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hi After uploading pictures cases can not be. ex: Custom Logo, Custom Favicon, Body image… ?

Please send us access to your admin panel on pm and we`ll check what’s wrong. Please use contact form on our profile’s page (right bottom corner) to send message with details.

For future support please visit:

Support forum

Really great theme and really great support!

Thanks a lot man :)

modern homepage formatting is off

Sorry but what exactly you mean? Because we don`t understand. Please try to explain it to us and we`ll try to help you.

I love the template. impressive.

Thanks dude :) You did a nice page.

Hi Guys, is this theme compatible with the latest version 3.6.1 of wordpress?

Yes, it is compatible.

Great News!! Thanks for the reply

The RevSlider plugin has a MAJOR vulnerability and upon updating your theme to the latest version (from 1.04 to 1.05), the RevSlider plugin appears to be NOT updated to its latest (4.6 I believe, but anything after 4.1 I believe is safe). Could you please update the plugin within the template package ASAP? Thanks in advance! :)

I did try to update the plugin manually as I also hold a license for it, but it breaks and seems to have issues with the theme.

If twitter bird inside contact box won`t disappear, then please use below custom css:

.get_in_touch li.twitter { display: none !important; }

I dunno why I didn’t think of this myself! Thank you, worked like a charm! :)

You’re welcome! :)

Can you resize the body image to fit the header only? not cover the whole page


how exactly you want to do this? Would be great if you can show us on the screenshot what you mean.


Seems like I’ve been toying with this theme forever, – - how the heck do you get a layout like your live-preview blog page?? Content-builder’s functionality seems to be intermittent at best. Anyway, – - just giving me the basic procedure would be appreciated, – - thanks in advance . . .

OK, – - finally figured it out. Everything works fine, – - I guess I just gotta get through the learning curve here. Not used to all these new-fangled drag-n-droppers ‘n such, – - LOL!! Really, really nice theme, though!!


happy to hear that you sorted it out yourself :)

Best regards,
Muffin Group team

Can you point me in the right direction as to how to change the background color of the comment (reply) box?? I can’t seem to locate the code for it. It’s solid black now. Thanks in advance!


please send us link to page where you got this black comment box so we can avoid confuse and provide you the best possible solution.

Best regards,
Muffin Group team