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Question presale. Can i set “Blog Waterfall Flux 3 Cols” style in my categories and in my homepage?

Hi, yes. It’s possible.Thanks.

“Blog Waterfall Flux 3 Cols” style in my categories is possible? Are you sure?

Hi, you need to setting with “Blog Waterfall Flux 3 Cols”.We can guide you how to setting it after you purchase it. Thanks.

Hello, I just came out this error message when entering the admin: wp-content/themes/alterna/envato-wordpress-toolkit-library/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 344

Hi, yes, our test site admin also appear the error.It’s envato provided auto update theme plugin problem, looks envato market check acount site can’t connect now. Please waitting some time and check again. After you can default don’t enable auto update.Just enable auto update when view our new version online and also close enable when update complete.

Now you can open functions.php throught ftp, then use ”//” cancel envato auto update check plugin on 50 line will have no the problem.
//add_action('admin_init', 'on_envato_init');



We are using the Vision Wordpress Plugin (from CodeCanyon) because the icon shortcodes that are in the theme aren’t really all that good but there is an issue with two css files that the theme is using and we were wondering if there is a way to substitute them?

css/font-awesome.min.css?ver=2.0 css/bootstrap-responsive.min.css?ver=2.0

Hi, our theme icons all depends on Bootstrap + Fontawesome, so if you substitute them will appear some icons show error.We don’t know have other tools can replace them so that also works fine. We add the 2 css style in functions.php, if you want to substitute them can edit throught here.


Hello, i purchased this theme but i have problems with image gallery. I use Visual Composer – Add Element – Image Gallery and add my images into page, select “3” in auto rotate slides but this function doesn’t work and i have to move between slides manually.

Hi, please submit a ticket send us your site link, admin let us check it about your problem. Now sound don’t know what’s wrong with u.


We tried copying the “media object” from Bootstrap but it doesn’t work as in the examples in the theme. Why not?

I think if you submitted will receive a email with ticketID, if still have no please send to support[at] Thanks.

It’s different our icons. We used font-awesome icons can big or small. The icon is fixe size and used image.Thanks.

Hi, I enabled the theme auto update and now I get a 500 error message in the backend. is there any way to deactivate the option?

Hi, bundle item without support, updates.So if you need support, please first get support.



About Our Buyer Purchase From Here

If you have any problem, please submit on our support forum also can get solve from there(Maybe other buyer already asked).It’s more easy for buyer.

About Bundle Buyer

Because of bundle item without support, updates so you didn’t get support, updates and can’t register account on support forum.If you want update your theme or get our support please view the post.

Thanks all!

As before bundle buyer about update V2.0+ version question.

You can’t update to v2.0, becasue of bundle item without update and your account API not works for update, if you need update must purchase here again.

if you still have bundle item update new version question, you also can into market forum get some idea.

Please don’t leave comment about support, update question
(We had explain very clear about it so will delete the same question).

I submit a ticket but never received an email and donot know how to get answer, because i purchased the bundle one which does not allow me to sign in to the support, how can i check my ticket?

So, i wont be able to purchase the new version of 2.0, and pay small amount because i own the 1.3 version?

If you didn’t got our ticket email, please use ticketID and your email login check your ticket status. Your ticketID is 533493.

About update question, please don’t leave comment again, we already explain on


Hi, Just a few pre-purchase questions.

1) I went to your site on my mobile phone (android) and chose “full width” layout, which is what I’d be using. Anyways the sub-menu’s when clicked do nothing. I found a way to be able to “mouse over” a parent menu to show the sub menu. But even after doing that, when I click a sub menu item, it goes nowhere. I don’t want to use the responsive features or menu in the theme.

Is there going to be a way to fix this?

2) For my taste the theme is rather wide on PC, is there a way to make the “full width” content area 1000px and still work fine on mobile? I tried setting the main content widths to 1000px in firebug on your demo, which looked fine in the PC, but when I do that on mobile, it seems the content area gets cut off (likely at 940px) while the header/footer remain at the 1000px width.

Any way to fix that?

Outside of those few issues, theme seems great!

Thanks for any reply

Hi, as your requestion.
1. if you don’t like default mobile menu style, you can use select options menu replace it.

2. Our theme build with bootstrap so it’s support 1170px, 940px etc responsive width but have no fixed 1000px.If you need fixed 1000px, you can modify some css for it.


Can you please improve the icon shortcodes?

Did u view our icon shortcode?
[icon icon_name="ICON_NAME" icon_size="ICON_SIZE" icon_style="ICON_STYLE" icon_color="ICON_COLOR"]
Here it’s clear show a icon_size params.You just replease the “ICON_SIZE” use your class name.

Ah ok i thought you meant we had to edit another file

Looks your question not icon shortcode.We had reply your email, please keep email.Thanks.

Hi there, great product. Just few questions before to buy.

- is it possible to make the TEAM MEMBERS 2 persons in one line with bigger picture ? Or the only option is to make it 4 as it is on the demo?

Thank you


Hi, about the team 2 person one line is possible.You can view our team shortcode.

If u don’t know how to do, we will help u after purchase it.


Thank you for your feedback. If I do the team by 2 person for one line ( as you said it is possible ) – do the pictures will be bigger ? Can we make the pictures bigger to fit in to the line ?

Yes, you can do a big image for it and it’s auto responsive with screen width.Thanks.

Hi pre-sales question here

Can we use the Flex Slider on the homepage instead of using LayerSlider or Revolution?


Yes, it’s possible.About Flex Slider shortcode details, please view the post.


I get that you don’t offer much help to bundle buyers, but all I want to do is be able to remove the social buttons on the bottom of each page. For the life of me I can’t/don’t know where to look. Any help is appreciated.

Hi, if you need help please get support, we will happy help u with your site about the question. Thanks.

How do I remove search from top menu bar?

Hi, you need custom css for them, if you need help please first get support.

Our V2.0 alterna options -> header had add enable search options, if you purchase update new version will don’t need add css.


Very very good!I liked it!


Can you please improve your overall shortcode designs in the next update?

Hi, we already had reply u the same question.

Another a important question, we had found you had use our theme for 2 end clients, so please send us the 2 single purchase license or will can’t get any help in future! Thanks.

No, we are talking about all the shortcodes in general, the price tables, the buttons, etc. Regarding licensing, we have deleted the other website’s theme a while ago and plan to switch it to a different one. Alterna is being used for a different site. So it is being used for 1 website only.

About all the shortcodes, now it’s all ok and we don’t change them so that break other buyer site design style.As your request, if you need different style, you can custom it or send us custom service for you do them.


Hi there, I can register to your support forum, it says : Your Envato(ThemeForest) username or Purchase Code Error,please check again! I am sure that I enter the correct information :(

Could you please help, I have issue to install the demo file :(

Looking forward to your support.

NP, I help u creat it! Don’t worry :)

Account had sent u, please check your ticket!

Excellent support :) THANK YOU! all in control so far.

hi,nice theme. may i know if i can show videos(upload to my hosting) which are not from youtube or Vimeo in the portfolios section?

We had provide a custom code options, if you need yourself video, you need use html code for your self video player.Thanks.

Hi, if theme integrate BP, then theme price will change to >60$ then will let buyer who not need BP(have no many user use it) pay more. About your problem or bug, if you need us check, please get support. About french language, I had told u this is for who need his site used french language.


I like your theme, so I’m looking for a solution

1 / You suggest you contact the support (I thought for a free test with BP), but it is mandatory that I purchased the theme before!?

2 / It is true that to a price> $ 60 is limited to a small company like ours. I do not dispute the price, but if I bought the theme, is what you would be doing compatible with BuddyPress? Sure?

3 / Another suggestion ;-) you could make your theme in another version BP, removing plugins that are paying a very high cost. I do not use that (Layer Slider) but I could also do without to buy your theme BP less

4 / When you buy a version, you made ??a new version to insert the latest version (Layer Slider)

I do not speak English well, thank you to go slowly


Hi, we don’t help u test with BP and don’t do another version like you said (It’s not allowed as market).About LayerSlider we can provide you latest version.Thanks.

i have uploaded the new theme and am still getting 3.6 update message

Hi, because of envato provided auto update plugin just can update theme directory files so plugin directory plugins can’t auto update, then you need manually update plugins. We had create a post about how to manually update plugins, please view it.