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Absolutely lovely! Best of luck wit sales :)

Great art! I like it.

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Great work! Good luck :)

Hello! I love your work but I need to use the “Revolution Slider ” or something similar in the home. You think that can be adapted? You plan to incorporate other animations that style? Thank you very much!

Hello, I’m sorry the license of a plugin bundled into a template doesnt allow you to use the plugin alone in another project. Technically you can, legally and morally you can’t.

Ok, thank you! I’m sorry ask something morally wrong, I did not know!

No worry, licensing of digital items can be difficult to understand sometimes. Btw, we might include RS slider in a future update of Altea depending on sales and requests.

I’m using my purchase code and (what I think is) my user name to verify to get into the forum, but it’s not working. Every time I try to upload your theme, it says “Do you really want to do this” and it doesn’t let me upload the file.

Hello, Thanxs for choosing our template! Unfortunatly, it sounds like you are trying to install the template in Wordpress when Altea is an HTML template.

Wordpress themes can be found here:

Oh, and btw, your username is: joehendricks and you can find your purchase code in your account:


Great work and best support!


Beautiful stuff! Congratulations!!

Just one thing: The parallax backgrounds are not doing too well on mobile devices – it shifts between 2 photos and looks a bit weird. Apart from that, absolutely gorgeous theme!

You’re right, I have tested the demo version with my phone and it works perfectly!

Thanks for the feedback – great theme and apparently great support too! :-)

purchased – that’s how good it works! ;-)

Ah, thanks a lot for your support! :) Hope you will enjoy working with our template.

It’s a great template, very beautiful and sexy. However, the only thing that keeps me from buying it for my next project is that in mobile the menu doesn’t look good and spoils the whole experience.

I hope you offer soon another version of this template with a new menu for mobile :) Thank you

Hello, Thanxs, glad you like our work. Regarding the menu, does it look broken for you? If so, would you mind send me the device/browser you used, through the contact form on our profile?

If it’s a matter of taste, then css could surely be tweaked to fit your need.


Superb template, easy to customize with minimum knowledge and best of all….absolutely great support!

Awesome work :) Glad to see your success. GLWmoreS

Thanxs sir :)

Hi, how i can remove the STYLE SWITCHER in the left side of the main page?

hello and thxs for choosing our template.

Please open custom.js and remove the code at the top under comment: /* COLORS TO BE ERASED WHEN INSTALLING THE THEME */

Hi, I dont know how to enable the slider on the agency, it just show nothing and I cant find the place to add sliders.


Hello, Thanxs for choosing our template! The slider doesnt need to be enabled. Please register to our support forum and put the url of your project there.

Is there a php script (or example) available for the contactform?

Hello, there are 2 php files for contact and quote form, located in js-plugins/neko-contact-ajax-plugin. The files are commented for easy customization.

If you need more assistance, please register to our support forum:


Hi, nice theme. Am having an issue with de corporate version, flexslider works in ie and firefox but not in chrome. Its appear on viewsource I add z-index to check if it comes but luck.


Thanxs a lot for your purchase and appreciation. The slider as it should is working on the demo, so, It’s most likely an issue with your project.

Please, register to our support forum, and post your project url there so we can help you with that.


Nevermind I move the files to a host and is working. The issue is when the files are local. Thanks

Yes, Browsers like chrome will restrict local loading of online js libs, unless you are using a local server.

Glad you worked it out!

Let me know if you need further assistance.


Love the theme and just registered for your support site but have not gotten email yet. I need some help. I would like to create a second menu bar at the top. I would like to second menu bar to float like the top bar, but on pages where I have the second bar I would not like the first bar to float. Please let me know.


It looks like the email you used for registering has “permanent fatal error”, and i couldnt send you an email with your access info.

Please send me email through our contact form, so i can give you access to forum.

Once done, please, post url of your project and/or a more precise description of what you are trying to achieve (screenshot welcome).

Thanxs for your purchase.


Just did

Hey, I have noticed this. Under any of the css for colors you have this tag but can not find the related file? /* shadow */ .roundedShadow { background-image: url(../images/ui/rounded-shadow.png);

Hello, It is part of our Neko css framework, though it’s not used in our demo. Adding this class to a section will add an inner top shadow to it.

<section class="slice roundedShadow">

Btw, i got your email yesterday, and i get an error when try to answer you. Did you get my mails?

If not, would you mind using another email (from another proivider) next time you contact us, if needed?

Let me know if you need further assistance.



This is a great site, you made.

Just one thing, how can i disable the “Style Switcher”

Thx Q

Hello, Thanxs a lot for your purchase and feedback!

Please open custom.js and remove the code at the top under comment: /* COLORS TO BE ERASED WHEN INSTALLING THE THEME */

For further support, please register top our support forum here:


Trying to edit the image that scrolls down, however cant find it, whats the path to that image please for the corporate version?

hello, Thanxs for choosing our template. Not sure what image you are talking about, if it’s one of the parallax pics, please look into ‘images/theme-pics/’.

For further support, please register top our support forum here:


Hello Little-Neko,

I would realy like to use the portfolio-section of yesterday’s update, I’d like to integrate it within the ‘corporate’-template, can you create a package of the files i need to update or poit out the files i need to change to achieve this. I’m already to far in the custumasation to start all over again. Greetings Daliz..

PS: I allready posted this comment, but when i wanted to change it something went wrong.. I’m working on the corparate-template not the agency as i said in my previous comment..


Thanxs for choosing our template!

Please, post a topic on our support forum, so it will be easily available for other buyers.