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I had purchased alma theme last year and my website is running properly but recently when I tried changing something on my website it was not showing me the visual composer and the version which I have installed is v1.1.12 and I can see your current update as v1.1.20 as on 04/05/2016. Please help me to update my current theme to latest version.

Its showing as loading please wait and after that nothing happens

As I said before you need to update the plugin “pixelthrone” and install the plugin visual composer (you do not need to buy it, we already have included in the pack. )

A notice like this should appear. http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1331664/20f323d257e3e8cf754bdb398c6a0363 If not not go to this link: http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1331670/36147a939387467f21b2c977a9a53ad3

cloud06 Purchased

I’m getting “Are you sure you want to do this” error when uploading ZIP. Any idea what is happening? Thanks.


cloud06 Purchased

Don’t have support anymore. I bought theme but haven’t used it until today :(

Send by email: https://themeforest.net/user/pixelthrone

Use the form on the bottom.

Do not worry, what matters is to solve the problem.

How do I manage visual composer separately / without using the one in the theme? I am on Alma 1.1.9 and a recent wordpress update broke the visual composer bundled with the theme, and like other users I am left with a visual composer that won’t load. Installing the WP Bakery Plugin separately results in a fatal error. I am now on WP 4.6 and would like to know the current version of ALMA being sold, and how I get this fixed. Is the only option to re-purchase the theme? Does this theme work on WP 4.6? The store says 4.5.x

I’m a real buyer. I’ve bought many of your themes before across many accounts. You latest version 1.1.22 seems to have broken my site. It is stuck on the endless spinning square. I tried to debug it but it can’t seem to get past the pre-loader. I haven’t even applied my style sheet. It’s just what happened after the upgrade.

Looks like the issue is the install goes successful, but activating it is failing without reason- so I don’t think it ever installed successfully. The margins were incorrect and the pre-loader got stuck. There seems to be an upgrade issue.

Hello, When when you write the comment I do not see a label identify you as a buyer.

Please create a ticket in support site, and share your wp login so I can analyze this issue more quickly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Dear Pixelthrone, I have recently noticed that there is a problem with the contact form — but only on mobile. It is not sending the message. The full web version works fine though. What could be the issue?

Please give me more info about that.
- What is your website?
- iOS or Android?
- What is your theme version.
- What is your pixelthrone plugin version.