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Below is the message that I got when I attempted to install…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


You don’t need to install the package zip, only the theme zip contained within (wp-alphapack.zip).

I have tried re-downloading it and cant seem to find a manual or documentation. What is the file called so I can searching for it? Thanks for your help


Documentation located in the dowloaded main zip file. Zip file structure – http://d.pr/hQlk

Are there any toggle codes?? If so, what are they, I can’t find them listed in the documentation.

You GOT to be kidding me?? Is there any way to get this added? I’ve got info that will make the page too long and toggle buttons will REALLY help.

Toggles will be added in the next updates, a couple of days.

Thank u! Look forward to seeing it.

Hi Zerge,

I bought your theme and I’m busy filling it up. I have a question. I’m using this theme to make a Dutch site for a client but I’ve noticed that some things can’t be translated such as: Contact page: phone, fax, mail, and words from in the fields.

Also when i don’t fill in the mail address the word mail still apears on the contactpage. As does the word Follow us.

Is there something you can do?




Hi. You can edit this page and the words that you need to file contacts.php. For example, for the words in fields:

placeholder = "Your Email"
. In order to remove or comment out the e-mail remove this line:
email: [a href = "mailto: ]...[/a]
And if you want disable Follow block go to ‘Contacts Page’ in admin panel. Options – ‘Enable / Disable Follow Block’ and ‘Follow Header’

Great theme,

I am very happy with the it. Could you tell me how I can sort my Portfolio images from old to new. Start with the old “post” portfolio and end with the newest.

I want this also on the homepage block.

Thanks in advantages.


For homepage block you can change code in the file home.php:
'order' => 'DESC'


'order' => 'ASC'

Thanks for your reply!

I have another question though: - there is a possibility to put a link on the images in the El Slider but when I do that they don’t seem to work Is there a way to put a link on the images? Same thing with the info Blocks on the Home pages -> the links that I’ve added through the admin don’t seem to work.

Could you reply me. Thanks


1. For this you need to chanage the php code for home page template.

2. These fields are not used. And are used only Title and Description fields, in the Description field you can put any HTML markup.

Also the images that i’ve uploaded in the infoblocks on the homepage don’t appear?

Can you help me with this?



See below.

Do video files have to be situated on Vimeo, or can they still be called in if being kept in the media library?

Actually, you can insert any video, but in the portfolio item page on the left side can be inserted only iframe video (vimeo, youtube etc.) http://wp.color-theme.com/alphapack/portfolio/video-item/

I keep removing the banner and leaving the field blank but after I save it, the banner still shows and the url linking the image is back. What can I do to fix this? Thanks!


You can disable the banner, using this option – http://d.pr/xRZN
This option is available in the latest version of the theme (v 1.02)

Nice theme, just one problem that i have:

the face book comments is in ( I THINK ) russian, or some form of it, where do i changeteh language setting for it

Hi, kinkypixel!

This is part of the code with Facebook, you have to insert code from facebook in the control panel. Go to Appearance – Alphapack Options – Blog – Script For Facebook Comments or other services. Language settings are changed in the generation of code in facebook.

excellent service, for anyone welse out there simply change it to en_GB

again thanks

hi zerge, nice theme, very usefull for me

i have 2 questions :

1. - how can i link image on “el slider” i have an option, but seem doesn’t work : (

2. how can i display blog on home page ?

in “home settings” i don’t hjave block for blog,

ty for your supports

best regard


1. In EI slider you can not add a link to a slide.

2. You can setup blog as front page – http://codex.wordpress.org/Settings_Reading_Screen

ty for reply,

why there is this options in theme admin ?

can i add this in php in 1 or 2 hours ?

ty for your rapid support

This feature may appear in future.

Of course, if you have experience in php, you can add it yourself.

sry for all my question but

mp3 player, seem doesn’t work

may i need an htacces for read file ?

in firebug, no mp3 download :’ (

Can you provide a link to your site?

i use nivo slideshow but i want to put title and the title is in capital letters like that TITLE how i can make to to shows like this : “Title” and also the description is not showing how i can make the description to show ?

Thanks Boris

Hi Boris,

Description is an optional parameter, which in this case (Nivo slider) is not used. Use only Title and Image URL parameters.

yes but how i can make the Title to be in two lines like this Title desc here or something like that as i need one more line in nivo and also the title is in capital letters how i can change it to small letters?

1. Small letters:
In the file wp-content/themes/wp-alpha/css/nivo-slider.css change property ‘text-transform’ to none:
.nivo-caption p {
    padding:0 0 5px 20px;
    font:21px/40px 'PT Sans Narrow', sans-serif;
2. Two lines:
In the file wp-content/themes/wp-alpha/css/nivo-slider.css change property ‘height’ to auto:
.nivo-caption {
    height: auto;
    text-align: center;

I have emailed you my email is (tektrob@gmail.com) as my slide when completely wrong


hi i got problem with nivo slide i can make it to shows the picture and desc its too quick or the desc is slow i can’t make it working on normal speed. I have emailed you the link to the site.

Check your email.

I just replay to it, first is user and under it is pass for it also when i put bullet points they aren’t showing in the page, how i can fix this?

also how do i remove the Description For Page ?

Use metabox for this – http://d.pr/1rqe