Discussion on Alona - Tidy & Clean Portfolio

Discussion on Alona - Tidy & Clean Portfolio

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Hello, my client bought this theme a few years ago and he is very happy with the site. However, we found that the menu on mobile devices does not work. We don’t know if it’s related, but the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin is not updated. You get the message “You have the latest version of the plugin” but it keeps 5.4.8. Could you guide us to solve these problems? Thank you very much in advance for your help.


Make sure you are using the latest version of the theme which is – 1.6.2. The newest versions of Alona come with the Alona Core plugin. Deactivate and activate the theme again and you will see a popup on the top of your admin dashboard to install and activate the plugin if you haven’t. Also you can try to fully remove the ACF PRO plugin and install it again – its version should be 5.9.6

Thank you very much for your help! We updated to version 1.6.2 and the menu issue and others are gone.

Hi, are you planning an update of the Alona theme? It no longer works with the current Wordpress version 5.5. So my website no longer works with the WP 5.5 :(

Yeah, we are in the process of updating it. Expect th update in the next few days.

Hi there—just to let you know that Alona features in our latest WordPress roundup update on Tuts+: 25+ Clean WordPress Themes: To Make Modern Websites in 2019. Nice job :)

Thank you for the feature! We really appreciate it!

Hey! I have purchased your theme. When I create a new site, using the default template, there are Sites displayed at the bottom, in the footer, I guess. How can I remove that? Thanks.

Can you give us a link to the page with the issue you are describing? Thank you.


“Classic Studio” and “Jobs”

This looks like a custom row added by a plugin Related Posts for WordPress. It’s not part of the theme. Make sure you have adjusted or disabled that plugin if you don’t want such rows shown.

hello! does this theme accept woocommerce integration? i know this question was asked 3 years ago, just curious if you might know on your side for sure :)

Hi there,
As said before, the theme doesn’t have own WooCommere styling but you can use without problems the native pages and stylings of WooCommerce.


I’ve been using the theme for over a year and I’m very satisfied with the design and functionalities. A question, would it be difficult to implement a video on the hompage (instead of the image)? Would it be an option hiring a freelancer for this option or wouldn’t you recommend this?

Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words! Additional PHP and CSS knowledge will be needed. Or you can use a plugin like Revolution Slider to create your own custom slider.

Hi, is it possible or how, to make the grid with 4 columns? thx, Daniel

Hello, unfortunately, there is currently no way to change the grid columns.

okay, thx

Is there any way that I can change the text color or background color for one specific page?


If you need to change the color only on a specific page, you can add its styling in Custom CSS field in Alona Options. You will need to target the specific page class and the element which color you want to change. To inspect the element on the web page, you’ll have to hit F12 in Chrome or Firefox and use the Web Inspector.

Thank you! i will try that

Hello, I chose the portfolio projects as the basis for a page and would like to display 12 pictures or categories there. For this reason I would like to change the Thumnail size to 300×300px, because I only want to display the Thumnails. The size has already tried to change, but the themes does not take over the changed size. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Herzass


If you are changing the size from the theme files make sure you regenerate your thumbnails so that the new sizes are loaded (there is a plugin with the same name, which can do this).

Hi, i dont know if im doing something stupid but i cant seem to make a portfolio page. I made an item, i sorted in a category. Then i made a page with the portfolio grid template. but when i load the page i see nothing.

can you please help me?

Make sure that your category is not in the Hide Category field of the Grid Template. If it’s not hidden, please disable 3rd party plugins one by one to see if there is a problematic one installed.

Owh man, I really feel stupid now Haha. Thanks for the fast reply and my solution

Hello, I would like to buy the themes Alona. Is Woocommerce integrated into the Alona Themes? If yes how?

The theme doesn’t have own WooCommere styling but you can use without problems the native pages and stylings of WooCommerce.

Hi! The theme looks great, simple and clean. I am on my way to finalize my website and consider using POLYLANG to translate it to two more languages. Have you experiences with POLYLANG? Can you confirm it should work with the theme without problems? (WPML is just too expensive..)

Yes, you shouldn’t have any problems localizing it with plugins different from WPML :)

Hi, how do I add a captcha field in the contact form? Thanks, Sjoerd

Hi there,
Customization like that will need changes to the template-contact.php file. Or You can use a separate contact form plugin with such feature and create a new blank page with it.

Ok, but in that last case it won’t be the same as the current contact page? No map, etc..

Then, it won’t be yes. As I said, if you want to use the current one, you will need to edit directly the file. If you don’t know how, hiring a freelancer is recommended. You can find one on https://studio.envato.com

Hoping you can help me. Great theme. When I create a portfolio page and create a thumbnail for a grid format page. I click on the thumbnail and I get a page that says “error 404 Whatever you were looking for was not found, but maybe try looking again or search using the form below.”

Thank you for the help on above. Working fine. Just another quick one. How do you alter the size of the thumbnails that appear on the portfolio page? Currently they look a little large and look a little pixelated.

One more thing. Can you increase the amount of rows on the portfolio. Set to 3 now.

fixed it sorry

Great. I guess everything is working fine.

Love the theme! I am attempting to display images in the Portfolio (Grid), but it is zooming in on the image and I need it to zoom out. I had a question concerning the recommended image size. I read the section on how the theme does the resizing. I have an image that is 767 × 960. According to the documentation, it will get resized to 480×480.

So when I create a new Portfolio item, I’m assuming the Portfolio (Grid) uses the the original image size (767×960). Since it is greater than 480×480, it is zooming in the image. Whenever the user clicks on the image in the Portfolio (Grid), it is displaying the image selected as 767×960.

How do I get the image that appears in the Portfolio (Grid) framed correctly aka zoomed out? Thanks!


The image is resized so that horizontally or vertically it is fully fitted. In your case the image is fully fitted horizontally and it is cropped from top and bottom. If the image is zoomed out it won’t be fitted fully and it won’t look right.

So if I can’t have the same image in varying sizes. What size would you recommend the image be? So in your demo here, what are the original sizes of these images? Thanks!



The multiplier is used when creating image stacks in a Single Portfolio Page, for example: http://subsolardesigns.com/alonawp/portfolio/places/

As for the Portfolio Grid page the images are resized to 800×560. The original images are in different sizes but they are all in a landscape resolution (something close to 16:9 aspect ratio).

hello, sir when i installing alona theme , i am getting 500 internal server error


Please disable any 3rd party plugins one by one to see which one is causing issues. Make sure that you don’t have problematic plugins installed.

You can also try to contact your hosting provider to increase your memory size or increase it by changing your php.ini file: upload_max_filesize = 64M post_max_size = 64M.

Hello, i am facing problem while working with this theme. It gets installed and activated properly on localhost, but whenever i install it on live server, it is showing an error ‘500 (Internal Server) Error’. Please help me out with proper solution.Thanx.

Answered via the support ticket :)

I totally love this theme! Thank you for making such a great portfolio website template. It really brings my work to life.

There is just one thing i would like to tell you, maybe for an next update. The image slider arrow is a little bit to subtle. I get the feedback from people that they didn’t knew they could slide through my pictures because they didn’t see the arrow. I tried to change the color but i would love to give the arrow more thickness :) Hope you can give that option in a next update.

We will have this in mind for the next update. Thank you! :)

Hello! By using my custom css, I’m trying to make current active items of the navigation list to obtain a certain color while they are active:

(#nav-container) .current-menu-item a { color: #00f798; }

For some reason this is only working exclusively in just one of page – About page — from this website: www.breakingborders.dk

Any ideas on how can I make items from the navigation in all pages to be this green (#00f798) while being active?



Thanks for replying Subsolar. The only changes I’ve been applying on the theme style are made on the My Custom CSS.

Is there any way I can access the HTML in order to make the rest of the items acquire the “current-menu-item” class?

External plugins don’t seem to be the problem — the only ones relevant that are active are “My Custom CSS”, “Redux Framework” and “WP Google Maps”.

Thanks! :)

Even though your support for the theme is expired and it must be extended before providing you with one, I will give you some suggestions:

Go to Appearance > Menus and make sure that your menu items are added from the left columns not via the Custom Links tab bur via the Pages one.

That’s really kind of you Subsolar. With this last suggestion you had really helped me! Thank you so much :)

Hello, i would like to put some text and media just below the block of the single member photo and description (on the same page). How can i do that, what code can i put un the single-portfolio-slider.php ? Or is there an over way to do that ? Thank you by advanced

You will need to make changes to the single-members.php file. If you don’t have the needed knowledge, it is recommended to contact a freelancer.

Please have in mind that if you change the theme files, it’s recommended to use the child theme (more information here – https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes ), as the changed files will be overwritten if the theme is updated.

Thank you for your answer


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