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Really great work. Would you mind telling me where (URL) I can buy the background photo with all the faces: https://0.s3.envato.com/files/94408503/01_Homepage-v_1.png

Thank you! There are actually two images. Here are they first photo, second photo

Perfect! Thanks a lot. I’ve already subscribed to your newsletter.

You’re welcome! And thanks for subscription :) Stay tuned we are working on new template

I know the stock photos aren’t included with designer, but are the large illustrations on the homepage included? (specifically, the clock, group of devices, and atech showcase image)



Thanks for stopping by! Yes, this illustrations are included into template as I’m who created them.
Your purchase is welcome ;)

Atech now is Allec. Don’t panic everything else is the same with awesome features and even more.

And we still are working on new components and pages. So stay tuned and don’t pass by ;)

New update is coming very soon with additional homepage and content components.

Thanks for providing a great theme, with some really strong features.

We are interested in embedding some short video clips, just like on the public demo screen

I was reviewing the documentation, and didn’t find a section that specifically explains what we need to do or configure to set this up.

Can you please provide us with a reading resource?

Thanks heaps!


Thank you for appreciation!

It seems that you have bought HTML version of Allec, not PSD (it’s comments section of psd version). Please leave your support request here http://themeforest.net/item/allec-bootstrapless-template-with-site-builder/8986248