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I agree with you Jesse.

I’ve purchased many things from multiple Envato sites and just wanted to say this purchase has been the best yet!!! I am so pleased at how this theme makes my business website ( appear compared to the previous Mystile by Woothemes I was using…not to mention the default themed already used all my business colours! :) I will be purchasing the support/update package from you since I also received this through the Bundle. Thank you for creating such an awesome product and cannot wait to see what you have to offer us in the future.

Thank u support us. :)

I agree with you InrDmons! Checked out your site and it looks great. One thing I cannot figure out though is the footer section, how to get it like the demo? I noticed you figured it out. If you could provide some help, I’d appreciate it. Thanks

Ok I figured it out!

Thanks! A quick question… where do i put the icon-home so it appears on the home page beside the word HOME?

You can setting throught Appearance -> Menus : Navigation Label

As bundle buyer please view the comment it’ll useful for u. Thanks.

Thanks very much for the tip!

Hi, i’m trying to apply for membership on your support site with the Theme Purchase Code from The Corporate Bundle Purchase Code Invalid. How do I get registered?

Hi, i have a probleme in mobile device. A message appears when i load my website in a mobile device. I have a pop up message who says “API Google Maps reject your demand, the info sensor” need to be on true or false”. Please help me with this sensor problem.


it doesn’t work…true or flase same message in mobile device…

Did u also used iPhone test, can u send me a email so that we can talk and test it use other method. I used Android phone have no the problem. Thanks.

i send you an email :) Thanks

Do this theme have Sitemap, I want to buy this theme?

Hi, now we have no provide sitemap template. We had plan add it into our next version, if you need just tell us your idea about the sitemap style after purchase it.


Hello. How do I disable the contact form? I’d like to use another one. Also having theme color issues; the colors won’t change. I’ve tried cleaning browser and serve cache but nothing. Thanks!

Hey. How do i add a table? can’t find the shortcode for a standard table. I am wanting the one that you use for your shortcode pages. I have attached a picture of the table i am after on link below.

Many thanks in advance.

It’s Bootstrap table style.

As bundle buyer please view the comment it’ll useful for u. Thanks.

can the logo be centered?

In response to my above comment, I found the shortcodes on the demo page…

Sorry about that, my mistake!!!

This is a beautiful theme, keep up the great work!

Would it be possible, to add a captcha to the contact page, because of spam?

Thank you Zoker

If you had used contact template then will find a options about it in Page Options Setting.

As bundle buyer please view the comment it’ll useful for u. Thanks.

Yea but I thinking about buying it in the futur, because of updates.

The activation of the repcaptcha causes 500 Error (Internal Server Error) page at the contact site…

Again, thank u understand us and support us!

Awesome theme! Quick question though I looked at your demo shop site and tried to do a search using the search box but it doesn’t seem to be working. Is there something I’m missing. Thanks a lot.

Did used menu area search bar or Shop page right sidebar search form? Please more details with your question!

Does this work well for multisite/multidomain?

Do u means Multiple language? It’s works fine with WPML plugin. Thanks.

I bought corporate bundle, because alterna theme is so good. But costom logo, custom background option is not working. I spend several times to solve it. And I saw your comment. To get the answer, buy regular theme, and register support site. I think it is not fair. I’m not asking how to customize layout, font-size, etc… I want to know why basic fuction is not woking. I set custom folder, custom-styles.php writable. What is the extra procedure to fix it? Please, give favor to bundle buyer…

Hi, about your question because of your website some setting not setting correct so that not works, we already had add the help, you can view our notice for bundle buyer. view #ADDED comment

If you still can’t setting, please first get support (the notice had told u method) then send us your ftp account, site admin account we will help u setting them.


Thanks for fast help..^^ I fix by adding code to wp-config.php.


Great theme. Just bought it. Is it possible to show a video on the homepage?


Yes, it’s possible.

As bundle buyer please view the comment it’ll useful for u.


Can i use it easily to build a site using RTL language

Please submit a ticket, thanks.

i would like to know the price of the extra support before i made the bundle purchase, can u tell me how much is it

Please submit ticket, thanks.

Hello, i want to disable the search bar (bought via Envato Bundles) how do i do this?

Is it possible to purchase a html/css version of this theme?

Hi, we have no provide html/css version online sale.Thanks.

Every time I try to upload the theme in got this error.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Help Pls.



Hi, you done some error with it so please view the post will solve the problem.