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I figured it out :)


anyone know why WordPress won’t complete the install of this theme? It begins to unpack the zip package, installing…., then the message, “The package could not be installed. The them is missing the “style.css” stylesheet. Them install failed.

Hi, you done some error with it so please view the post will solve the problem. Thanks.

Just a suggestion…and I’m sure it has been mentioned before…do you plan on adding more social icons or the ability to add our own in the near future? I’d love to get an Etsy one on my site.

We will add more socials into next update. Thanks.

Hi – I have uploaded the theme files okay, but how do i install the woo commerce shop option?? hope you can help. thanks

Please view our DOC/index.html help files, we had provided.

As bundle buyer please first view the comment it’ll useful for u. Thanks.

thank you i will take a look

do u need to install woocommerce as a separate plugin – or is it built int the theme?

what if i want to have woocommerce be a separate plugin? i’d want this since if the plugin is updated, then this won’t be possible if it’s built into the theme?



Hi, you just install woocommerce as a separate plugin will works and easy single update the plugin, our theme integrating it. Thanks.

Hi, how do you remove the search box from the navigation menu? Thanks.

As bundle buyer you need custom css or modify code remove the search form from header (bundle item without support, updates) .

Our new version V2.0 just online, it’s add the options for user enable search form on header area, if you need you can purchase and update it.


I am trying to upload a logo but it is not retina quality. Do you have any thread where I can find how to make retina logo. Our site is ready to be uploaded just need logo help. Thanks.

Did you view alterna options -> header -> Logo retina image @2x, it’s retina logo.

As bundle buyer please first view the comment.

Thank u support us!

There’s a problem when viewing on mobile If you look at the images, the image gallery that come sup doesn’t seem to be suitable for mobile devices

See this link for example on your mobile:

If you click on one of the images, then it looks really funny – the big image is really small + the thumbnail just gets in the way and makes it hard to see

Would be great to have a swiping system

Is there anyway to fix this?



I’m used htc with android 4.2 and used default browsers show have no problem.It’s WooCommerce self provide lightbox. Maybe I will view woocommerce doc and replace the default lightbox.Thanks.

EDIT: I tried a few other woocommerce shops

This one had the same problem:

This one, is one of the others that didn’t have the same problem:

My friend has a HTC – he probably used the Dolphin or Chrome browser – hope that helps

I can’t commit to your theme until I can fix

Question: If I use another lightbox plugin, will this over ride the default one?


You must add correct so that replace default lightbox. Thanks.

How do you set up the contact page like you have in your demo? Choosing “Contact Template” with a full width page adds in the contact form (with no options) and then adding in a map using the shortcode generator makes the map a thumbnail size – I want to have it full width with contact details like in your demo…

[EDIT] I guess you have a section in your help file on how to do this – I missed the “header map show” in the options down below.

Hello, Looking into purchasing this theme, but have a few questions beforehand. The social media icons at the top across the home page: are those removable? We have run into issues with other themes where they were not and we need them to be removable. Secondly, on the homepage layout 1, there are rollover graphics: are these meant to be linked to another page, or can they be if not? Thanks!

Hi, can custom header social area without social icons, if view shop demo will find it’s without.

2.yes, it’s possible.

If you have any question all can submit or find solve on our support forum.Thanks.

Having trouble with the Revolution Slider… Went in added slides to test, deleted them, now there is no option to add more. I’ve tried to update the plugin hoping doing that would provide a quick fix… but no success. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi, looks some error with you done, please send us your ftp account and site admin account let us help u check it.


Do you want me to start a ticket?

Because of you need send us some account information so best submit a ticket with them. Thanks.

Hi, Where should i set the email address for the contact template page? I allready add a email in settings but when i try to send a message i receive this “Please add your recipient email throught edit admin -> page options setting.” Thanks

How can we make top menu sticky as shown in the demo version?

It is not working for me


Hi, we had help u create a post for the question on support forum, please view the post.

If you have other question all can submit or get solve on support forum.


Please how did you make the menu stick to the top when scrolling in your demo? I bought this theme via bundle.

Found it! Alterna Options -> Header -> Fixed Menu -> Enable fixed header

hi, can you please tell me how to change the currency symbol for the pricing table.

(BTW) I signed up on the support site but not receiving the activation email.

Hi, maybe email into trash. I had help u change account status, now if you have question you can login and view the “Start a New Discussion” button submit your question.

About your question, I had add a post on support forum, you can view it.



I purchased your theme a while ago now and have just got round to using it. Trying to sort out a porfolio sectioin. Can you tell me how to remove the images in the right column. Thanks for your help.

Hi, it’s very easy, you just delete these images from your page content (It’s also show these images). If you have any question please submit or get solve from our support forum.


Thanks for replying,can you point me in the right direction. I would like a gallery to look like this -> But no matter what I do, I can’t get it right, can anyone help please

Hi, about your question we already reply other buyer, you can view the post will know it.


Hey Guys,

Smooth theme. Have started adding YouTube Videos to a portfolio and no preview images are showing ( Can you tell me if I have missed anything?

Portfolio type is Video, YouTube is selected and I put the code in – shows fine in the post, but not the portfolio.

Do related works show the YouTube thumb or do you expect us to duplicate our own thumbnail image?

Thanks for your help in advance.


I have copied and pasted the code from you demo site and it is all stepped and not level could you please help out with this


I cant seem to get into your support forum. Envato and purchase code are correct. How can I sign in?

Hi, did you had register your account? If not please click the link register with your purchase code.

If you already had register your account, please open our support forum then click “Sign In” button on top right menu bar.



Yes, I did. But my envato and purchase code give an error that they are not correct. Please advise.

Please down again your license certificate of alterna and get purchase code.
Then input your envato username.

You also can submit a ticket with your purchase code , envato username let me help u check is it correct.