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Can I added a playlist of videos in the slider of the updated theme?

is it possible to have the portfolio images open in a popup instead of details? wordpress template?

Currently it is not possible to open a pop-up but if you’re interested I can do this customization. Contact me in the support area please.


Love your theme.

I would like to add a logo to the top of the home slider (as you have done in your demo).

Could you please advise how to do this.


Hi, when you generator the home slider (Fullscreen slider) with zillashortcode button in the editor of the page there is a field (image or logo) for add a logo to the top of the slider.

Hi, thanks for your response… I think I might be missing one step, I found where the zillashortcode button in the editor of the page was however when I go to select “image” it doesn’t work. I have sent a message through your support area. If you could email me back so I can send you screenshots of what I mean that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, I’m sending the screenshoot through the support area so you can see where to upload the image.

Hello, I have successfully installed the template. But the Blog ( mydomain/blog as done here http://www.creative-ispiration.com/wp/alpine/blog/ ) and Short code pages and any other page that is not part of the parallax or one page can not be displayed. I get a page can not be found.

Any idea how to fix this? Thank you

Hi, I think you’ve missed the initial configuration. When you activate the theme, proceed to Settings > Reading page, set “Front page displays” option to “A static page (select below)” and select a page (home). Don’t forget to save the changes.

For more support please read the documentation of the theme “installation” section or contact us trough the support area.

Hi creativeispiration!

Is it possible to change the text size and color for the testimonials with parallax background? Now it’s to small and hard to read!

Best regards, Félice

Hi, you can change the size of the titles or texts in Appearance > theme options > typography. For more support please contact us through the support area…

It looks like others had a similar question, but could you write out what the shortcode for mobile background images should be for the header?

actually, what is the shortcode for using a fullscreen text slider background to have a mobile header image, mine doesn’t show in iphones or tablets.

Hi, please can you send me the full screenshot of your problem because I do not understand what your problem. You can contact me via the support area here

Hi if you use chrome ( Netherlands ), the background flashes when the slider script is running, there is a solution for this?

Hi, I need to contact us through the support area with the account with which you purchased the theme because I have to verify that you are a buyer. Please contact us here


Is there a way to possibly change the portfolio to have a 3×2 layout?


Hi, please contact us through the support area which I’ll explain how to do.

Love the theme.

We’re noticing an issue on Macs but not on PCs. Parallax images are flashing or sometimes not even there.

We’re using Chrome version 35. The problem doesn’t appear using Firefox version 30.

Can you advise please?



Hello, I saw that you opened a ticket in the support area. I’m answering from the support and I’ll explain how to solve your problem.

Hey creativeispiration!

In new in all of the wordpress-do-it-yourself-website. I really love the theme but i have on question.

In Fullscreen text slider i’ve uploaded one of my pictures but there is some kind of sheet over the image. How can i get rid of that?


Lasse Egeberg www.LasseEgeberg.dk

Hi, you must comment or delete the follow rule from style.css

#fullscreen-slider .pattern {
  background: url("assets/images/pattern.png") repeat;
  width: 100%;
  height: 100%;


Where it says ABOUT US in bold in the about section . how do i make that text smaller on mobile devices.. my name is long and it cuts off on mobile.. is there a css code i can add to it?


you can edit the .section-title h1 class in the style-responsive.css

Does the button text become fuzzy on hover, or is it just me?

I am strongly considering this theme :-)

No, I’m sorry. We used the “Timeline” layout to be innovative rather of classic columns

How many blog posts will actually show up on the front page feed?

This you can decide for yourself the settings of wordpress

Hello, I am installing this theme for a client but have been given a damaged demo data file demo_data.xml – is there a way I can get another copy of this file? (I am not the original purchaser, just the developer installing it) Kitka

Hi, if you contact me through the support area of ??the account with which you purchased the theme you send the xml file.

Dear Creativeispiration,

I bought your wonderful one page template, but i got an error message when i wanted to install it.

“This package cant be install because missing the style.css file of this template.”

Probably it is my fault but i dont know what sould i do. Please help me!!

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

Read the documentation of the theme for more support.

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a way to add text in the footer? Thanks for the great support!

Never mind :-) I answered my own question.

Is there any way to add a custom field (or two) within the contact form? I am a wedding photographer and would really love to have a “Date” and “Location” fields.

Thank you!

Hi, please contact me via the support area which I’ll explain how to solve your problem.

As it’s always best practice to create a child theme that’s what I did.

Once I did it the usual way using wordpress codex and the commented lines and @import in the style.css many style elements from theme options weren’t carrying over to the website.

Once I copy and pasted the dynamic css file from the parent theme to the child theme it all works now.

As I’m new to the dynamic css is this best practice and is it future proof and update proof?

If not, if you could help me out I would be very appreciative.

Thank you for your time!

And if I add anything to the child theme’s style.css, even if it is being called in the parent theme’s style.css, it’s not working.

A link to an article or explanation would be greatly appreciated…

For example, I have the intro video with text slider on the homepage.

I added this (being called in the parent theme’s style.css ) to the child theme’s style.css: #home .section-title .image_on { margin: 50px 0 30px; max-width: 100%; }

Nothing happens.

I’m sure I’m missing something very simple…

Thank you very much for your time!

Hi please contact us through the support area and send us the link to your site and an wordpress access so we can understand what is your problem and help you resolve it.

I have lost my typography colours 3 times now and I’m getting frustrated. Is there any reason for this that you can think of? Even when I click on “reset defaults” there are no colours set. Is there anything you can do to help me out?

Hi, unfortunately you have to have some wrong configuration or must have made ??some mistakes because it is impossible that the color settings disappear. If you contact us via the support area we can help you solve your problem. ps: please send us the link of your site and an access to your wordpress panel please.

Is this theme compatible with woocommerce? Has it been tested?

Thank you.

Hi, woocommerce plugin has not been tested with the alpine theme but it should be compatible.

Hi, good stuff for this template. but i’ve got a problem, i have updated my wp to 3.9.1 yesterday and in the one pagesection, the shortcut icon has disapeared. help me please !

Hi, I think you have made ??a mistake because in the demo works fine. contact us through the support area and send a link to your site and also access to the panel wordpress.

problem fix, i’ve replaced dynamic.css, style.css ……… thx