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hay! ExpressionThemes Welcome to TF :) good luck with sales!

Welcome to the Forest !

I looked at the source code, a CSS style is missing but it’s loaded while the pages load… how did you implement this function? How it is supposed to be loaded? Thank you. BTW Great design. :)

That’s how the Live Preview suposed to work, the final product works regularry.

Awesome !

question : e-mail notification working ?

hope – yes , anyway will buy ;-)

What do youe mean about working? This is only a HTML template, nothing more… :)

First of all thanks for the great template, i really like it. Secondly, for people who are planning on buying products from ExpressionThemes; The support is extremely good. Today i purchased the template and wanted an extra feature; i contacted the support from ExpressionThemes and they answered within 15 minutes, after wich we made an appointment to review the issue on teamviewer. He coded for 30 minutes and made everything as i wanted to . How is that for SUPPORT . I highly reccomend ExpressionThemes to anybody !



will the countdown feature work or is it just a template? Also does the code for the email work or again just a template and nothing else?

Thanks! I just bought the temp and not sure how to make the countdown work. How do i make it work?

Nevermind I read the instructions and it worked.

I would like to change the baby image and instead add a youtube video on that side can i do this? If so whats the easiest way? Thanks so much for your prompt help!

Please contact me on email over my profile page. Than i can help you to make this over TeamViewer.

Hello i purchased the “almost born” theme. Is it not compatible with mobile devices like iphone? Cause it does not look good. The bottom is squashed with the top. Can you help?

Hi, it should be compatible, but i see your issues on my device too. I’ll update the theme soon, please stand by, or drop me an email if you need immediate assistance, and i’ll fix it for you, sorry about the late.

Great software! Lot’s of visitors gave compliments about the website. How can I make it count upwards when my baby is born and I can show people “how old exactly” the baby is on the same page?!