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why not look at my web slider with demo.? thx

my web

Top sidebar is displayed only if turned off the Subscribe widget….?? WIDGET

how to set the layout without the xml file?

I want to set the page manually

please help me.

Please read documentation!

Hello, I have just installed your theme on my session wordpress and I wish to know, how to have a fix background responsive and how to create subs menus ? Thank you Mail:

Sorry, wrong mail!!! Mail:

hi, 1—> is it possible to change the header Font with my personal font? If yes , how to change? 2—> how can I get the widget “sponsors” to the sidebar? 3—>I would like to remove the yellow line or extend it to underline all my text 4—> how to get the widget facebook? Thank you.

Hi, I’m having trouble with broken carousels on the home page in the latest versions of AllNews + Wordpress. The link is here –

Note that I’ve made some minor CSS changes but reverting to the original theme files doesn’t fix it.

Please contact me via a return comment, or the submission form at ASAP please.

Hello, I think I’ve figured this out. The carousel breaks when you have strong tags wrapped around the first paragraph, i.e. bold. Removing these have fixed the issue. Might be something you want to investigate for the next release?

With the latest Wordpress Update, the news sliders don’t slide, so If I have more than 3, they move to the next line.

Also, this theme seems to be incompatible with Jetpack. If I instal Jetpack, it messes up the media gallery to where I cannot add images.

my site is at

Not, it’s not in WordPress problem, seems you put unnecessary tags, try check in text tab! Also it’s can be plugins conflict, disable all plugins! not, in this theme not Jetpack)

I disabled all plugins except Jetpack and when I “set featured image” it brings up the image upload screen and no way to set it. I disable Jetpack and everything returns to normal.

then it’s plugins conflict!)

Can you please explain to me how I can deal with the following All News theme issues ?

a) How do I embed a video link into a post when that video is not YouTube or Vimeo a. example – <iframe src=”” ID=”28366-260-147” height=”155” width=”270 ” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0”></iframe>

b) When I set up a post for a video, and I don’t have an image attached to the post, the image frame still appears at the top of the post – a. see example – b. In this example I have set the page up with Format – Video, Hide Thumbnail – On and Show Video – On c. Why is the image frame (photo by ) still showing on the page ?

c) When I upload an image which is portrait and then use that image on a post, the image appears in portrait and takes up quite a bit of room on the top of a post. a. Is there some way to control the portrait image on the post so that it appears only to the size of a the landscape images and then when you click on the portrait image it takes you to a sub-screen where the full photo can be seen ?

d) Is it possible on a post, when you select to show Featured Image as a full screen, that you can stop the image still appearing at the top left hand side of the post page. a. See example –

The website I am working on is

Hello, sorry why i not see Purchased label? you buy my theme?

Yes, it was purchased by Blackbird Solutions for me. They did the initial website set up for me.

i sent on your email!

Hi there,

Is there a way to make the header bigger? Like full-length across the page?

Thank you!

Hello, open style.css file and find this code: #title_box img{ display: inline-block; max-height: 60px; float: left; }

change max-height value, or simply write your width and height!

Is there a problem with using Vimeo ? I have tried several times to use a Vimeo video link in your theme, but it wont’ work. I have copied and pasted the link and changed the thumbnail, etc, as per your documentation – still it doesn’t work. Why ? The YouTube option is working.

can show on your site? also write on my email:

Hi, I have a problem with my site. When I add the code for the home page I have a problem that is not displayed well the categories. I followed the guide index.html but I can not solve the problem. The site is

My mail is ivan.ambrosio @

Thank you very much in advance

it’s all ok. thank you very much !

Sorry, but i have another problem. I can’t display the image in the slider on the homepage. Please can you help me ? Can I add your email such administrator to see the settings ?

sent on email!

I have a problem with my site:

The images on the carrossel are not shown. I’ve tried to take out every plugin, reinstal the theme, anyway, I hope you can cast some light on this.

You insert post thumbnail? i not see image path

The thumbnails are enabled, both in pages and in posts. All pages have featured images. What is your e-mail to send a user?


On my site the social block on the right top side doesn’t display correctly. I didn’t change anything myself.


Please advise

Please check your Facebook ID in Ads & Social tab of Option panel! for example: 159107397912

I had a problem with the Search function in Media. We found the problem was a Theme issue, not a WordPress issue. The way to fix it is to adjust line 311 of functions.php and changing it to the following:

if(!is_admin()) {add_filter(‘pre_get_posts’,’SearchFilter’);}

ok, so now all works normally?

Yes. It works on searching the photo’s name field (the top text box).

Hi, I’m sorry for my english (I’m a french guy). So, I don’t understand how to build the homepage with “category box” and caroussel.

Thanks for your help

See examples in documentation!


any help please Regards Steve

try reinstall wordpress, and theme, also maybe problem in your hosting

Can i add my own background on this themem

of course) but only with boxed version

wat u mean only the box version

not full width how in demo, you can choose it in option panel

is this theme drag and drop Home page

What is the banner size for the images for the banner widget?

Nevermind, I got it.

Can you help me with the carousel shortcode for the home page. I pasted the code as listed in the documentation, but it’s not displaying correctly. Please see site.

Also, is this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.8. I having alot of problems with getting buttons to work.

Nevermind, I figured it out. But I still need to know which file to edit to change the date format.