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Why when you use REDIRECT 301 method to set a links to the main menu to open static pages, the selected active link from the main menu does not highlight in red ? Isn’t that a theme issue ?

You can provide your website info . We will check it for you

I already gave the link here but i will post it there now too

you can check your email

After installing the full template and started to add product, I’ve noticed that when I’m searching some keywords, (e.g black, versace…) my page turns blank. Showing Php error on index.php reveal: Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_Catalogsearch_Block_Layer_Filter_Attribute’ not found in /usr/www/virtual/aviraccah/ on line 3

Please advise.


You can download from Themeforest. It it doesn’t work you can provide your website info. We will check it for you for

I’ve sent the information through, but really need you help just before going to production.

You can check your email

if I buy the theme, can you give me a Instructions for use

why there not comment in the comment page like:

You can make a ticket and provide more details. We will help you solve it

I have add a ticket, wait for you are reply

I have a question about the payment method, could you please provide me your email address? thank you!

you can contact us via email:

Hi, your theme is really superb but I’m facing some issues, If you please fix the issue asap, I shall be highly obliged.

My Website Link :

1. Whenever I’m trying to change the language option, it is showing some error.

2. I want to add 7 languages.

English French German Russian Spanish Swedish Chinese

  • Please let me know the way of adding more languages.

3. The website is performing way too slow.

Please help me get rid of the issues asap.

Thanks Pamela

Hi, can I set the theme to be a box width design. like the phone template but in the first 3 skins. Thanks Mark.

OK Thanks. Mark.

Hi Guys, can I get some modifications made to this theme, slightly different home page layout, colours,and a few bits.Can I get a price and an estimated timeframe, if you can forward on contact details, I will forward on requirements.

Kind regards,


Hi Mark,
You can contact us via contact form

Hello! This happened today: Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_Catalogsearch_Block_Layer_Filter_Attribute’ not found in …/httpdocs/app/code/local/Magentothem/Layerednavigationajax/Block/Catalogsearch/Layer/Filter/Attribute.php on line 3 Worked fine before. themeforest-5238564-allure-responsive-magento-theme Please, advise.

You can make a ticket and provide your website info. We will check and help you solve it

Great theme! Quick search results page didn’t work, but support team fixed it.

I’m getting the message “Unable to find item to save” when I try to install the theme per the documentation. I sent you an email about this as well.

You can make a ticket . We will check and help you solve this issue.

I want to know if we can use this theme with latest ver I know its just released a few days ago but we are starting with new setup so want to check out the possibility.

Thanks in advance!

You can use this theme on magento 1.9. If you have any issue you can contact us. We will help you. You don’t worry.

Thank you for quick response!

Do we have any kind of list or something which files or directiries we need to transfer to ver Or separate theme source which we can directly use?

You can use current theme for magento 1.9

Hi, featured products are broken, show random products, it don’t show selected products in magento backend. please check

Hi, You can make a ticket . We will check and fix it for you.

Hi; I bought this, but as there are only 3 downloaded available skins of the 4 listed here

In downloading files only has 3 skins and indicated that there are 4 Skins.

Hi, You can contact us and provide your website info. We will check and help you.

There is a ‘x’ letter on top cart (mini) price.

1 x 180$

Please help how can possible replace it by another letter?

Hi, It’s possible to change “x” on top cart. You need change it in code.

Hi, is this theme ok with 1.5.1 ? regards

sorry, we have update it compatible with new magento version

And it doesn’t possible to have the 1.5 version ?

Yes, It doesn’t compatible 1.5

Hi, would this theme work with 1.9?


This theme is compatible with 1.9. If you need help you can contact us. We will help you

I bought the theme. I have troubles with the bestseller function and the quickview. Can you help?

You can open a ticket We will check and help you