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Which file do I edit to change to date format for the recent posts widget?

can you tell me your email? or write on my and i send you all instructions)

Could I also get a tutorial screen for this? I’m also having trouble with the style sheet error. I’m not tech-savvy and I’m trying to do this on my own. Here is my email: Here is my error: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Hello, unpack package and find documentation folder and theme)

Why I go to select bullets, they do not appear, why is this and how can this be fixed. I checked the css stylesheet but have no idea where its located. If you go there you will see they are not in the area.

i sent on email

Hello, I bought the AllNews Theme and i have a question about that. I’m trying to put next and previous buttons when i use some shortcodes like “Custom Cycles – One column posts” (the name of shortcode in the manual) and i don’t know if it is possible. Can you help me please? Thanks.

You mean not work navigation like in demo? can show on your site? also write at once on my email:

Hello, i bought the AllNews Theme. I’m trying to put the Home page with the categories highlighted, like the model. How do I?

Hello, read documentation please


Hi, I bought the AllNews Theme and I´d like enlarge my logo in the header, how can I do that? Thanks you.

Hello, tell me your email

Hi, thank you, my email is

Hello !

Can you tell me how to enlarge the logo in the header? my e-mail:

Thanks !

I don’t find documentation anywhere please see my email

ok, i sent

The theme editor is in trouble tabs, where you can not edit colors, homepage, among others. Always bought the themes for Envato and is the first time I pass it. Can you help me? Follow my email:

look at this…. I can´t find out what is wrong.

First make Homepage static: read documentation please

Can you help me to change the flex slider on the homepage with a lifestream link for tv? My email is

Do you know an nice plugin for multiple languages who works good with this theme ? I´ve tried ceceppa but wash´t really happy about it.

I don´t see my social icons when I open the page on mobile…..can it be changed?

everything is nice but the theme is not responsive to iPhone anymore. All other items like mac,pc, and other mobiles is working fine. Pleaase help me.

Could I also get a tutorial screen for costumize my blog? I’m not an expert. Thanks

I can help you, you have wordpress on server? give me login and pass and i install home for you!

it’s all ok, thanks for all support. You are great!

Hi, today my site cant be viewed by IE 8 and Ie7, etc.. There’s a windows that say “element doesnt exist in DOM”. This windows doesnt appear in firefox and in IE9.

Why ? How can I eliminate this windows?


I sent you on email!

Hello !

Can you tell me how to enlarge the logo in the header and how to have a margin left for text area and contact formular please? my e-mail:

Thanks !


I have bought “All News” theme and installed it on WP 3.9. Unfortunately shortcodes are not working.. Kindly provide a fix for wordpress 3.9 version. It was working fine with earlier WP version and it stoped workin when we upgraded to wordpress 3.9 as this theme/plug in may not be following certain coding standards imposed by wp. Kindly let me know what can be done to fix this short code issue. For more clarification / explanation kindly drop me a mail at ‘

Thanks and Regards Santhosh

Hello I bought the themes but not’m getting set up and comment buttons for facebook, twitter. I want to change the color of the pavilion too, as I do. not found the documentation can you help me? Please

Thank you Have a Nice day

Hello, documentation in package! not quite understand what color of the pavilion? can show on screenshot? write me on my email:

Hello, I’m having a problem using the Wordpress SEO by YOAST plugin on your theme. When I activated it, I lost the hability to edit my posts by the HTML tab (when I click it, it won’t change to HTML), and also I lost the ability to add links on the visual tab too.

Do you know how to correct the use of this plugin on the theme, or if there is something to fix this bug? Idk, maybe some configuration/change on the code/control panel of the theme… I talked to their (YOAST) support and they said it was probably because of the theme…

Thank you for your time,

Portal Caneca

Yeah, I tried using this one too, but the same errors occurs, do you know any SEO plugin that works better with this theme?

i checked All In One Seo Pack and it’s works normally, not any bugs, maybe it’s cause other plugin, like Jetpack or Akismet? try disable other plugins and check, also try update WordPress

I had the Akismet running, and when I disabled it, the All In One SEO Pack started to work properly!

Thank you so much for your help :D