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I whant to say that this theme works on Magento 1.8.

Greeting, Martijn

Is there any way to add “YouTube Video” on the banner, just like ?

if you want add “youtube video”, you can replace banner slideshow by embed code youtube

actually I want to show “YouTube video” with the banner slideshow at the same time and as an individual slide. Is it possible ?

It isn’t possible.

Having same issue: I am trying to figure out where is the ajax layered navigation in this theme ?? I dont see any option in admin panel . Please guide me how to enable it or am missing something

You can download new package and update new template or you can contact us via email. We will send update template for you.

Hi… I am a magento beginner & having trouble installing quickstart package on step 3/4/5:

can you provide more detailed instruction on those steps to install this theme?

where can I find the “step 3 of installation – Configuration page”?

please help…

You can install quickstart package like you install magento with database sample. If you can’t install. You can contact direct us. We will help you install your website

How do i change the red buttons? i tried looking in the CSS using Firebug but its hard to track down.

can you email me at i have other questions too.

You can check your email. We have responded you

When I access the product details page on a mobile device the template shows first the related products and a html block. Instead I would like to first show the product and after that the related products. Is that possible?

It’s possible. It can shows first the related products and a html block instead I would like to first show the product and after that the related products. If you have any question or problem. You can contact us. We will help you.

Hello support,

After installed your theme , my site was running very very slow. I didn’t find the reason. I have installed your theme with proper guidance. Every day i have loose my business. Please reply me as soon as possible.Waiting for your reply.

Regards Arindam

Hello Support,

I have send you a email, with my site details, please reply me as soon as possible.Waiting for your reply.

Regards Arindam

Hello Support,

And please do not display my email id here.

Regards Arindam

ok, we will help you via email

In product page, will the product attributes will be displaying next to product image or will it be displayed at the bottom of the page. I can’t see any demo page with product attributes. I want to confirm this before buying this template. Also is the template compatible with Magento 1.8? If possible show a demo link with product attributes displayed.

The product attributes will be displaying next to product image. This template is compatible with magento 1.8. You can see the product with custom options this link

Hi, I am Arindam. I have purchased your theme via Themeforest. The theme is really Awesome though I am facing few problems.

The theme is performing way too slow, not sure why, as I have a very fast internet connection. I have talked to my server administrator and also tested several other methods if there are any server related issues or any other issues, but everything is working fine. When I try to refresh the browser, near about 8 to 10 error reports are generating. Also I have checked exception.log file under var . There were huge amount errors & warnings. I have deleted that but after page refresh that was again generated. I have attached my last generated error report file.

I contacted your support team via Themeforest on 17th OCT regarding the problem and they assured that they will help, I have also tried to contact you guys via and but I didn’t get any reply from you guys yet at all. As a result, I and my client is losing our business every day. We together planned to buy another theme of you guys but the current scenario is frustrating for my client.

So again, I am requesting you to look into our issue and help me get rid of this ASAP.

Website Link : Admin Link :

admin admin123

  • Please let me know, if you need anything else.

Thanks Arindam Halder

ok, you can check your email

Did you guys solved the issue as I didn’t get any email from regarding that. Please reply me via

you can check your email

Hi, is there a possibility to set a blog page in this theme?

thanks marco

If you want use blog you need install addition blog extension. This theme is compatible with other blog extension. <be/> regards,

If i install a plugin like “Magento Wordpress Integration” can i set a theme for wp blog?

you can set theme for wp blog

compliments for the great work/theme. On Banner7 -> Manage Items, I’m trying to add link for current item’s as well as for the new one’s without any luck. on Frontend the image isn’t changed into link. Thanks a lot

The link will be set for the “read more” button. If you want use link for images you can contact us via email. We will you change it

I am getting an error while using the Search Functionality. Can you let me know the fix.

Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_Catalogsearch_Block_Layer_Filter_Attribute’ not found in home/dannybekinex/ on line 3

You can download latest package and update new template. We have fixed this issue in new version. Or you can can direct we will help you update it.

Can i use this theme for magento go store?

Hi, You can’t use this theme for magento go. Our theme works with magento CE

are there any other themes which can be used with magento go ?

our themes work only magento CE

My Developer [ with email ID: ] sent you an email with some issues we are having with this theme in our magento store several days ago. Can you please look into that?


You need check your email. We have responded you several days ago


Yesterday i purchase this theme.I face one problem when i want to create or update categories it takes while not stopping. Admin panel is very slow. Please help me regarding this issue


In magento manage products slow. It doesn’t cause by our theme. You can upgrade your sever for magento website.
Kind regards,

I just noticed a issue related to the iphone/ipad. I have disabled the responsive functionality and noticed that we the Featured Product slider doesnt work anymore. The hyperlink on the Featured Product slider doesnt work. Can you please look into this issue?

you can provide your domain we will check it for you

I have emailed u the link. Let me know if you need anything else.

Another issue is the Site speed. The theme is very slow in terms of speed and takes a lot of time to load. Can you look into it as well. Let me know what information do you need.

you can provide your domain we will check it for you


Few days ago i bought this theme. Could you please help me. We are selling rug. rug inventory and price depends on sizes. how can i show different size wise price and inventory in product details page like

Thanks Mahbub

Does this theme come with the simple content and images as shown in the demo preview here ?

You can check your email

Thank you alot, really appreciate. Can you check my question bellow, or try to engage with me on email ?

(Y) alles gud

I don’t think you understand me… I want to set the SKIN4 ( The skin with the iphone in the scroller, and with the mobile phones categories) So not the fashion skin, but the skin with the mobile phones. Is this SKIN4 bundled with the quickstart demo, because you are showing it in the live demo

OK i fault, for the mobile skin, I needed to install the mobile quickstart, i see you are ofering that skin in a separate magento theme. I got it now. I have one more question, please check the screenshoot here:

Let me know is this possible, I am trying to put another row bellow the banner statick block, which will have 2 images with different sizes, one bigger another one smaller ( as shown on the screenshoot) but I am not able to set them right there :/ Can you help me with this ?

Also the gap/padding between the banner images, can it be smaller ? Or at least point me the css file where I can adjust this please.

Thanks man,

Hello, you can use our theme on the mobile. It’s auto detect mobile then compatible with mobile.