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Hi are there any new features on they way for your theme. Would be nice to have some new abilities :) or an easy way to make links open in a new page in some parts of your theme.

Hi, we are working on a new version of the theme. We do not know the time of publication but certainly there will be exciting new features. Write to us through the support area for more info.

I emailed your support team a few days ago and I’m receiving bounce back messages that “The recipient server did not accept the request connect

I really need to get the following issues sorted to get my clients website updated and put live. Please respond

Thank you for the reply… I’m experiencing an issue with the portfolio slider not advancing all the way. Can you please have a look at it.

The previous issue of not being able to reach the dashboard has been fixed.

I’m also still unsure of how to fix the font weight issue. I’ve set it in the typography panel as you have suggested. It’s not working for me. When you logon can you please have a look?

Hi, we have solved your problems and responded to your ticket through the support area. For more info reply to the ticket sent through the support area.

Thank You. works great

I receive an email from your automation saying you received my ticket. When I reply to it the email bounces back to me. Please fix this. This is becoming very difficult to obtain support from your team. I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time waiting for responses and then having to email you here.


Hi…ive pushed my dev site to my client. It looks great. Thank u for helping me get it to where it is.

I have couple issues i need to address. Can you please see the screen shotts.

On the mobile…can i make the nav bar less thick vertically


In the page called Press…on the mobile the text is not showing. How can i structure this so it shows for the mobile version

https://www.dropbox.com/s/6r63aqj2w0oh8qc/Screenshot_20170211-092133.png?dl= http://e57.8b6.myftpupload.com/wp-admin

Thank u