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really dig it! will pick up for my next project!


Yepp! Excellent design – bookmarked!

best luck with sales



Cool! Bookmarked! Question: Have one click demo content import?


We had add demo xml files and sliders files , you can down them from here.

Thanks for so fast reply, dude! I’ll buy it very soon! ;) Best wishes!

Great theme. One question: this theme have skills or progress bar shortcode?

We build with Bootstrap, it’s default have progress bar with html code:

We will add skills progress bar shortcode with more good style. You aslo can send us you idea with for our update after buy it!


Hi, we had update v1.0.1 and add skills shortcode , you can find it from here :

Excellent work my friend!!

Thanks man.

Good style, congratulations, my first purchase will

Excellent work, will purchase it soon! :)

can we do a photo in the background? and and a photo behind a boxed white layout? thanks great theme

Hi, now used background image for it, if you need photo, we can help u change little css . We will add options for user choose more good next version soon. Thank your suggest.

Hi, we had update v1.0.1 had added background image show type options. Thanks.

one more quick question, with these sliders can they do a static image also that only scrolls if you press the scroll button?

Your means is auto play images , our demo used auto play. You can setting auto play option through slider control panel, then will just click button play next. Thanks.

Perfect exactly what I was looking for I will for sure buy this one. :) Great design!

Good luck with a ton of sales



Great theme. It is compatible with woocommerce?

we build with bootstrap, thanks.

Hi, we had integrate WooCommerce, you can click preview view shop demo. Thanks.

Excelent theme. Can I use modals option of bootstrap? In map can I insert option more for open in new windows google maps for see How to Get Directions.

Hi, yes, you can use modals option of bootstrap. About map , it’s support custom content, you just add a html code for it. For example:
[map id="map_1" width="100%" latlng="40.716038,-74.080811" show_marker="yes" show_info="yes" info_width="320"]<h5>Company Name</h5><p>123 street, New Valley , USA</p>
<a href="your get directions url">How to Get Directions</a>
If have any question with them, just please contact us after buy it.We will help u.


On the iPhone 4S, home page, first recent works thumbnail, when you tap on it nothing happens and there’s no icons appearing over it like on the web version.

I think on mobile, on the iPhone, if I tap on a thumbnail it should open that page or image. It should not show writing, or an icon or anything else, it should just be tap->open.

Ok, now I change them will let u know when changed. Thanks.

Hi, I had complete the modify and update it. Now you can check it. Thanks.

Design Excellence, Keep It Coming! I was waiting for professional, clean theme based on bootstrap. One Question; Will you be integrating woocommerce with theme? There are a couple of themes built with bootstrap and woocommerce together, but I like your design and layout. I will definitely be purchasing.

Hi, we’re thinking and will maybe add woocommerce, now we also waitting more good suggest or idea as today new update contents.Thanks.

Hi, we had integrate WooCommerce, you can click preview view shop demo. Thanks.

Great.. I love this theme :)

Gorgeous! Definitely a soon purchase! Thanks for being so thorough with this theme. I also was wondering about the background options.. so along with “hollysnails” I recommend the background image options.

Great theme again!

Hi, we had update v1.0.1 had added background image show type options. Thanks.

Good deal! Really looking forward to it!

Now, new version had online and down! Thanks.

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)


WOW this is NICE Theme!


sortable gallery very fast and never poop my old laptop, also have waterflux button :)))


Alterna V1.0.1 Update Had Online. :)