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The theme seems OK, but buying through the bundle isn’t great because you get an old version, no updates, no support, and you can’t even change the menu text colour without going under the hood.

Hi, bundle item without support, updates.So if you need support, please first get support.


Great theme and quickly support for me. Best activetofocus.


Hi, I bought the theme as part of the corporate bundle. I tried to access your support page to view a similar question that I have. With woocommerce, the related product image is blurry and I think it’s because it’s resized to 150×150 but upsizing it to fit the image box of 320px. Is there a quick fix to this? Thanks.

Hi, we don’t provide support, updates for bundle buyer, as bundle item if you need help please first view our notice.


Alterna V2.2 Update Had Online (Update Page Builder with more elements;Blog Category, Tag support waterfall flux style choose etc…) !!!


Glad to see you guys making great updates. :)

I’m finally about to purchase. Just a quick question, how difficult would be it be for a developer to move the social buttons from the white space to the menu bar itself? Visual explanation here:

I need to add a banner ad to that area right of the logo, but it won’t fit with the social buttons where they are. Thus, moving them to either the menu, or below the menu, would be preferable.

Hi, as your request, about the social you need change little code for the menu place so that like your image. About banner now you can add it throught alterna options -> header -> right content with your ads.Thanks.

Excellent work! :)


Too many pages to look through here! Have we managed to get a cost on updating the Bundle package?

Hi, bundle item without support, updates.So if you need update please view our notice and don’t ask again with the same question. Thanks.

More than willing to stop asking the same question if you actually answer it! How much do you want to update the theme?????

It’s must purchase again with normal price.Our notice explain very clear.Thanks.


Very good looking theme with some great features. Is there a “sitemap” page option included? I have looked through the demo, but I can’t seem to find the sitemap anywhere.


Hi, now we had no add sitemap template.If you need you can send us a sitemap style we can add it or we will add it on next update.Thanks.

Hi, Why is there a smiley below the footer of all my pages?

Hi, looks you have no add footer contents.Bundle item without support, updates.If u need help please fisrt get support. Thanks.

hi, Problems no save button in alterna options

Hi, if you open alterna options will find content right bottom have a “save changes” button.If still didn’t find it please send us your site link, admin account we will quickly help u check what’s wrong with u.


greetings , i can’t seem to “start a discussion” on the Alterna’s support site, so i ask my question here : how do you remove the sidebar on the blog page as shown in the demo, when using the waterflux 3 columns template ? thanks in advance

Hi, because of you didn’t click confirm email link so can’t view “start a discussion” button.I had help u change your account status, now you can view the button.

About your question, I had add post comment with it, you can click link view more details on support forum.


I just purchased and installed this theme, but can someone help me with the portfolios? I downloaded the WP file expecting it will come with the the portfolio options. Do I need to download an additional file? Any help will be greatly appreciated it.

Hi, you don’t need download additional files.About import our demo, you also can view the post.

About portfolio question, we had reply your post on support forum.If you had post on support forum, don’t need post again here.


Hi there – just having truoble starting a conversation ( i confirmed email etc) anyway just want to know if its possible with this theme to create the home rev slider full width and go all the way across the page like here;

In this example the image in the rev slider is 1920 wide but clearly not working!

Cheers and thanks1 ji

Hi, it’s very easy setting it. I had help u create a post on support forum, please check it.If you have other question also can submit on support forum.


hello With this theme can also create facebook pages or would have to buy the other version? Alterna – Facebook Fan Page regards

Hi, now it’s works fine for facebook page with 810px, don’t need buy other version.If you need it for facebook page, you can download our facebook page help file from our support forum.


ok thanks now buy this great theme regards

I opened a support ticket at 06/06/2013 – 1:53 pm.

You responded at 06/06/2013 – 7:02 pm

You last responded at 06/06/2013 – 8:41 pm

My ticket was solved at 06/06/2013 – 9:52 pm

What can I say?


Thanks ActiveFocus! I hope you get time to work on another theme soon! I look forward to it!

Thanks! :)

Hi, Great Theme!! – I Need Help Please – The Client/Customer, the one I bought this theme for, wants to use Header Style #3 (All Center Style) and instead of Social Icons he wants “Custom Content“ (like with Header Style #1) to be centered… How do I do this?

Hi, about your question default you need open header-style-3.php then add your content throught delete the social content.

I just had add the feature into v2.3, you will just do like “Header Style #1” throught alterna options.Please waiting some hours will can auto update.


just wanted to comment, Great Theme! purchased as part of the corporate bundle and recently upgraded to newest version, couldn’t be happier. Works well with most plugins and is very customizable, thanks for all the great updates!

Here’s an example of my site


Purchased this theme about a month ago for a client’s web page. Theme has worked great thus far, and displays on our office Macs and PCS with windows 7/8. We have tested it in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE and all works fine. Our client is using windows XP and IE 7 or 8 and he is having issues with the logo at the top of the page displaying. The logo for him is getting cut off and cropped on his screen, and we were wondering if there were any solutions to fix this for both him and any customers of his that use XP and older versions of IE.


Hi, looks it’s your logo size width more big then IE7, 8 can’t resize the logo size so that cut off.I think you can add little scripts to solve the IE7, 8 crop big width logo problem throught Alterna -> Scripts.You also can submit a ticket with your site link and admin account let us help u with it.


I’m trying to add products from a specific woocommerce category to a page and it works but the displayed products are staggered vs displaying correctly, ive changed the settings from full width,etc and still get the staggered effect any suggestions or fixes?

Now, I don’t understand your there appear what’s problem.Please send us your site link, admin account let us check that.


Alterna V2.3 Update Had Online (Visual Composer Page Builder to 3.6.4, Alterna Options v1.2 with more options etc… )!!!