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Hi there,

ive got 2 questions.

First, I was wondering, is there a way to just reduce the size of the sidebar. Its a bit to big. Ifso, can you plz tell me how to change the sidebar width?

Second, how did you get those icons in the main navgation. next to the home button? Im using header right menustyle. Hope you can help me out,

Thx regards Jeff

Hi, about your question.



I find you had use support forum, so if you have any question, you can just post or search on support forum.



Hi. First: great theme!. Second: I was testing the “live preview”, but the middle click button doesn’t work with Firefox 20. With Opera and IE10 everything it’s ok. Is it a bug or Is just me?

Hi, Firefox recently stopped letting user middle-click on a link to open it in a new tab. You also can view mozilla forum about the problem.
Firefox recently stopped middle-click on a link to open it in a new tab.You also can view firefox forum view more details:
Hi , Great theme. I purchased this theme from bundle. I want know if the short codes are the same from 2.0 to 1.3. I looked a docs index.html did not see anything on short code. I am trying setup Accordion & Toggle on page. Does not work.


Hi, about shortcodes use method details you can view our demo -> shortcodes -> which you used element. It’s also works for v1.3.

I had check your site, your done some error and your site setting have some problem. Because of bundle item without support, updates so if you need please view the comment get them.


Hey guys,

Nice theme, bought it with the Corporate bundle only to “later” find out it’s not backed with support/updates. However aside from all the bugs Ive experienced in v1.3, the most frustrating is that the contact form doesn’t send the email.

Can you please at least help me fix this issue. Thanks.

Hi, we already tesed contact form works fine and clients also works fine.So you there maybe have some problem with site. If you need us check it, we are happy help u after get support as our notice for bundle buyer.


Hi Activefocus. Great job on this theme, it looks awesome! I’m curious though, the settings don’t change on the Alterna menu when you change colors? I’ve seen some other people post this, and it’s going unanswered because you said it was purchased in the bundle. But why would the product be included if the theme options aren’t able to be updated? colors? fonts?

Hi, about your question because of your website some setting not setting correct so that not works, we already had add the help, you can view our notice for bundle buyer. view “ADDED: Install theme appear custom style, logo no works problem.” 2 steps will works.

Here is a post we reply other bundle buyer, he done and works.

If you still can’t setting, please first get support (the notice had told u method) then send us your ftp account, site admin account we will help u setting them.


Thanks for this great theme ! I’ve bought it in the bundle, i’ve just install it, i read many comments and answer but i still have problems. I made the install settings you wrote in the #10 comment but i can’t write any content on posts or pages, the left menu on “Alterna options” still doesn’t work and i have “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with ID: 1 Not Found” on your demo homepage. Can you help me please ?

Looks you done some error or understand error. As your said like Slider not found etc , it’s need you first create a slider then choose for your page.We had provide slider demo , you can import them.

If you still have problem, we’re happy help u check your site setting after get support as our comment said.


Thank you, i imported your layer slider example but i don’t know how to import your revolution slider example. I opened a support ticket for my other problems or mistakes ! Best regards

Hi I want to buy this them..Im hearing about a bundle and getting support if you buy from bundle..What is bundle? and where can I buy it from? I thought you can buy it from’m confused! where do I buy this theme so I can have SUPPORT?


Hi, before the item as bundle item sale and the bundle event has ended. Bundle item without support, updates. If you buy it from here, we can provide basic support, you also can updates.Thanks.

One more question. Do you provide VIDEO documentation with this theme????

We had no create video, but create a power support forum for buyer and now have many post on the forum.It’s more easy solve your question or submit your question.Thanks.

so there’s no documentation? Are there any instructions OUTSIDE of ” power support forum” at all?

Hi, we provided help document in download file.Our support forum provide more free and easy for our buyer questions, because of maybe their question also for other buyer.


Hi I am using your theme as a store. Is there any special way to get the search function to search the products? Because at the moment its not picking them up?

Yes, it’s possible. If you need us help, please first get support we will guide how to do.



Can you increase the number of images shown in a portfolio slideshow? At the minute it only seems to show 11 images, I would like to increase this to at least 50.


Hi, you can view the post will solve your prolem on support forum.


Thanks :)

should Google Analytics tracking code be pasted into the Alterna Option Custom Scripts Setting?

Hi, no. Please open Alterna Options -> General then scroll bottom will find “Google Analytics” options.


I opened a posted this on the alterna forum also LayerSlider: jQuery Transit issue

It looks like one of your other plugins also uses jQuery Transit and loads an extra copy of this library which can cause issues. Please navigate on your WordPress admin area to edit this slider and enable the “Put JS includes to body” option in your Global Settings under the Troubleshooting section.

I have no idea how to fix this or where to go nor do I see a Globals Settting can you please provide specific instruction for a solution to this issue. Thanks

Hi, I had reply your post on support forum, please check it.


Hello Activefocus

I have to say this is probably the best money I have ever spent here. I absolutely love the theme you built and the support is amazing. If it was possible to give you more than 5 stars I would have.

The theme is so easy to use and works great right out of the box! Great job, I look forward to your next theme!


Thanks. :)

How can we edit the contact form fields?

Hi, you need open page-contact.php. Our v2.0 version provide hide our default contact form, then you can use Contact 7 Form plugin more easy custom fields.


Hi, I need to modify the size (font size) of headers h2, h3, but I see from the template manager there is no option. In that css file and line where I can find the labels associated with those headers.


Hi, you can open Alterna Options -> CSS, custome the h2, h3 size.
For example:
h2 {font-size:30px;}
h3 {font-size:25px;}
If you have other also can submit on support forum or get solve from there.


ok thanks :)

shocking, this theme is included in the corporate bundle and then gets a massive update a few days later that the bundle buyers can’t get without purchasing the standalone theme.

Yes, we had done many changes improve the theme, if you really like it and want to use it just purchase it then get updates and support.


I have trouble with the letter “Ñ” and accents (accents) in my theme in Spanish, is shown in bold and otherwise, as I can configure or correct this problem.


Did you used our theme default font? Looks it’s font problem, you can change other font try it on Alterna Options -> Font setting. You also can send us more details with your site and screenshots on our support forum so that we check it.


Thanks the problem was solved by changing the font, sorry you can not use the default font is nice.

PUrchased this as part the corporate bundle. I have a theme that currently uses Visual Composer. Why does Alterna not pick up the shortcodes? In fact, I don’t see the VC button on the Page editor…

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks Chris

Hi, it’s plugin and not auto pick up shortcodes.If you need VC works with our theme, please update v2.0 version (bundle buyer must purchase again here).


Hi there I purchase this bundle corporate and i have problem when I display woocommerce product in home page, my site is thanks

Hi, bundle item without support, updates.So if you need us help u check your site, please first get support.


hello, tried to install this and it says my style.css file is missing – I bought this as part of the corporate bundle.

Hi, looks you install theme files have problem: Please unzip a file named, then unzip it. Open the unzip alterna folder check have a style.css. Then upload the alterna folder to your host.

Envato support already create a video about appear the question, you can view it.