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Hello. Please, I need to take out from Latest News, several categories. How can I do that. Thank you.

That they do not appear on Drag & Drop Page blocks Latest News and Latest News with large Image.

If I understood you correctly, you will need to modify the queries in “functions/homepage-blocks.php” file and exclude them manually:

Thanks a lot. It will help.

Please, one more question. I need to remove all post time information /should remain only the date/ on Drag & Drop page – Home page blocks. I have to do it in each block separately or it can be automated. Thank you.

- Of course, also in the widget where time occurs.


You can add a filter in functions.php file, lines like this

/** * Change time format * @return time */ add_filter( 'the_time', 'allegro_the_time', 10, 2 ); function allegro_the_time( $d, $b ) { return get_the_time(get_option('date_format')); }

should fore the page to use time format that you have set in Settings -> General -> Date Format

Thanks a lot.

Hi, now we have a problem with photos that are full size. They are not responsive. How to correct it, thanks.

Thank you very much for your help. Miroslav


Please add these lines

.wp-caption { 

In a style.css file or any custom css plugin. That will solve the issue.

works perfectly…

thumbnail image not showing hosted from cloudfront cdn. How can i solve this problem?


Please use the account you purchased the them to receive support.

Please, also how to add a sub-menu in the top menu. If it is simple. Thanks, Miroslav.

You can try to edit themefolder/includes/top.php file

this line

'depth' => 1,


'depth' => 2,

But it could be that you will need to style the submenus.

Hi, Do We need to purchase an Pro API plan?? I get Free API V1 (Obsolete. No longer supported) Older version of free Local, Ski, Marine, Time Zone and Location Search API.


The free api keys are still working, but for the new users there is only pro version available. But you can also regenerate your api key every 3 months and continue to use it free.

Google DFP Ads are not working properly. Sometimes they load sometimes not.


There might be a plugin conflict or something like that. but we can’t debug your page because your support licence has expired and you will need to renew it first to receive support.

Hi, I get “Something went wrong with the connection!” in my weather top. How can this be solved?


This is because a bug in WordPress 4.6, we already notified the WordPress support about it and they said, that this should be fixed in upcoming WordPress updates. But we can also customize one default wp file for you to fix that, but for that please open a support ticket here: and add also wp-admin and ftp server access details.

Ticket #124 for theme Allegro . i opened the ticked but did not get any resolution. please help me


It should be answered no, please note that our support team doesn’t work on weekends.

just bought the theme yesterday and find out that your theme do not have child theme. i tried to create one but is not working. how can you assist me?

am having difficulties to setup the home as it in the deom site. Your demo import should set it as it is in the demo site. Please, how can i do that?


Please create a support ticket here with wp-admin access details, and we will make your demo as our.

nevermind, i had set it up

Hi. I have installed theme in October. From this there were three updates. Is it possible to get a list of files, what to update, instead of the whole theme – files. Thanks a lot. Miroslav


Sure, all updated files ar listed in theme folder changes.txt file :)

having problem on displaying iframe in the theme. is there another way to insert the iframe code including javascript code for Ads.

no error message but white blank

waiting for solution. no googleads and other ads code are not working in the theme

Please create a support ticket here: and add also wp-admin access details, so we could take a closer look.

Please how do I configure/change the settings for the Breaking News Ticker. Thanks


What exactly would you like to change?

Hi. thanks I will like to change the title ‘Breaking news’ to ‘What’s new’. I will like the slider to show the 10 most recent post of a category

You can change it in several ways, for example you can edit the includes/top.php file and edit the text there, our the best way is would be to edit it using the poedit, just download it and edit the themes folder/languages/allegro.pot file, make the needed changes and then save the file as en_EN.po, the poedit will automatically generate also a file, copy these two files to the server theme folder/languages and it should change the text (if you use the default English language in your wp settings)

To change the count, just edit the theme folder/includes/top.php file this line

'posts_per_page' => 6,

i have an advertisement system plugin which provide tracking and expiration schedule date of the ads. But the shortcode of the ad is not working on the top banner and the same with the ad block in the home page but works only in the widgets.

I understand the ad blocks are for html code but i need to use the shortcodes in place of html code.

What should i do to make them display.


We will release a update for this in next few hours.

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you are not repeated is becoming more week we still do not have any requirements please clean up workers


All our received comments and support forum topics are replied every day.

In case you contact envato support then this is up to them we can’t affect the reply time there.

Such beautiful theme, i really love the demo.

Thanks! :)


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Sorry but I’m still can’t get the question. We also haven’t got any support tickets from you.


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