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I had purchased alma theme last year and my website is running properly but recently when I tried changing something on my website it was not showing me the visual composer and the version which I have installed is v1.1.12 and I can see your current update as v1.1.20 as on 04/05/2016. Please help me to update my current theme to latest version.

Its showing as loading please wait and after that nothing happens

As I said before you need to update the plugin “pixelthrone” and install the plugin visual composer (you do not need to buy it, we already have included in the pack. )

A notice like this should appear. http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1331664/20f323d257e3e8cf754bdb398c6a0363 If not not go to this link: http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1331670/36147a939387467f21b2c977a9a53ad3

cloud06 Purchased

I’m getting “Are you sure you want to do this” error when uploading ZIP. Any idea what is happening? Thanks.


cloud06 Purchased

Don’t have support anymore. I bought theme but haven’t used it until today :(

Send by email: https://themeforest.net/user/pixelthrone

Use the form on the bottom.

Do not worry, what matters is to solve the problem.

How do I manage visual composer separately / without using the one in the theme? I am on Alma 1.1.9 and a recent wordpress update broke the visual composer bundled with the theme, and like other users I am left with a visual composer that won’t load. Installing the WP Bakery Plugin separately results in a fatal error. I am now on WP 4.6 and would like to know the current version of ALMA being sold, and how I get this fixed. Is the only option to re-purchase the theme? Does this theme work on WP 4.6? The store says 4.5.x

I’m a real buyer. I’ve bought many of your themes before across many accounts. You latest version 1.1.22 seems to have broken my site. It is stuck on the endless spinning square. I tried to debug it but it can’t seem to get past the pre-loader. I haven’t even applied my style sheet. It’s just what happened after the upgrade.

Looks like the issue is the install goes successful, but activating it is failing without reason- so I don’t think it ever installed successfully. The margins were incorrect and the pre-loader got stuck. There seems to be an upgrade issue.

Hello, When when you write the comment I do not see a label identify you as a buyer.

Please create a ticket in support site, and share your wp login so I can analyze this issue more quickly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Dear Pixelthrone, I have recently noticed that there is a problem with the contact form — but only on mobile. It is not sending the message. The full web version works fine though. What could be the issue?

Please give me more info about that.
- What is your website?
- iOS or Android?
- What is your theme version.
- What is your pixelthrone plugin version.

Updates have broken my site – when i submit a support ticket it asks me to renew. Can you point me in the direction of your support forum the support link takes me to an almost empty site where i can submit a ticket or view some guidance to install a visual composer plugin – i need the support forum for the Alma theme!

Hello, did you update the pixelthrone plugin, and install the visual composer recomended plugin ?

After updating Alma and all plugins (yes, also Pixelthrone), it still doesn’t seem to work. Pages show in different order, backwards scrolling, can’t get the homepage on top, can’t leave permalinks open,... :(

You need to install the recommend plugin Intuitive Custom Post Order.
And check if this options are activated.
To order go to pages and do this:

Hello, Thank you for your fast reaction! Intuitive Custom Post Order was installed and activated, I will check the options. Thank you


MoiMM Purchased

Hi pixelthrone, I’m french sorry for my bad english

I have made all last and/or install plugins updates, check the Custom Post Order options … but my website still completely break ! Apparently i have the same issues of many peoples (a few post above) All plugins are actived but i don’t have Visual Composer in pages … etc !! :(

Please help !



MoiMM Purchased

How ! It’s strange ! ... Ok ! Thx a lot for your help ! I see with my host provider ! Best regards, :)


MoiMM Purchased

Where’re the 1.1.24 version ? it’s always the 1.1.22 in download section ! :(

Please try again.

Hi, we’re in urgent need of a quick answer. We’ve paid for, installed and uploaded the demo to the theme, and the order of the page is back-to-front (the hero image is at the bottom, and contact form at the top), how can this be changed? is our page. Thank you!

I’m sorry but without evidence that you are a customer I can not provide support.

Ok my colleague will contact you in the next few minutes! thanks

small issue:

the portfolio is not aligned to the center? no mather if its full width / contained, amount of cols, ec

what am i doing wrong?

I cannot identify you as a real buyer. Please put you question using the purchase account.

im a freelance developer, my costumer bought your tempate.

i fixed the portfolio issue, but i have a problem with THE TEAM section on RTL

Hello, I understand.
Ask for the purchase code to your client and create a account on the support site.


Installed the theme, but cant install the child theme. Also can not import the demo content.

What happens when you try to install the child theme or dummy content?

There are some servers that change the first letter to uppercase of the theme name, that causes problems with the wordpress load. You need to change the name.

If you do not know how to solve this, create a ticket on the support site and share your wp + ftp login I’ll help you.

Having the same issue as this user: https://themeforest.net/item/alma-parallax-one-page-multipurpose-theme/7507873/comments?page=10&filter=all#comment_14775212

Please advise. Checked theme name and it’s lowercase. Demo import just spins but never loads. On a deadline so if possible please advise on how I can correct without providing credentials site or server.

Hello, Login to your server using ftp. Go to the wp-content / themes / ( folder ) And change the name of the theme from”Alma” to “alma”.

If you continue with problems create a ticket on the support site and share your ftp login I’ll help you.

Thank you – verified theme name is lowercase. Still not loading. Will create ticket.

Hi there, it appears, as some others have commented previously, that our visual composer is no longer working- could you clarify how to rectify this ASAP please? As far as I can see, all themes and plugins are up to date.

Ignore this msg, we have an extended license that allows us to include the VC within our theme. You just can not get support from them, you have to get it through me.

Ok I see- thank you very much for your help!


I would like to have my front page background responsive on mobile. Right now the bg is on the left size of the picture, how I can change it to be centered? Also, is there any css to have own background image for mobile and desktop?


Regards, Riku

Thanks for purchasing one of our files.

Support for all our items is conducted through the PixelThrone support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue.

Support Forums

I noticed when I have 5 things in the social bar (Like FB, IG, etc) it doesn’t reach all the way across, there are little gaps on the left and right. Other people have gotten it to complete go across the screen. How do you do that?

Hello See if you have this row option selected.

Thank you! That was it. You’re awesome. Is it possible to change the social graphics (links/logos) to fit the color scheme of your site instead of red and blue?

Sorry for the delay.
Yes you can, you need to use a custom css.

Create a ticket on my support site and share your site url, I’ll create that css for you.

I’d like to know if your last update (1.1.24, I guess) supports WordPress 4.7 and in case not, when are you planning to update.
(it doesn’t show I’have purchased your theme because is in my client’s account).

Hello Yes you can, if you have any problems send me your wp login to analyse better.

Ok, I’ll try, thanks.

Hello, very long load demo

Hi, The problem you are facing is related to the demo import. I recently changed the domain from .net to .info.

Themeforest has not yet approved the theme update with this fix.

Create a ticket on the support website and share your wp login I’ll do the import for you.

okay, I’ll write and what to do with the right arrangement of blocks (pages) I want to change the position, how to do it?

the ticket is created

Is it possible to have a different homepage background graphic for a desktop and one for a cell phone? Thanks

Hi luke I can give you a custom css to do that. Create a ticket on https://pixelthrone.ticksy.com

Thank you! I just submitted the ticket

Done :)

Hi, I bought ripple 5 months ago I could not downloaded latest version. What will I do? My support did not finish. Thanks

Hi, Create a ticket on the support site in the category “discontinued products” https://support.pixelthrone.com

EKGROUP Purchased

Hello, I need your quick help and the Support site is down. Please get back to me. Thanks.

Hello How can I help?

Hello, I was wondering why the password protection on pages did not work. It only works on the posts. Thanks

Hi, I’ll review and fix this bug. Thanks for reporting this.

Thank YOU!