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How can I use the testimonial quote boxes (shown in the “Shortcodes” section of the Theme preview)? I can’t seem to find it in the All News theme options. Could you please provide me with some detailed instruction on how to do this? Thanks.

Hello, please see examples in documentation!

Where can I find the documentation?

I found the documentation. Thanks!

Could you please provide detailed instructions on how to remove the text indentations for the postings? Thanks.

I would like to remove the indentation for the first sentence of each paragraph. The default mode for the start of each paragraph has an indentation.

Ok, please tell me your email!

Here’s my email:

Hi! Is it possible to have 2 nav bars instead of 1? Also, can the color on the dividers (on homepage) that separate the sections, be customized? Thank you!

Hi, Nav bar you mean menu? then no! yes you can change color on the dividers, i tell you how you can do that ;)

Thanks! Yep. I meant menu and for the dividers, it’s not so much about the color as the white pattern of lines on them that I would want to remove. I see the theme doesn’t come with PSD files, so I assume no. Thanks again for quick response!

Where can I find this documentation is to send me by email:

Documentation in package!

I bought the subject and would like to know how to use it, most do not know where to find this information, you could help me

help with shortcode, please

See in documentation examples)


I can not fine documentation, where can I go through it?

In package!

Hi, - 404 error page floats to the left . - and the Email Subscription appears without any CSS and not like in the Live demo.

Tell me your email and site

I have just sent you a mail . Thanks

Hi, great theme. 2 questions : can i change it to RTL ? does the translation tab support Hebrew?


RTL not tested, translation panel – yes!

Hi, Another question : can i use it with WP version 3.4 ?


1. How do I get Recent news to show up below my slider on my main page? In the live demo, there are tons of categories showing up below the slider, I don’t see the option for this.

2. On pages with lots of text, the text is flush left against the text box, which doesn’t look good and makes it harder to read. How can I fix this?

3. Also, When I add content to the Home page, there is a BIG gap between the banner and the content. How do remove this gap?

My website so far:

Thank you.

Hello, 1. Posts below slider it’s shortcodes, see examples in documentation! 2. can show on your site? 3. For homepage you need use special shortcodes, as i say before, see in documentation! also write on my email:

Thank you! About my second question. The text entered on to a page has no space in between the edge of the text box and the text. The text needs a margine. See page:

so you have email?

I bought this theme, Uploaded it but it looks nothing like you example. I cant figure nothing out. your instructions are of another theme, I cant do anything with it?? Not happy with>

Hello, your email and your site?

So now i see it’s works?

How to put categories on the home separated with the news as the template model?

not quite understand you, you can show on screenshot or site what you need? also write at once on my email:

Hi The theme was awesome, but i have an issue when i see the theme in resolution (below 480px) Below are the issues i face 1.Signin and login gets disappeared

because news ticker is not placed!

Hi the Twitter widget is not working and show this error: Error: Twitter did not respond. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page.

thanks in advance

Try find wordpress Twitter widget while i fixed this problem!

Hi, I would like to remove the feedburner app under twitter and facebook (as I would like to keep these) and also the twitter widget, is there a solution for this?

Otherwise I appreciate your theme a lot!

Hello, tell me your email!

Hi, I am having problems with Wordpress 3.5. It looks like some errors in post and page: The add media button does nothing, neither does the Text/Visual switcher or add link. This is tested in chrome and firefox.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘switchto’ of undefined

Hello, i checked all works normally, maybe problem in your WordPress, try reinstall wp, and install only manually via ftp! also maybe plugins conflict, try disable all plugins and check.


Any news on the twitter issue?

Hi the Twitter widget is not working and show this error: Error: Twitter did not respond. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page.”

It has been 12 days now since reported.”


Why you not use Twitter Widget plugin? there so many and absolutely the same!

Because I purchased a theme (yours) that comes with a Twitter stream feature that was working when I bought it…

can someone provide the download of this model to test?

Not understand about you? what model?

They will have to test this model all theme, can someone offers it? after I buy licnecça!


Sorry, i not send you free theme)