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How can I add icons on to my menu? I tried to use CSS style through “Menus” but it doesn’t work properly. What is the solution to fix this?

Yes I already have that. But I mean to Add Icons of Fontawesome to the menu.

It was easy to do it at the Beach Please theme

But now I want the Font Awesome icons on my webshop in the header menu

Our post includes how to use icon for menu.Looks you didn’t view the full post (comments), please view second comment will know that.


Appears the comment I made is only an error in FireFox….But still a widely used browser.

Hey Guys,

Smooth theme. Have started adding YouTube Videos to a portfolio and no preview images are showing ( Can you tell me if I have missed anything?

Portfolio type is Video, YouTube is selected and I put the code in – shows fine in the post, but not the portfolio.

Do related works show the YouTube thumb or do you expect us to duplicate our own thumbnail image?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Hey activetofocus, digging this new theme. Thumbs up on a great job. :)

Could you please give me some advice: the Revolution slider isn’t scaling to the full width perfectly, there is a white gap on the far right. This is in Chrome. In Firefox it looks alright, until you scale down the window and then back up again, then the same white area appears. In Explorer, the design doesn’t scale to the level of width possible with Chrome & Firefox.

Here is a screengrab:

Hi I am a bundle buyer. I know the theme was to be purchased as is but I can’t even get theme to load. When I load via my FTP server and then go Appearance-> Themes to activate it, all I see is a broken image icon where I should see an image of the theme. When I activate anyway it activates and tells me to load the required plugins, when I try to load the required plug-ins I get the message “The plugin does not have a valid header.”

Can you kindly, please help me at least get the theme loaded?!

Thank you in advance.

Just a note…..I got the theme in a bundle. Haven’t had any issues, in fact have very much enjoyed it so far. Sub Menu Link color gave me fits….but the CSS code is well documented as is the rest of the theme.

Thank you for offering such a quality product in a bundle. My Client loves it. Not to mention the use of the LayerSlider plugin, which is a PAID plugin. You guys rock for that too.

Wont let me leave rating on a bundle?

FIVE STARS here, and thanks again.

Hi there, ive bought the bundek, but im running into a currency issue!

How do i change that into € instead of $

Hope you can help me out. May i ask why there is no support for bundeld buyers, i mean, we did pay for it. ;) regards jeff

Please view our notice get support very easy. Thanks.


First of all let me tell that I really appreciate the work that you’ve done by so far with this responsive design. Even that I had bought it trough the bundle, but it’s far one of the easiest Wordpress themes that I ever meet, and there are many others who have a higher number of sales, but they can’t even raise to half of what you’re theme is offering.

I would only have a suggestion if I may, I try to figure out from days your php structure, as I want to integrate the description into the category pages, and probably tag pages also, and I couldn’t figure out exactly how you used the category.php inside your theme. I would really appreciate if you could shortly pinpoint out in witch php should I add the description php request. IT would give your theme a higher value, by making it more SEO optimized.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the excellent work.

hello. great theme. I would like to use qtranslate plugin. Is it possible? Where are the flags added? (the top green line would be great to have them horizontaly…) If not possible, can you please assist with simple css for flags placing? Thanks again

Hello, you have a great theme! But, is there a way to add shortcodes to the excerpts? I’m a podcaster and need to be able to add the PowerPress shortcode to the excerpt so on Home Page, Category Pages, etc… All show the podcast players.

Can you let me know if this will be possible. Thanks

hey thanks for the response. However, I have a followup question…

I understand there’s now Visual Composer… But that is for building pages (which looks awesome by the way)... Right? Its only for building templates.

But i need a home page that AUTOMATICALLY updates with the most recent posts… As a home page should…

AND, IT MUST ALLOW INCLUSION of shortcode in summary/excerpt!

*Please view my current site… and see what I mean.

Can you see how I have the the audio player in every blog post summary on the home page? That is what i need. A home page with most recent posts that accepts Shortcode from the PowerPress Plugin for Podcasts.

Without audio’s on home page… My listens drop by 70%. I cant have that!

I want to buy this theme so bad… I love it!

But I MUST be able to include shortcodes in the excerpt. PLEASE TELL ME IT CAN BE DONE AND ILL BUY IMMEDIATELY!

Hi, About auto updates post, it’s possible. I know your means about it, you just add our provided post shortcode or VC element.

About your audio player now our theme have no provide it, it’s need custom modify.


ok great! thank you so much for your continued support!

hi and congrats for v. composer integration!

can u please tell/show us more about v. composer in alterna?

are all v. composer elements styled to match alterna style?

do u have a video on that?


Hi, about it you can use vc default provided elements with vc styles. We also add our elements into vc, you can use it.I have no create a video for it. Thanks.

Alterna V2.0 Update Had Online (Drag & Drop Page Buider, 3 Header Styles etc…) !!!


Hey, great theme. Bought with the bundle, but I can’t use my code to become a member of the support forums.

How can i get this done? Thanks!

So i can’t even get the demo XML? That sucks.

Your download files includes demo XML (named SimpleData folder). Thanks.


Thanks :)



Way more than excited to use these new features in 2.0! Great job on the header options and everything else! Thanks for adding all these features consistently on this already wonderful 5 star theme!


Hi there, How can i remove the searchbox from the header? Thanks.

As bundle buyer you need custom css or modify code remove the search form from header (bundle item without support, updates) .

Our new version V2.0 just online, it’s add the options for user enable search form on header area, if you need you can purchase and update it.


it is nice to have so many fonts available. but how do they look like live? I am looking specialy for fonts CentralEuropean Friendly. Is there any template to see them, please?

Hi, we used google fonts so you can look online view these font.


how can I put flag icons from qtranslate into header (text or soc.icons) area, Please?

yes, but the images are linked via php code which changes with page diplayed currently. I meant if your custom content in header could be managed via HeaderWidget

Is your template ready for multilanguage content?

Our site had been WPML tested, so you can use the plugin for multilanguage content. If you have other question please submit on support forum. so that can help more buyer. Thanks.

I am missing one thing here: ... backgrounds custom bg for header, content, footer, change image for dividerline. Such as Nimble theme. Just a suggestion. I purchased this theme for you waterfall flux. it is great. can you please add those background in your future updates? Thanks

Thank u with your suggest, we will talk about your suggest. Thanks.

Hi there, I bought a bundle. How can i change my header style? That part seems missing? Thanks in advance.

Maybe some error with you done, lease first view the comment about install problem.

Thank u support us!

Hey Activetofocus, I read the installation instructions, but i can’t see the problem. I did all correct, but i can’t find the possibility to change my header style as shown in the preview. Left, right or middle.

Oh, It’s v2.0 new features, if you need it must update it after purchase it.Thanks.

I just started getting this error out of the blue. I hope there is a fix.. :) *Note: I got this theme in a bundle.

LayerSlider WP: old jQuery issue It looks like you are using an old version (1.7.1) of the jQuery library. LayerSlider requires at least version 1.7.2 or newer. If you are using the WordPress version of LayerSlider, you can try out the “jQuery Updater” plugin from the WP plugin depository. If you don’t know what to do, you can write us a private message from our CodeCanyon profile page. We need a temporary WP admin account (or a temporary FTP account in some cases) to solve this issue.

Our theme used wordpress provided jQuery, as WP 3.5+ version it’s new version jQuery 1.9+.If you there have plugin problem just do as plugin requires.And our V2.0 had update LayerSlider to 4.5.5.

Bundle item without support, updates so if you need please view our notice before already reply other bundle buyer.


I’m sorry.. but I didn’t update anything. I just turned my site on and added a slide and there was an error.

I apologize. It is working now. I had a conflicting plugin. Note to other users having the same issue.. the Pinterest Rss plugin causes a conflict. Thank you for a wonderful theme. When I get money I want to purchase so I can get the updates. It is very useful.