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Thanks! :)

Welcome to ThemeForest.

Thank you! :)

Hi Kisem,

I really like this theme and going to buy this shortly… so could you please give me a demo login details to see the my account page and other after login pages? regards, Sam thanks Sam

I will update it soon

oh ok thanks.. will it be updated today? coz i’m planning to buy this template

Sorry but i cant. Themeforest team will review the update and it takes some hours.

Nice work kisem. Clean and Simple :)

Thanks! :)

Hi Kisem,

i found on my Android 4.1.1 browser some bug. In portfolio there is not overlay effect; In Gallery there is a strange behavior, if i click on X icon the overlay effect ends but then restarts with another image Thanks Davide

Hi infoser! Thanks for your feedback!

The first problem was that i forgot to include the initializations, the second one is an old problem with this gallery, but i think it works well now.

Please check it out (and don’t forget to clear your cache):


gnx Purchased

Hi, i am testing the mob site on my android phone and i cannot scroll down. Any idea? thanks

What browser do you use?

I also get the same problem as gnx. On Android, it seems slow to scroll down. Testing with default Android browser.

I think it’s because of weak hardware. (On a 1GHz HTC Desire it isn’t really slow).

Its a Galaxy S4. Fastest Driod out now, but i think its likely the browser, scrolls perfect on mobile Chrome and Firefox.

I have no idea then. :/ On Nexus 4 (which has chrome as default) it runs smooth, too.

nice work, I plan to buy but can you check about the portfolio. I cannot swipe image, chrome browser on android 4.3


Hi toonztudio! Is this a slider, or a gallery bug?


Can you please update the demo ? It’s not working.


Also, I just saw the demo – Can you help me add shopping cart functionality to this template ?

I will think about it, but i don’t think so. (At least not now)


Is it possible to add another menu, which opens from the right side?


Hi Ampere! It would be a quite large work to change this script to that solution.

Hi Mate,

How can be keep the header fixed?

is it possible?

Thanks and Regards


Hi vaibhavn1!

Try adding these lines to the end of the main.css

header { position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; z-index: 10; }

.st-content .content { clear: both; margin-top: 64px !important; }

really nice work:-);

Thank you! :)

Hi Kisem.

For some reason in my android phone the navigation does not work. The links do not go anywhere when I touch them.

Please advise.

Thanks, Michael

Hi mikebaumwoll! Sorry for the late answer, but can you give me more details about your android? Which version, what browser, and have you tried with only one browser, or more?

The sidebar effect is buggy. You see the color shade of the previous slider when it opens the st-menu.

Hi iamola! Sorry, but I don’t get it. What color shade?

On mobile, when you click the menu bar to open the hidden navigation, you see the bleed of the previous slider. Wish i could show you via screenshot but no where to upload.

It’s funny, but I can’t imagine this :D I misunderstood something, because at first, I thought that it’s a cache problem with the colors, but now I don’t know what to think. :D You know that which is the slider, right?

Hey, just bought. Looks good so far, but it states “Well Documented” however there is not one document in the package that explains the product. Whats up with that?

Hi magic378! I will check this later today, but anyway. You can read it online here:

You are right. I forgot to add the documentation to the latest update. Sorry for that, I will fix it soon.

No worries, just wanted to make sure you knew and I understand the product the best I can,


Can the icons on the buttons be enlarged?

You can replace the icons with your custom images. In this case, with bigger ones. (img/menu_icons.png). But it will not fit the height of the menu list items, so i don’t recommend to do this, unless you are not a beginner with css and html.