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Hi I purchased theme name alterna. I can’t customizing fonts. I want to set up and use Korean Web fonts. Where can I edit the sources? PLZ help me!!

Hi, we had provide 620+ google web fonts so you can look online view these font and select your font throught Alterna Option -> Font Setting.


I just picked this up from the corporate bundle. Is there no PSD file for this theme? I can’t seem to find it…

Yes, we have no provide PSD file, Thanks.

I am incredibly IRATE. I bought the corporate bundle for this theme. None of the sliders work. There is a “key” that is there but not active. How disappointing.

First, you done some error so that appear the question. You must create your slider use slider plugin then use them as plugin requires.

Second, bundle item without support, updates so if you need help please get support so that we can help u check your site where had done error.


LayerSlider WP: jQuery Transit issue It looks like one of your other plugins also uses jQuery Transit and loads an extra copy of this library which can cause issues. Please navigate on your WordPress admin area to edit this slider and enable the “Put JS includes to body” option in your Global Settings under the Troubleshooting section.

Please do as LayerSlider WP said: Global Settings under the Troubleshooting section. Open your layerslider -> your slide then will find the Global Settings.

Again, please read our comment.

Thank u support us!

I have read the comment… multiple times. If I would have known that this was going to be like this.. I never would have bought it? Why would you offer something you don’t support

If you read multiple times will very clear bundle item without support, updates.If you need support we are happy provided, please first get support as our comment said.


Thanks for your answer but I want to know how I can set foreign language fonts like Korean….Olny google web fonts can be selected?

Hi, about your request about custom your font I had create a full and clear steps for u. Please view it on our support forum.If you have question, also please follow the post on support forum.


I purchased the Corporate package that the this was included. When I click on the Alterna Option there is no Save Button showing on any of the setting areas. When I fill in and change any of the options when I go to any areas other than the Alterna Option all settings are lost. Am I missing a setting?

Hi, Alterna Options panel right bottom you will find the “Save Changes” button. If you didn’t find it means you done something error with theme. That’ll need us check your site what’s wrong with you done. But as bundle buyer without support, so if you need us help u check it please first get support.You also can view the post about support problem.


I’ve received an error, and can’t seem to fix it:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Envato_Protected_API in /home/bnipearl/public_html/wp-content/themes/allerta/envato-wordpress-toolkit-library/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 13

I’ve changed all of my folder permissions to 777. What now?

About the error is show you can’t auto update theme.Because of bundle item without update so you use your API can’t update and show error.

You can don’t enable auto update or purchase the theme use normal price then it’ll works.


So how do I undo that?

About the question have 2 solve method.

Method 1: Don’t Enable Auto Update.
Open Alterna Options -> General -> Theme Auto Update Setting, then don’t check the “Check to auto update when have new version.” checkbox.

Method 2: Purchase our theme use normal price then your API will works for auto update.



I am trying to get my account validated for your support forum. But It keep saying my envato en purchase code is incorrect.

Please help.

Please make sure have no space text and purchase code is our theme, you also can submit a ticket with your purchase code let me check it.


Ticket sent: 813223

Hi, I had help u create the account, your purchase code is correct.Maybe you before you do some error.Please check ticket will view account information. Thanks.

I wrote a discusion in your support forum. ... though I can not find it there. I like this setup: How is the slider with the pricing on the right done exactly? Please point me or find me in the forum for answer. Thank you very much. Your theme is really somthing. :)

Hi, I had change your support forum status, now you can view “Start a New Discussion” button then add your question.


Hi team,

I like the features of the green hover effect in the middle of the front page, do you sell this feature as a separate plugin?

Hi, we have no sell this as a separte plugin.Thanks.

Can you put a “Call Us: Phone Number” at the upper right hand corner of the website where there is blank space and how to do this efficiency?

Hi, about the problem please view the post of we already other user on support forum.

If you have question you also can search or submit on support forum.



How can we change or add new icons for the features shortcode?

Hi, about how to change or use icon, we had create a post on support forum, please view it.


Why doesn’t this theme support the default WooCommerce shortcodes?

Hi, our theme theme integrate woocommerce. You must active woocommerce plugin then can run WooCommerce plugin provided shortcode (We have no any woocommerce shortcode).

For example: Our theme also WPML ready, not means the default theme can translate multi-language.It’s means you can use WPML plugin translate multi-language and it’ll run works with our theme.

Now, I think I had explain very clear.If you still have question, you can serach about WooCommerce from google.


Hello, Yes I understand that and WooCommerce has been active but when those shortcodes are posted none of them show up but with another theme the same shortcode shows up.

Please send us your site and account let us check what’s wrong with you. You also can add screenshot in ticket.


Is this also compatable with buddypress? I’m guessing no but thought I’d ask anyway.

Hi, we have no test it with buddypress so don’t make sure it’s compatable with buddypress. Thanks.

ok thanks for the quick reply. Super fast!


I have a question, please. I have your beautiful theme from the bundle, if i buy it now, can i update the bundle version also to the new version and use both updated themes on different websites?

Thank you very much!

Hi, if you buy it then your account API is works for update new version.

Because of you purchased is Regular License just for single end product which end users are not charged. So before your bundle license + now purchase license will just can for 2 single end product which end users are not charged.

About license you can view



Can you add woocommerce shortcodes through the page builder, for example i like your multi purpose demo and would like to add woocommerce featured products, etc to the home page is this possible?

Hi, WooCommerce is a plugin, when you active woocommerce plugin then you can use woocommerce shortcode like our demo home page. Because of it’s provided from woocommerce(plugin), so we have no add into page builder, but you can use shortcode.


Is there a way to use the price slider but also have just images slide without the price table?

If like you said that will not price table just a image slider, it’s need change many code as you want. Why you don’t create a slider as you want. Thanks.

which files are responsible for adding the price table?

Hi, about price table, price slider shortcode details please view our demo pot. It’s very clear.



are all theme shortcodes integrated in v. composer as drag n drop visual elements ?


but this is not elegant & handy though… hope u soon find a descent solution

It’s plugin integrate problem as we also waitting plugin autho update , but you also can use these shortcode edit without vc. I’m like use shortcode not like vc. Just depends on you like. Thanks.

IMHO, in vc there is visual editing, in shortcodes it is just visual insert and then u cannot even read them in long pages… this is a big difference, that’ s why i insist ;-) thx anyway!

Hi. I’d like to disable the related products section at the bottom of every product page. Is there a quick way to do this?


Yes, it’s can possible. You can get solve throught WooCommerce plugin official doc files or as bundle buyer please get support we will happy help u.


I purchased alterna theme through the themeforest ‘corporate bundle’. Where can I go to find support?

Hi there, I have a small problem with the contact form: When someone send an e-mail with the contact form, the last letter of the sender’s name is always missing… f.e. “Tim” sends me an e-mail, but i receive a message from “Ti” instead of “Tim”. How can i solve this problem?

Hi, I didn’t view you have purchase flag, we can provide support for our buyer.