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I just wanted to tell you that I bought this theme through the bundle, and it is so awesome that it will be my new go-to theme, so expect a few purchases in the near future. I learned how to use the majority of the theme through reading comments and your support page (at least what’s accessible to me) and browsing the demo site.

I really appreciate your hard work on this theme, and for those who are complaining: back off and just play around with the theme so you can learn it and enjoy it.

How can I add the icons on the menu? The slider is getting “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with ID: 2 Not Found” error. What to do?

We saw you didn’t purchase any item!

Sure, a client did all the purchase steps, and just gave me the wordpress login setting to edit in there. I don´t even got the ftp login and password :s

Please use buyer account leave comment!

Very awesome deal. Im gonna agree with timsmith – people, you need to actually spend some time and learn! Most of these questions can be answered on wordpress’s codex!

However, Im having trouble with the slider plugins (since im having to do a remote install – which i imagine is how TF wanted you to do this)

Whenever I try to install them over my ftp i get this:

Could not create directory. /var/www/vhosts/

The plugin does not have a valid header.

—-Is there a way where I can do a direct download and upload them in manually?

Hi i’m from bundle.:) But maybe my question will help for others. In example 4 homepage on slider top is written Regular License how to change this to any other text

Please view price slider shortcode options details:


GREAT THEME!! Bought the bundle just because luved the demo so much… I Am DEF An ACTIVE FOCUS Fan now and will Follow you so can pickup you upcoming themes for my upcoming clients!! THNKS SO MUCH for allowing your talents to be included in the bundle! BEST -Sterling

Hi my friend! Thank u very much! :)

WOW! Just find the theme in bundle. Bundle buyer enjoy it with cheap price. It’s really great theme and quickly support for me!!

Thank you activetofocus.

Thanks our supporter!


First, thanks all bundle buyers who had start use our Alterna theme!


About install theme appear problem.

We had check and test again bundle alterna theme files (V1.3) on 11th, it’s works fine.So please follow them.

1. Please read our help file (Docs/index.html), it’s important and useful.
2. Your site WordPress version used 3.5+ , if not please update.
Please make sure your site can generate(write) files permissions wp-content/themes/alterna/custom.
3. If your site upload files size limit <9M, please use FTP upload theme and active it.
4. [OPTIONS : when you there still have problem] If your site already active other plugins, please first Deactivate them(Avoid some plugin compatibility issues).


About theme support, update & did not get reply through PM, ticket, comment questions.

We’re need keep great and quickly help for normal buyer, so just provide support,update for buyer throught here item purchase (bundle purchased ‘as-is’ not eligible for item support or updates.You also can view bundle item details) , so if you want to get support or updates, you also purchase it again throught here!

Thank u support us.

From some bundle buyer just want to get support suggest!

We had talk with some bundle buyer, and get a suggest with who just want to get basic support without update.Their suggest is pay fixed support fee get basic support.

Here is our solve method for the suggest:

Now, you can submit a ticket with your envato username, bundle purchase code and input subject “I want to pay fixed fee get basic support for bundle item”.

ADDED: Install theme appear custom style, logo no works problem.

1. As above “About install theme appear problem” said #2 , Please make sure your site can generate(write) files permissions wp-content/themes/alterna/custom folder setting 777.

2. Then check your custom can been works. If still not works means your site save files method used ftp etc… , so please edit your wp-config.php files add below code into config file.

 define('FS_METHOD', 'direct'); 

I’ve read the documentation, I’ve read the notice above but my theme options – colors – are still not working…

What’s the problem here? Is it blocked by the license certificate or…?!

I’ve done that already, it just doesn’t save the settings..

If you still can’t solve, you need get support to check your site about these setting (bundle buyer need purchase here again get support, you can view above notice!).

YES I am with #Timsmith comment above! and LUVIN this Theme I got in the Bundle (and you KNOW Active Focus I am Fan since buying your NEW IDEA WP theme) just started this today and already coming together and my client LUVS (I am waiting for her product pics and image content for site) SO THERE PEOPLE is what you can easily put together with this Awesome theme if you know wordpress basics! THNKS AcitveToFocus!$

Enjoy it! Thank u support us again!

I have just bought the wordpress theme through the bundle packages and this is by far the best theme on ThemeForest.

But I have some question, how do I get the sample site data and pages?

How do I create the menu on the footer page as in your sample site?

Bundle files is same as here purchased files just without support and update.Please check again your bundle files will find named SimpleData folder. It’s includes our site demo. Thanks.

but I have no idea on how to load it into the site?

If u need us help u import demo get support, please submit a ticket with site link, admin account after purchase it here.


Hi, Great Work!

But I have one question: Would it be possible to add a ajax search to the theme?`

That would be very great and the last reason to buy the theme :D

Thank you Zoker

Hi, can u tell me more detail about your suggest. Please submit a ticket with more details , Thanks.

I purchased the corporate bundle and the XML file for the sample data does not work. I see that a few people have complained about the same thing. It would be nice if you would just post a link to a working XML file here and we would just have to click the link to download a good file instead of having everyone signing up for a support forum that we can not get access to because our certificate is for the bundle, and add a working XML file to the download for future purchases.

Hi, about our demo, you just throught admin –> Tools -> Import our demo xml file (don’t enable download assets ). It’s wordpress basic, and bundle without support.


bundle buyer

How to get thumbnail images on standart posts

Hi, Can you tell me how to translate the theme in a multi website installation?

Hi, you can use WPML plugin for it, our theme already test throught WPML developer and many buer already used it for their site. If you have any use the plugin problem just contact them get support. Thanks.

I am a bundle buyer. It appears that no matter what I do, button shortcode does not work properly on the site. The button shows but something with its coding in the backend is perhaps not closing it properly… the rest of my page does not load after the button.

I have a fresh Wordpress install and the only plugins I have are those suggested by the theme.

For anyone else with the broken shortcode issue on buttons I got around it with HTML. Example:
<a class="btn btn-warning btn-large" href="#" target="_blank" type="button">Button Text</a>

I bought this wonderful theme, but my website is superslow :( can you take a look?

Hi, here view it speed is ok. We had add a post give u some suggest about how to improve website speed.


The site hardly uses images, certainly not big ones and also text pages load very slowly. we tried all your suggestions. caching is not a solution because it only speeds the site up when you have visited it already…

I thought it may have to do something with the retina plugin so I tried to deactivate it, but it’s not possible to deactivate it from the plugins page.

I hope you can support us with the performance issue, because we ran out of options. Thank you very much in advance!

Hi, I have purchased this great theme & am trying to sign-up to your support forum, but it does not accept my ‘envato username’ or theme purchase code (which was part of the bundle) – how do I gain membership?!? Thanks, Louise.

thank you – how much is support for bundle purchase?

Submit a ticket as comment!

Hi, is it possible to link to an selected portfolio? So like the demoshop and than i want that for example furniture is selected.

Hi, can u tell me more details now I don’t understand your means. Please also push screenshots (images) with your idea throught submit a ticket.


i will, thanks.

Another question. Can you help me how i make the columns like this page different. I want the image smaller, 30% width and the table (date, categories, etc) width 70%.

Hi, I had reply you on support form please view it. Next time please follow on support forum. Thanks.

The comments are closed on that tread so i couldnt reply on that.

What’s your name on support forum, maybe you didn’t click Confirm Email link so that can’t add comment on support forum. Thanks.

Hi there, Nice theme! I bought the bundle. I imported the xml file OK but I actually wanted the WooCommerce demo. Do you have an xml file for the Shop example? Thanks

We have no provide the shop demo, you can import WooCommerce provide demo.Thanks.