Discussion on Altair - Admin Material Design UIkit Template

Discussion on Altair - Admin Material Design UIkit Template

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zcemt Purchased

Hi! are you planning to release any update for this theme? thnx

tzd Author

Hi. At the moment I don’t have plans to update Altair in next 2-3 months.

Hi any upgrade plan for altair and dark theme option?

Hi, I have no plans at the moment to upgrade Altair Admin. I wil think about it in march/april.

Hi – are you planning to release an update for Angular 12? Thanks.

Hi, there is no Angular version of the Altair template, only AngularJS version exists. It’s not a matter of update, it would require a total rewrite/creating new version of the Altair template. I don’t have plans for the Angular template.

Hello. The template send double post sometimes, how i can fix that? when i disable the template works fine

Hi, could you send me more info about this issue? Which plugin are you using? What do you mean by “when I disable the template works fine”?

Hello Team,

how to disable previous/past date from today date on data-uk-datepicker=”{format:’DD/MM/YYYY’}”

Example: http://jsfiddle.net/mayooresan/ZL2Bc/

pls help

Hi I really love this template but now, I have a problem with sidebar. Here is my code:
 <div class="sidebar_main_header">
            <div class="sidebar_logo">
                <a href="<?php echo site_url(); ?>" class="sSidebar_hide sidebar_logo_large">
                    <img class="logo_regular" src="<?php echo site_url(); ?>assets/img/logo-min.png" alt="" height="75" width="142" />
                    <img class="logo_light" src="<?php echo site_url(); ?>assets/img/logo-min.png" alt="" height="75" width="142" />
                <a href="<?php echo site_url(); ?>" class="sSidebar_show sidebar_logo_small">
                    <img class="logo_regular" src="<?php echo site_url(); ?>assets/img/logo-min.png" alt="" height="75" width="142" />
                    <img class="logo_light" src="<?php echo site_url(); ?>assets/img/logo-min.png" alt="" height="75" width="142" />
The problem is on mobile phones the logo is not showing, but if I resize the window on my desktop it shows. Can you guide me?

Best Regards

Hi, thank you for your kind words.
Unfortunatelly I can’t reproduce this issue. The logo is visible on both the desktop and mobile devices (on http://altair-html.tzdthemes.com/).
Could you send me more info and screenshot of that issue.

Hi ! Can you add filtering option on datatable in next release ?

Hi, sorry for the late reply.
Do you want something like this https://datatables.net/extensions/fixedheader/examples/options/columnFiltering.html?
No problem, I’ll add it to todo list for Altair Admin, I’ll try to add to this template asap.

Hi, no prob ! great work need time ;)

Hi, thanks for you work, the theme is very powerful. A quick question. I’m using this code for selectize:
                    <div class="uk-width-medium-1-1">
                        <div class="uk-form-row">                            
                            <div class="parsley-row">
                                <label for="CmbInk1" class="">Colore 1<span class="req">*</span></label>
                                <input id="CmbInk1" type="text" class="md-input label-fixed " required>
but if I put more then 1 item I see the situation https://pasteboard.co/Jspa7Hy.jpg but if i resize form (for example) I can see all combo ok https://pasteboard.co/JspbUCC.jpg

any suggest to fix it? I’m in a modal form. Thanks a lot

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Do you adding this fields dynamically? If yes, please add this attribute ‘data-uk-check-display’ to parent element (to recalculate and adjust margins, paddings etc.). Please also check https://getuikit.com/v2/docs/documentation_javascript.html#data-check-display

we have purchased your “altair-admin-material-design-uikit-template” theme for angular, unfortunately it’s in AngularJS (1.X) template we are working in angular 8.x, that make it non compatible so if you have any Angular 8 supported version for the particular template, kindly share its link from where we can get it

Hi, there is no Angular (> 2) version available, sorry.
Altair Admin comes with the AngulaJS version only.

Hey tzd! Been loving this template since I bought it in 2016!

I’m using Datatables as you have it, but I’d like to make the search input parent use class `uk-width-1-1` instead of `uk-width-medium-1-3`.

I am using your Scroll – vertical code from: http://altair-html.tzdthemes.com/plugins_datatables.html

Kind regards

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the kind words.
To make this search input 100% width please change “dom” option like this
    "dom": "<'dt-uikit-header'f>" +
        "<'uk-overflow-container'tr>" +
    "scrollY": "200px",
    "scrollCollapse": false,
    "paging": false
Here you can find documentation for this option https://datatables.net/examples/basic_init/dom.html

Thanks so much!

Hello, I sent a support request but have not received a response so I thought I would ask here. I have found been able to successfully change the colors in the template to my liking with the exception of the toolbar on the top and the grey background in theme_a. I have gone through the .less files and the css files and manually made changes and it still shows the same shade of blue and grey. Can you please help me to make those changes.

Other than that the template is fantastic. Thank you!

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your kind words. Please check your email. I’ve just sent instructions how to change this colors.

Need vue.js version

Hi, there is no vue.js version and I don’t have plans for Altair vue.js version.

I buy your scutum – thanks

Thank you

Please change // v2.22 (10.03.2019) to // v2.22 (10.03.2020). It through me off with this version in the Latest Updated

Thank you for the info. I have changed the date.

Hi, it seems that the ajax call is called twice in this latest version.

Hi Tomel, I’ve send you the message from your profile containing a video link for the double AJAX request issue. Thanks

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I was trying to find out what is causing this issue but without success. Tomorrow I’ll try again and I’ll let you know.

Hi Tomek, I’ve managed to fix it. It was my bad code. In my pageChanged() event, I have a line of code like below:

$state.transitionTo(‘app.log-list’, { page: newPageNumber, pageSize: $scope.pageSize, searchString: $scope.searchString }, { notify: false });

So, I have to remove this one in order to work as what I’ve expected. Thank you for the support.

Thanks, egenita

Hi, is it possible to add frozen column in theme datatables? Thank you

Hi, yes, it’s possible, please check this examples https://datatables.net/extensions/fixedcolumns/examples/

Could you please let me know what change in this version?

Altair temple problem when I click on expand on the main page (maximize screen) the template acting crazy. I have to shut down the browser and restart.

1. I found Collapsible columns but not Expanded Top Bar (filters) 2. When maximize screen Press Escape is OK but not on the button Expand

Hi, the new release is a 2.22 version.
Here you can find filters http://altair_html.tzdthemes.com/page_scrum_board.html
I can’t reproduce this issue with fullscreen, please send me more info (browser, os etc.).

Hi, Hope doing well
thank you so much for your nice template …
it seems you are working on new updates and accepting request features
it is very appreciate that you provide Select2 (All Features) that you provide in “scutum” template > in Altair too, now you currently have selectize and select2 but select2 in scutum is more effective and powerfull
(selectize has some problems in some devices and browsers)
i mean select2 features that you provided in this page:
both select features and tag support is very nice and complete
Thank You :)

Hi, Select 2 is also present in Altair template (same as Select 2 in Scutum template), in Altair you can find also example with custom template, please check http://altair_html.tzdthemes.com/forms_advanced.html (Advanced Selects, Select 2).

Hi Dear, you have said “shortly” since May’19 about new release :/ When will it become?

Hi, I’m realy sorry for that. I need 4-5 days to release this new update. It should be ready before end of next week.

Autocomplete can’t select on ios safari/chrome (ios 13).

autocomplete.select = function () {

if (!this.selected) return;  <- return null

must long press on item for select

Hi, at the moment I can’t check this on ios 13. I’ll add this issue to my todo list

when will your update be ready?

Hi, this next update is sheduled for the next Friday/Saturday and in this release I’ll add 2-3 new feature but mostly I will update plugins and modules to the latest versions. If you have special requests regarding Altair Template please let me know.

Still no update?

Still working on it, I need few more days to release this update.


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