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I see the auto update feature on verson 1.1. Input my envato id and key. Now how do you update.

Hi, if you had setting your auto update username and API Key then will auto update, if not please view how to setting them.

If you there still can’t update auto update please download theme files and use ftp upload again manually update it.


hi, can you tell me which file do we to updated? thanks

Please view our suport forum update post will know more details.Thanks.

Hi, is it possible for me to get the psd files for this template?

We haven’t provide psd files. Thanks.

There is a sub menu hover font color option but there is none for the main menu. My background color when you hover the main menu is purple and the text is dark, i need it to be white when hovering, what is the css code for that? Thanks.

Hi, sounds possible, it’s need custom css for it. You can submit a post with some image (what’s you want) on support forum, then let us check so that can help u.


There is no start discussion button in your support forum. Was able to change header background color through css but now I cant figure out how to change the background color of that bar on top of the header.

Because you don’t click confirm email link so didn’t view the “start discussion button”, I had help u change your account status now you can view it and submit your ticket.You best also tell u your site preview link.More information will more good for us.


My Membership to the support site has mucked up.

I raised a few issues about image resizing and videos not playing in Firefox. The site I am having troubles with is – the portfolio images (even when 1:1 or 1:1.5 ratio) keep cutting off heads.

The contact form also lacks controls and formats crappy – can I put the form beside other content on a page?

Appreciate the help and quick response.


Hi, I didn’t view you purchase our theme, if you are bundle buyer please view clear explain about bundle item without support, updates.


Hi, just want to say this is a lovely theme. I got it in the bundle and it’s just what I needed. i’m just wondering if it is possible to remove the extra featured image from the blog post, as on this page? I know the featured image will not be there if there is no featured image, or if it was a standard post (instead of image post) but then the first page would be imageless. Know what I mean? Thanks. Nik

Hi, bundle item without support, update so if you need any support or update theme must purchase it use normal price again. You also can view clear explain about them.


Hi Activetofocus,

I have a simple question, as I have 17 people on my team, how can I build a TEAM PAGE where I can divide my team to show with categories on top ? Meaning , 4 people to show on the main page but on top of them to have categories , and when I click specific categories, then the rest of the team to pop up by assigned category ?

Can you please help me for this ?

Thank you, and you guys are amazing. Fantastic support.


Hi, you can use team shortcode for it with columns like our about page.

Team shortcode details:

About page, you also can import our demo view code.(We already provide xml files)

If you still have question or other question please submit on support forum:


Looking for a way or method to make my home page look like Example 6 in the demo… any direction would be appreciated. thanks.

Hi, you can import our demo example!Thanks.

Thank you.

Is there sample data I can import to make the template look and act like the demo?

Did that and it worked – but – it failed to import over 1/2 the files -

Don’t understand about “import over 1/2 the files” maybe you can explain more. I also import the demo xml and have no problem. If you didn’t view example without images it’s correct, because of you can’t use these images.Thanks.

The import did what I needed it to do – thanks for walking me through the steps. I will submit another question regarding WooCommerce Theme.

Hello…tried to update your plugins after the auto update and cannot extract them. I get the following error:

error )x80010135: Path too long


adobe fireworks file. this is happening for several plugins

Please download and unzip again then delete your host plugin folder and upload it.If you still have problem please submit a ticket send us your site link, admin account and ftp account let us will help u check it.


got that figured out…my mistake…just one more question. was able to update the plugins and now just see this when i log in. I did update js_composer3.6

There is a new version of Visual Composer available. Download version 3.6.1.

I will update it with theme then you can update it again.Thanks.

Demo content for WooCommerce theme? Is that the same content as the demo content for the non-ecommerce theme? found in the “SimpleData” folder? does it include sample products?

WooCommerce products you can import woocommerce plugin provided dummy_data.xml. You can find it and download it wp-content/plugins/woocommerce Thanks.

Hi, I am considering purchasing your theme but have some questions: 1) For Blog and Portfolio posts, is it possible to have LinkedIn instead of Facebook for Social Media sharing? 2) Alterna feature list includes WPML integration – is that the CMS version or do we need to purchase the WPML plug-in? Also do you have translation files for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese? 3) Does your theme have different footer designs? I want to be able to add a menu to the footer for Privacy Policy, Usage Terms, etc 4) Can I add custom CSS that won’t get overwritten with updates? thanks,

Hi, can use other social share tools, default we used addThis it’s support add LinkedIn all depends on your choose from

2.our theme tested by WPML developer, if you need translate other languages you need purchase WPML plugin for the theme.

3.We provide footer widget and footer copyright for u custom footer contents.

4.You can custom css throught Alterna Options -> CSS , thend don’t overwritten with updates.



i am your new client :-)

setting up my demo install now…

thx, tasos

Purchased! Now if i can’t set blog template with ajax to my categories.. i’m angry!!!

Hi, don’t worry, please send us a ticket with your site link, admin account and ftp account we will help u add it.


:) Thank you. Great support. 5 stars theme and 5 stars support.

@ pipo-c-l & activetofocus,

i’ ll need that too (“blog template waterfall flux with ajax” for categories/tags) and many more clients i believe… please give us a way to do it (and when we update theme we should not lose this setting please)

thx, tasos

Maybe best way is we will add the new features into next update then all can use it.We will do it. Thanks.

Please give us options to select default portfolio/posts templates for categories/tags/archives/search. Thx !!!

Hello, I acquired your theme through the Corporate Bundle.. Nevermind .. Thanks

NP, enjoy it with cheap price! :)

Hello, Great theme! I love it! Quick question before I purchase the theme…is it possible to add the mailchimp plugin and a donation button?

Thank you!

okay. I will purchase the theme. Hopefully you can help me and it doesn’t cost much money to add the donation button to the website. thanks!

oh, do icons come with this theme?

Hi activefocus,

the theme is very nice but the full-width (Global Layout) version doesn’t work. I buy this theme through the Corporate Bundle. Can you help me?

Thanks. :)

Hi, looks something wrong with u. Bundle item without support, update, please first view the post get support or update.


i bought corporate bundle just for your theme and i installed it to my website. but i can’t set homepage like your demos “Example 6”. What can i do? I want to use Example 6 without slider in my homepage. Thanks

Hi, you can import our demo xml, if you need support or updates, please first view our notice.


if i import that, will my wp settings-contents and alterna settings change?

if you need help please first get support.Thanks.

Hello, I bought the theme as part of the bundle. And I don’t completely understand what you are saying about purchasing the basic support package, since the English is a bit broken.

The logo does not scale down when I resize the window, meaning this theme is not 100% responsive as you advertised. Let me know if there is a way to get the logo to scale?

Hi, if you don’t understand our notice , ok a simple method, please purchase again use normal price get support , updates. Now very clear. Thanks.