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Hello guys. Your theme really seems amazing. But when I visit Blog page and try to return to another menus(e.g. Activites, Gallery etc) it doesn’t redirect. It happens because you didn;y provide full links but just #activities. Can this be fixed? Because I want to buy this theme but I want to be sure about this problem

Hello! I fixed this error. You can check it on our demo site.
Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for your quick response and the quick fix! this means a good support! I will buy your theme in the next few days!


This site is only available onepage? Or can I use it normally with pages?

Hello! It supports multi pages as normal.

HI. I’m considering purchasing this theme… BUT On the live demo, if you switch to mobile/tablet view the video on slide 3 is not visible… can you advise please?

No – I mean the third slide on “home” – not home 2 or home 3. This is the slide with the graphic on the left half and video on teh right. When you view on mobile mode only the left half of the screen shows. The video is not visible anywhere… As it stands the template isn’t truly responsive as no content from the right half of that slide shows.

I want to make the mobile slide is simple and only the content is a high priority. That’s why I only show it on mobile screen.

Ummmm – Since when has a video not been content??? You are wrong to class this as a responsive theme if this is the case… Don’t worry – I won’t be purchasing.

Hi there, after importing the demo content, I can’t go to the ‘blog’. When I click on ‘Blog’ in the menu, I get a “404 not found” blank page – can you help please :)

Hi! To fix this problem, you must go to Settings -> Permalink, make sure you selected Post name option, if you did, you still need to click Save changes button again.
I hope it helps.

Can WooCommerce be added to this site?

I want to show all 3 tables. Just want it to say monthly for each option. If not possible, I would like the table to read 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months

Yes, you can change these text by following the Translation part in Documentation. I suggest using Loco plugin for this part.

It worked.Thanks so much!

Hi there, I have an issue with the Bog. I can create posts and manually add them to the ‘Latest Blog’ section on the home page but I get no article preview text on them. Also, would it be possible to make the blog post automatically appear on the ‘Latest Blog’ section on the homepage?

Thanks :)

Can you create a ticket in our Helpdesk with your site info? I need to log in and test it.

Forget it, it’s magically working today! Thanks anyway! Great theme too :)

Good news! Please don’t forget to rate it if you like!
Have a nice day!

Hi there. I bought the theme and installed it but it gives an error on typgraphy.php: Fatal error: Call to undefined function alphabet_theme_font_url() in /public/sites/www.mydomain.com/wp-content/themes/alphabet/inc/includes/typography.php on line 98. How can I fix this?


In this case, our developer need to check your site clearly to find out all the issues you’ve met and the reason that causes this inconvenience.

Please submit a support ticket at our support channel. Don’t forget to provide these information: Best Regards,

  • Your purchase code (to let our developer see that you’ve already bought our theme)
  • Admin account & FTP information (so, our developer can clearly look for the reasons)


hello congratulations to the authors amazing job.Only one question before i buy this.Is there a greek language support and videos to gallery.Thanks

Hi! I’ve replied your ticket. Please check it!

Thanks for the immediate response but when you say that you have replied you mean in the past to someone else in the support section?i searched about the fail to access github but i couldnt find it..could you please provide me with a more detail guidance.you may think it dummy but i would be gratedul if you do that.Thanks in advance

It could be the problem with your hosting configuration that prevents the connection to our hosting. Can you create a ticket in our helpdeskwith your site account so that I can clarify and give you the solution?

Can’t update the slider without purchase code. Please help

Hi! Please check out the article here to know about the purchase code of Revolution slider plugin!
Let me know if you still have a question!

how to change the logo size in the menu ?

Hi! It requires some custom CSS. If you purchased Alphabet theme, you can create a ticket in our Helpdesk. I’ll help you asap.

I would like to edit the pricing table to show three variations of weekly pricing. How can I change the time period to only show weekly?

Hi! If you have only weekly, I recommend you to follow the Translation part in Documentation to change the monthly/daily word.
Hope it helps!

I would like my site to be blogging. Every day I will add posts with a few photos. For this I installed the Wordpress Jetpack add-on, which creates nice galleries for entries. Unfortunately, no additional elements except text appear in the text. Gallery, or link from youtube …

Hi! we have not tested any Jetpack addons yet. Please create a ticket in our Helpdesk without your site credential. Our developer will clarify this issue and consider if we can integrate them.

how to add more of this ?. http://prntscr.com/i1045r I have 6 activity

Hi! Can you create a ticket in our Helpdesk?
Our developer will help you solve it.