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Very good job especially liked the style of the blog and many types of blog-post. Few portfolio-details are awesome. Well done. Good luck with sales. I think buyers will be very happy ;)

Thank you Alex, for the kind word. I really appreciate your feedback :)

This is another great theme here! Good luck with the sales :)

Thank you ;)

Very nice theme!

Is it easy to change the colors and the menu bar color? If so, I’ll purchase!

Thanks, Tom

Thanks Tom :)

Of course, you can customize menu as you want, through the style sheet.

nice work…

Thank you ;)

Can you give some details about what Theme Options you include in this theme? Screenshot(s) would be great. Thanks in advance!

Hi Zerge,

Great looking theme and code, Fantastic work! :) I already purchased your html version and now just brought the Wordpress theme. One question in the Homepage Layout manager can I add another row of ‘Our Info boxes’ only just having one row is a bit restrictive. Maybe I am missing something as you seem to be able to add more ‘info blocks’ at the bottom. It would really be great if this is possible otherwsie I wont be able to use it for what I had in mind :-(

Your help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks


Hi, Tony! Thank you for your purchase! Unfortunately the second row information is not provided. But if you want it add second row, then you need add the following code( http://color-theme.com/alphapack_code.jpg ) in the home.php file immediately after the 255 line. After adding the code, you can add another three blocks from the control panel under Home Settings – Info Blocks

Beautiful! 8-) That worked perfectly! Thank you for your super speedy solution and excellent support.

Will give you top rating right now!

Many Thanks


Hi there,

Purchased this and it was easy to set up and just perfect.

Somehow I can’t get the El Slider to work. It just says Loading… in frontend?

I’ve uploaded the picture and saved so it should work.

Any advice?

Can I look at your site?

Of course. It is realitygroup.se/devsida but right now I’ve got the static image option active and not the El Slider.

If it possible, please, set the EI Slider.

Nice looking theme.

1. Can you add captcha to the contact page? 2. How hard would it be to add lightbox functionality either to portfollio or project page?

Regards Dale

Hi Zerge,

Thank you for your previous quick support, the new site is coming along nicely.

Just one issue, if you can help again that would be great.

The search box doesn’t function at the moment (same on the live demo) I was wondering how this could be made to work with the standard wordpress search (Just like on your wp ocean theme)

Once again your help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards


Hi Zerge,

Thank you that works great, only you have to hit return key to search clicking on the magnifying glass isnt active which might be a bit tricky for users to know.

Can you help? As always Many Thanks


Hi Tony,

This is such a design, I don’t think that this icon is someone confusing. If you want, you can remove this background icon from the style.css file

Thanks for getting back so soon. I will probably remove the search completely then unless I can figure it out. For example your WP ocean theme search box is perfect and makes sense as the search icon is clickable. I think even with the icon removed in alphapack users wouldn’t know to hit return to start the search. It’s a shame as it’s a nice feature.

Thanks Tony


Nice looking theme.

1. Can you add captcha to the contact page? 2. How hard would it be to add lightbox functionality either to portfollio or project page?

Regards Dale

Hi Dale,

1. In this contact form is not available CAPTCHA .
2. Lightbox for portfolio will be added in future updates.

Thank you very much.

Hello! I love your theme great work! But I do have some problems.

When using a light box the menu overlaps the image. I noticed that z-index was set to 1000 I changed it to 100 and everything seems to be working fine. Any specific reason to why is was set to 1000? the problem also appears in your demo when you click on the flickr images in the footer area, if you scroll up you will see the bug.

I also noticed that if you have poor page content the footer does not stick to the bottom of the page, that does not look good especially if you have a big screen and nothing in your footer area. Any fix for this?

I also used your xml to fill the template with content, the problem is that many default settings re-appear from nowhere. For example If you leave any input fields blank the default settings seems to reappear. I had to remove the whole banner area to get rid of the themeforest banner.

A couple of things that would be great to add to this template would be: lightbox function for the portfolio. Image gallery template similar to the portfolio. Background img positioning. Shortcodes for tabs and show/hide functionality


Thanks for purchasing Alphapack Theme :)

1. It’s not critical, but will be fix in next updates.
2. Will be added in next updates.
3. Do not quite understand the problem.
4. Lightbox and new shortcodes are planned in the next update.

Problem 3!

example: When im in the admin area and removes the banner image and the banner link the banner on the front page should disappear…. and it does. When I am later adding a post or a page and go back to the theme settings all the fields that was left blank is now filled with content and the banner image (themeforest) and the link is now back.

I hope you understand what I mean.

Yes, understand you, will be fixed.

Hey Zerge, I purchased today and its a great theme. One issue and this could be my problem as i am new to word press, but the footer information seems to be static (footer.php) and if i modify the contact information in the alphaoptions these do not update footer.php. I could manually edit the footer.php but thought i could be doing something incorrectly. Thanks


Use Widgets for footer :)http://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/

And read Alphapack documentation how to setup custom widgets.

Hi Zerge,

Now I’m posting in the right place …. As I have put pictures in facebook comments for the portfolio?


You want to add Facebook comments to the porfolio item page?


Great Theme! I only encountered a few problems. The “Info Blocks”, Homepage “Banner” and other content keep reverting back to the original content that came with the template. Any recommendations?


Describe the problems in detail through the contact form – http://themeforest.net/user/ZERGE


I am still having the same problems. Any recommendations?


Check your mailbox.

Great theme! although as I was customising it using the AlphaPack Options in Wordpress, my full main menu disappeared? Any suggestion on how to fix this?


Yes, I created a menu called ‘main-nav’

FIXED ! very rookie mistake by myself haha, forgot to apply it to the theme! Thanks for your help, fantastic theme by the way!

I’m glad that all is well :)

Is there any way to ‘disable’ the home page and make the blog page as the main page within the directory?

Other than that, great layout, I love this theme!

H., I have purchased this theme, is there a user manual that comes with the theme or one that i can download? Thanks


Documentation is included in the theme zip file.


I really like this theme!

I have a question before purchasing, is it possible to use Video (vimeo) in the portfolio and int he portfolio section on the homepage?



Yes, it’s possible, it looks like this http://www.screenr.com/GF88