next install theme, better via ftp use FileZilla, if you install in auto mode folder with the theme must be in zip archive!

Hi, Is there a way to have a static picture and not a linked slider image for the home page feature item? Can I remove the link and image in the middle of the image? Thanks!

Hello, can tell me your email?

Hi, I have downloaded your product and installed it on my site that has been running for a couple of years – so not from scratch. I have followed all the information provided in the documentation, but I’m still getting very little functionality from the theme. The site is and my email is

Enable news ticker in theme option panel and select featured category!)

Thanks for your help so far, sorry to keep asking you questions – I’ve enabled the news ticker in the theme option panel and selected a featured category, but it still isn’t showing up. What could be the reason for this?

I sent on your email!