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no worries i sorted that, thanks anyway, can u tell me how i can use my other plugin for the paymenths ? because its making problems to the slide how i can fix that ? so i can activate it without making problems to the slider?

Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that all plugins will be compatible with the theme, not everything depends on me.


I am really loving the style of this theme and am on the verge of purchasing. I’d like to ask a few questions prior:

1) I see in the footer you have a “Latest Posts” column. For the thumbnail image, can it automatically take the first or featured image from a post and turn it into the thumbnail?

2) Carrying on from this, can the “Latest Post” widget (with thumbnails) be used on the sidebar up top?

3) Can you easily make blog post titles a clickable link to their dedicated page? - Seen here, the post titles are not clickable: http://wp.color-theme.com/alphapack/blog-style-2/

4) I see there are different styles for the Portfolio. Can you easily set it to where the thumbnail itself is a direct link to the image’s/gallery’s page? - Seen here, clicking the image does NOT load the page: http://wp.color-theme.com/alphapack/portfolio-no-filtering/

5) For blog posts with galleries, can you choose NOT to use the “Nivo Slider” and instead have all gallery images laid out as thumbnails below, so users can preview all images ahead of time? - Seen here, a blog’s gallery post is using the Nivo Slider: http://wp.color-theme.com/alphapack/post-with-gallery/

Thank you!


1. By default, thumbnail indicate post type (image, quote etc.) If you have experience working with WP and PHP , you can change it for themselves.

2. No, only in the footer.

3. Yes, it’s possible, if you make some changes to the theme template.

4. It’s possible, if you make some changes to the theme template.

5. You can use the standard post type and paste into the post standard WP gallery – http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/

i see, but i still got that problem with the bullet points :(

Give me link to this page.

i made a custom one it works now & how i can change the drop down menu colour as at the moment its white but i want to change it to dark and keep the nav bar in white just the drop down to change the colour?

Add to the file style.css properties for this style:
ul#nav li ul li { 

Thanks i have emailed you the link, i got a problem i can’t put picture in contact us page. let me know how to fix it when u see it.


Does the new update include toggle codes?

No, it will be later.

I’m loving the theme, thank you.

Just wondering, is there any way to increase the size of the logo allowed? If I put a bigger one there it gets cropped by the menu. I figured I might be able to remove/reduce the padding above it, or start the contents lower, but can’t suss out how to do either! Thanks in advance!

It’s alright, I figured it, was just having a dense moment! :)

Hey! Love the theme! Its brilliant! One thing i am struggling to figure out tho is in the styling how do i change the background colour of the titles in the footer to match the block colour i have changed it to. for example i have changed the footer colour to blue but the footer text is still white with a grey box behind each title. am i being really stupid and over looking something because i just cant find it :s thanks!


In the style.css:
#footer h5 {
background-color: #333;

Hi Zerge! i found this #footer h5 { background-color: #333; } and it worked brilliantly but there still seems to be a grey coloured rectangular box after the title :s

Also is there anyway to remove the rss in the top right? Thanks for all your help!


1. Set background to none:
#footer .header {
background: none;
2. Remove this code from the file header.php:
<div class="rss">
   <img src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/images/social/rss_.png" alt="" title="RSS" /><a href="<?php bloginfo('rss2_url'); ?>">Subscribe for RSS</a>
   </div> <!-- end .rss -->

Hi I have just bought the theme and it looks nice but everytimg I try to make a Child Theme so I can keep the original it downst work and ruin the instalation of the themes, not being able to choose another theme.

Is there a way to use a child theme? (it works with all the other templates t.ex. The Cotton from pexeto) but not with Alphapack.

Can you give me a hand :) ?


The simplest thing that comes to mind is to copy the directory wp-content/themes/wp-alpha/admin to the child theme directory.

Use ‘Preview’ in Appearance – Themes, to avoid problems.

As soon as I find the reason why this happens, I’ll let you know.

THANKS !!! :):)

Hey Zerge just one more thing man! Everytime i add something into the footer, eg a twitter widget it display fine but then when i add another thing such as an about widget, instead of going to the right of it, it just goes underneath :s what is causing this? thanks for all your help!!

I see only Coming soon page

http://www.smilesofconfidence.com/ms/ ? Weird! lol. I can send you a screen shot of what its doing if you like?

Screenshot is not needed. I need only link to the site.

I’m new to Wordpress. Love this theme. Have everything working except I cannot get the Main Nav to appear. Please help.


Maybe this helps you – http://www.screenr.com/qSM8

Zerge, thank you, but I have followed that process and the nav still doesn’t appear. Any other suggestions? thx

Give me access to your WP admin panel, send me a message via my profile http://themeforest.net/user/ZERGE

Am I able to eliminate that BLUE color on the EL Slider – I want to change that to red.

Also please view – the logo is too large is there away to move down the page so the logo can remain that same size?

Lastly – can I change the background? How would I do that. Not a fan of the background choice. I’d actually like to use an image.


ignore all of my LAZY questions. Found the answers to all of my questions

I m still confused in how to make changes in theme templates in order to make the page titles clickable. Please help me!

I’m having an issue with the Flickr Widget in the footer. I changed my user ID to the correct number sequence using the recommended site to find it. It is staying in the default form with default pictures. My site is jeremyohl.com. Thanks for any help.


Change user id in the file /wp-content/themes/wp-alphapack/js/custom.js – http://d.pr/i/CaHt

I’m familiar with some HTML coding, but can you help me with where I need to change some code to make my logo image into a link back to my homepage? Thanks!

Not working…. Now my homepage is down? Can you help me?

Worked! Thanks for all the help!

I’m filling up my site and keep running into small issues.

On my blog page, showing all of my posts, the facebook plugin on the left side of each summary of my posts is showing as an error instead of the facebook button. Here’s a link: http://www.jeremyohl.com/blog-2/

It looks good for me http://d.pr/i/aqGv

Weird. On my end it’s sunk into a box. I’ll check other computers. Thanks for your help.

You are probably using IE? :)