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Open Graph Protocol I added a plugin for open graph protocol but I can’t get any social site to recognize images, videos, or content from my posts or even the home page. Any ideas?

Hi, you used an external plugin. For information or support on this plugin you have to contact the author of the plugin.

so i speed tested the theme and i have 4 problems with the load speed being suggested. 1.Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content 2. Combine external JavaScript 3. Parallelize downloads across hostnames 4.Combine external CSS

Any ideas, google page insights rated the mobile version 56/100 speed Desktop 75/100 speed

Any ideas to help fix above mentioned hurdles. thanks

We have tested the site and it works great and is fast. Maybe your website resides on a server very slow? Have you manually added resources Javascript or external libraries that can slow down your site? Contact us through the support area and send us more information on the tools used.

when i set a link to open in a seperate page there is a comments section for guest to leave a comment other info. where do i go to delete this?

Hi, you need to do what you ask me to disable the comments on the page from the admin panel of wordpress.

I’ve looked and looked…how do you set a users image / head shot?

Hi, can you be more clear? Do not understand your question!

how do you set an authors avatar / image for blog posts?

Hi, for create an avatar please see here https://gravatar.com

Hi, great theme guys. I was wondering – I sent you some messages via the support interface on your profile – should I expect to receive answers via e-mail?



I am responding to now.

Brilliant, thanks. Just to confirm (sorry for the confusion), I only need to know how to change the order of the “abstract” and “label 2”, and also, how to upload a retina quality logo. I resolved the rest.

Many thanks! :)

Ok, I respond immediately to your requests from the support area.


Before buy this theme, could you tell me if t’s possible to change grid with not regular size, look like (http://demo.wpwolf.com/?theme=rax)

Best regards


Hi, at this time, the portfolio works just as you can see in the demo.


Great theme so far.

How can I make the “Blog” page show full posts and not only excerpts?

I have activated “full text” in the Settings—> Reading section but it’s not working.


Hi, contact us on support area please!

Hi,is it possible to have two different Portfolio section used in different parts of webpage? Let’s say one on top with only web design & seo and another portfolio at the bottom with graphic design & ecommerce? Let me know if this is possible to achieve this functionality?

Kind Regards



Highly customizable and awesome theme! I bought the theme on another account, however, I’m facing a design bug where my logo and “Find Out” button fades out after I upload more than 7 image slider in the home page using the fullscreen_image_slider shortcode. Is there a max limit on the number of image slider I can have?

Hope to hear from you soon -Kiat Siang

Hi, is there a limit in the old version of the theme. I suggest you download the theme updated to the latest version. With the latest update as well as what I ask you to find other new features. Find instructions on how to update the theme in the documentation.

For more support please contact us in the support area.


I’d be grateful if you could answer a couple of questions:

1) Can I have the video background NOT on the home page, but put it on multiple other pages?

2) How many background videos can you have per page?

Many thanks, Dan


The theme looks very good ! In the page admin panel I can’t find the shortcode button. What I do wrong ? :(

Thanks you very much

I can’t find “shorcode generator” ?

Hello, you do not see the shortcode generator button (zilla shortcodes) in the editor of the page because you have upgraded wordpress to version 3.9 but have not updated the Alpine theme. “Alpine” is 100% compatible with wordpress 3.9. In the 3.9 wordpress version there have been many changes. You just download the theme update for compatibility with WordPress 3.9

You can re-download the theme updated in the download area of your theme forest account.


1) Where is the support area?

2) Where do I find the materials that tell me how to edit the demo page and sections?


For the support area please see here.

For install the demo data please see the documentation folder included within the zip you downloaded.

Hello. Love the theme so far. I have one issue with it. On the OnePage first section, I have used the Full Screen Text Slider. In the shortcode, I have set an image. The problem is that the section is not responsive when there is an image uploaded. When I shrink the screen, or view on a smaller screen, the image remains full size. Can you please let me know how to fix this. I have sent you the URL through your support profile. Thank you.

Please add the following code in the /Alpine/style-responsive.css file at line 265 +/-
#home .section-title .image_on{ width: 100%;}

Worked perfectly! That resolved the problem in IE & Firefox on desktop and mobile. I’m in love with your theme again. Thank you!

I am very happy that you have solved :-)

Hi, just realised that one link in my navigation does not scroll as the other ones. Any idea why?

Thanks in advance

Hi, contact us through the support area and send us the link to your site so we can see what you did wrong.

Hi, all sorted now.I had to delete one of the pages and create identical one again and after that everything scrolled up and down as it should.Maybe some glitch in database for this particular page.

Hi, it’s not clear what your problem is. Please contact us through the support area and send us the link to your site so we can see what you did wrong.

Love this theme! Finally starting to get the hang of it. Question: is there any way to make the author for the “news” section NOT rotate in a circle?


Hi, you need to remove the .rotate class from the link.

You must edit the follow code from /Alpine/assets/shortcode/setting_shortcodes.php file +/- on the line: 1992

Old code:

<a href="'.get_permalink().'" class="box-inner rotate">'.get_avatar( get_the_author_meta( 'ID' ), 113).'</a>
New code:
<a href="'.get_permalink().'" class="box-inner">'.get_avatar( get_the_author_meta( 'ID' ), 113).'</a>

If you like the theme and the support please rate us!

Nice! Thank you for the prompt response and accurate support. Maybe an there could be a button in theme options sometime in the future? Just a thought.

Thanks for the advice :-)


thanks for this great theme, I’ve just set it up. Now for me the easiest would be to start with the same look and content as your demo site. So I’ve followed your instructions (upload the xml file etc.) and actually hoped that after doing so the site would look like your demo site. But it doesn’t look like it at all, please see for yourself:

http://www.schwarzer.company (that’s where I’d like to run the theme starting with your demo content) but I want it to look like this: http://www.creative-ispiration.com/themes/alpine/index3.html

Could you please let me know what I need to do? I’ve checked the FAQs, the support and the documentation but couldn’t figure out what I’ve done wrong.

Thanks a lot, Daniel

By the way, where is your support area? Some while ago someone else asked and you linked to this page: http://themeforest.net/user/creativeispiration#contact

But there is no support to see …

At this link http://themeforest.net/user/creativeispiration#contact there is a form where you can the support area.

Hi, How can i set to open the social media icon in new tabs, instead of direct transfer of the page?

Thank You,

Hi, with the last version of the theme you can open the social icon link in new tab. When you generate the code with zilla_shortcodes and select the social icon shortcodes there is a field (target) that allows you to open the link in the blank.

If you don’t see the the target field please dowload the latest version of the theme. You can find info to upgrade in the theme documentation.

Is it possible to have the Contact Form “Submit” button link to a new page? I am needing to add a “Thank You!” page containing some tracking code from Google.

Thanks Scott

Hi, I am responding to the ticket that you have opened in the support area.

Nice theme. Is there a way to easily turn off the responsive layout?

Hi, disable responsive layout is really very simple. Just comment a line in the code.

Hi, I did some color customizations and they where working fine but now it’s a little messed up. The colors on the menu aren’t working as I set them up, I already gave the file dynamic.css the 777…

I changed the homepage URL to be different from the directory I installed WordPress, can this be the problem?

My URL is: http://bulldog.com.co/

Please help me!

Hi, you’re problem is just that. When you install wordpress the absolute path is saved to the database. If you view the source code of the page with a browser you’ll see that what I say is true. If you want, you can change the absolute path to the database directly within the table wp-option or need to do as I told you in the previous email: “We suggest you to export all your data using WordPress export, then you have to reinstall wordpress and the theme in the correct folder and then import your data.”

For more support please contact us through the support area http://themeforest.net/user/creativeispiration#contact