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I’m still having an issue with the post date. On the dashboard the time is displayed correctly for the day that I’ve posted. On my blog, it’s displaying for both posts the same date of May 5. I’m assuming something is up with your coding. Could you help me? Thanks. http://www.jeremyohl.com/blog-2/

In the files blog.php and single.php find string the_time(‘F m, Y’);

And replace to the_time(‘F d, Y’);

Also you can formatting Date and Time as you want – http://codex.wordpress.org/Formatting_Date_and_Time

Thanks you! Works perfect now!

Hi! I really apreciate the layout of the pages of the alphapack HTML version (left+content, content + right), and I would like to know if it is possible to have the same layouts availiable in this Wordpress version.



In the current version no template for these pages, but if necessary I will send.

Hey Zerge, I can’t seem to get bullet points to work?! I have check the html code. All seems to be fine.. Hoping yo can help Thanks


Try to change property list-style-type to disc (in the file style.css):
ul {
list-style-type: none;
list-style-position: inside;

or use shortcodes http://wp.color-theme.com/alphapack/lists/ (described in the doc)

Thanks. Where can I find a list of all the shortcode codes?


In the Documentation. Menu Shortcodes.


I already purchased the xhtml version of this theme however I am upgrading the website to WordPress now, this website will also use BuddyPress. Do you recommend to use this theme for BuddyPress? Please guide.


Unfortunately I have no experience with BuddyPress, so I can not tell you anything useful.


I want to add a second row of ‘info boxes’ on the homepage. I see you posted a link to this earlier (http://color-theme.com/alphapack_code.jpg), but not seeing any code on that page to help me out. Can you repost the code to do that? Thank you! /Joe

Hey Zerge, thanks for that link, but still not working. If yo look at the page, you’ll see that I’m getting twice as many ‘info blocks’ now, with one set pushing the set i want down by the footer. http://jcsweet.com/client/advancedlaser/

Carefully check the markup layout, I see the errors. If you look at the html code, you will see this.

Thanks Zerge. I ended up finding a more compact solution by adding only 3 lines of code. Thanks though!

Hello Zerge.

Everything seemed to be easly to configure on my website, however, I’m getting stucked on the Flickr item on the homepage.

My Flickr is http://www.flickr.com/photos/historiascomquimica and the webpage is http://www.historiascomquimica.net

I’ve uploaded new pics to Flickr but I cannot seem them on the homepage… any mistake from my side?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best, JB

Hi josebarros,

I think it will take some time. http://www.flickr.com/groups/api/discuss/72157625963316160/

Thank you Zerge.

That is working now. :)

But I do have a few more issue that I cannot resolve and would appreciate your assistance.

  1. If you go to http://www.historiascomquimica.net/?page_id=87 you’ll see the blog page where the date is correct on the 1st post (June, 1st), but if you enter to read the the rest of the text (http://www.historiascomquimica.net/?p=1) you’ll notice that date is unchanged and presents as June, 6th. I’ve change date format on the blog.php page, but without results… I’ve also checked on the database, and date is correct. Could you please advice me here?
  2. On the homepage, I’ve configured the Info Block on the AlphaPack options to include images, ie, below Tomas, Pepo and Lina, should appear an image, but id does not. How can i include this?

Thanks in advance for you response and for your excellent work.

Best regards, JB

Thank you Zerge.

Forgot the single.php file ;) It’s resolved now.

I’ll update the images shortly. Thought that Image URL would do that.

And one last question (I hope), is it possible to make the galery on http://www.historiascomquimica.net/?p=437 be bigger on the single post?

Thanks again in advance,

Best, JB

Thank you Zerge.

Everything is fine now! :)

Hi Zerge,

I have just purchased this theme. Could you please tell me what font you are using in the Alpha Pack logo on the demo site?



It’s Giddyup Std Font.

can we have a dark background instead of light one ? Does this theme support custom colors for the background


Of course, you can change bg color as you want.

Hi. I purchased your theme and am loving it! I have a couple quirky issues I would like to get fixed. First I can’t seem to get the EI Slider (Default) to be a clickable link to a URL . Second I seem to have made the title/description of one of my info boxes too long and in the admin settings it will not let me delete the info box or use the drop down. Can you help? my website is www.energyfitness247.com


Thank you for the great looking wordpress template. I do have one question.

1) Is it possible to display a “page” to the HomePage?

Thank you.


Try to change Reading Settings (Front page displays)

I would like to use the themes front-page layout, but present a “page” underneath the slider.

Thank you.

Do you want to put a slider on the page?

Is the default slider able to link to a slide yet? If so, how?


Yes, replace in the file home.php
<img src="<?php echo stripslashes($ei_slider[$i]['url']); ?>" alt="" />


<a href="<?php echo stripslashes($ei_slider[$i]['link']); ?>"><img src="<?php echo stripslashes($ei_slider[$i]['url']); ?>" alt="" /></a>

That worked! Thanks!!

What do I have to add to make the portfolio have a lightbox when clicking the thumbnails for videos to appear?


1. You need to activate lightbox in the file /js/custom.js
2. Modify the appropriate code in the file portfolio-style-one.php (or portfolio-style-two.php, portfolio-style-three.php)

Of course, this requires some knowledge in PHP programming.

Can I ask you for a quote to complete this?

Hey! Really nice theme, I would like to use it for my own beauty salon, but I need to ask you, if the themes font support NON -ENGLISH symbols. I bought several themes here where did NOT work symbols such as ?, š, ?, ?, ž, ý and so on. May you please test it/tell me if those symbols are working in your headings?

Thanks a lot!! Looking forward to purchase this theme!!

Hi Jeff,

Just test with Slovak language (btw, what is your language ?). Look at this http://d.pr/i/ZqHH


Great theme but I am having some issues. I have to deactivate Form maker to get this theme working on my site or I get this message:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare my_scripts_method() (previously declared in /home/m/y/ftp_mybeautyboxdk/wp-content/plugins/form-maker/Form_Maker.php:32) in /home/m/y/ftp_mybeautyboxdk/wp-content/themes/wp-alphapack/functions.php on line 770

How do I solve this? I need form maker working on my site.

And also how do I hide the sidebar. I do not wan’t the sidebar showing on my site. I can only set it to the right or left in theme options?


Try to rename in the file functions.php: “my_scripts_method” to something else, in two places
function my_scripts_method() {
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_scripts_method');

Zerge- What is the process to get photos to appear in the footer via Flickr?

Do I manually add each items URL or is there an easier way to stream photos?


Read the Documentation, section “Installing the Plugin widgets”