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Hi there! I absolutely LOVE this theme! I actually had it from buying the corporate bundle but saw the value in it so purchased it a few days ago. I just did the update though and a few things aren’t working. It’s not letting me change setting slide buttons (ie. enable custom color, etc.). And it changed the settings I had such as having the Search Form in the Header and now it’s not.

The biggest thing is although my Theme Color settings are still showing as I chose them, it is displaying as the default theme.

I appreciate any assistance!

And again, I LOVE this theme! :-)

Hi, because of we had update Alterna Options checkbox UI so need you reset these slide buttons (ie. enable custom color, etc.) enable setting.Our update notice had said about it.

If you there still have setting maybe your site host some setting need change, please view the post.

You also can submit a ticket with your site link, admin account, ftp admin let us help u check it.


ActiveFocus I have a problem with theme recognizing child theme: I created a folder – alterna-child, In Style.css entered /* Theme Name: alterna child Template: alterna */ @import url(”../alterna/style.css”);

body { background: grey; }

- doesn’t do anything. But the custom header I created in the same folder – it is recognized. WP best practice is to keep theme intact, and make all changes in Child theme.

I’ve read support forums on your site and it is not just me having this problem with using Child Themes.

If it is possible, Please provide a child theme placeholder starter file or guidance instructions for custom modifications.

???????, ???????!

Looks your language chars can’t read on comment! :)

Yeah, it was Russian – said: “Thank you, Comrade” – Cyrillic is not supported in comments)))

Where are you guys from? I’ve never heard of you, but then out of nowhere you come out with such a great and well designed product.

Hello Act.
Excellent work. Congratulations.

Because I want to create a presentation website (food products, not e-commerse), I am wondering how can I rename the portfolio in product(s)?

And also the name of the portfolio category product?

However maybe it’s a silly question, but it’s useful your answer to me because I am not very familiar with wp.
Thank you in advance and best regards.

Hi, it’s need change post type and tax type etc, it’s need modify many code.. You best send us a custom services for the modify.Because of if you don’t know how to modify code will appear error.If you need custom services please submit a ticket.


I just want to comment that I absolutely LOVE this theme and the flexibility and ease of it! And the support is awesome! Thanks for your assistance today that turned out to be dumb user error! Haha! :-)

It’s ridiculous that there’s no support for this theme for bundle buyers. I get that we wouldn’t get the latest updates but we can’t even ask a question?

Hi, bundle item without support, updates.So if you need support, please first get support.Please don’t ask again with the question.


I want to sign up to your support page, but there is no “License Certificate” link to get the needed Code.

Where can I find them?

Hi, if you open register page, then will view the “Theme Purchase Code” bottom have a link named “get it”, you just click it will view how to get ‘License Certificate’.

Here is post link:


Yes I follwes your how to, but the problem was, that I user Google Chrome. Firefox worked well with the dropdown menu, Chrome didn`t…

So I registered, can you please look at my post?

Thank you :)

Hi, I used chrome it’s works.You also can tell envato support about the problem.

About your theme question, we had reply u on support forum. Please check and follow it.


I went to the support forum and am logged in but still can’t see where to add a new discussion. I searched and didn’t find my answer either. Very sorry if this is the wrong place to ask a simple question…

I am just trying to change the logo top padding in my header. I tried adding css but it didn’t work. And I am not much of a coder so am not sure how to make that simple adjustment.


Hi, you need click your Confirm Email link after you register account on support forum then will view “start a new discussion” button.I had help u change support forum status now you can view the button and submit your question.

About your question, looks it’s your css have problem. You can start a new discussion with your site link so that we can help u on support forum.


Thanks so much! Heading over there! :-)

One thing I do not see on your basic demo is any products from the store on the homepage. Are there not shortcodes in the visual editor for WooCommerce available?

I would think if I had a store that at the least, I would like to feature some products on the homepage or the homepage slider.

If it is possible with your theme, could you change the demo to show us what it would look like before purchase?

If not possible, darn.. suppose you could just let us know then.

Hi, our shop demo home page all used shortcodes from WooCommerce provided. You will view the shortcode icon on editor when you had active WooCommerce plugin.

About these shortcodes details you also can view it throught WooCommerce doc site.


Hey ActiveFocus!

I created a ticket via your support method, but I don’t think you got my ticket because I did not get a confirmed email as I did last time. My confirmation page says I would get an email as well, but I didn’t. I hope I am the only one to have this issue. I submitted my ticket (Tuesday) yesterday exactly 12 hours ago, 11:26 PM

My ticket number is #536739. Glad I screenshot things ;)

Let me know please that it was received, or if I need to create another ticket.

It’s in regards to the portfolio layout – Style 3.


Hi, I didn’t find the “536739” ticket, is it correct? If still have problem with the ticket, please copy content submit a new ticket!


Apologies, I was off one digit. I tried to make sure it was right the first time, but it is “536769”. Let me know if that helps in finding it or if I need to resubmit a ticket.


Hi, get it, before your comment ticket id is “536739” so error. We already had reply your ticket, please keep the ticket and follow our reply, our support will also reply your question.You can login in check your ticket throught the link.Don’t need leave here again.


There is a new version of Visual Composer available. Download version How to update this? Thanks

About import our demo you can find admin -> Tools -> Import.It’s Wordpress provided. About page title you just use HTML code for it like <per>


.If u have other please submit on support forum.


thanks, I was actually enquiring why your theme generates H2 for page titles and not H1, for example page title ‘About’ in this page is H2:
Hi, it’s just html code for the title throught Page Options Setting -> Page Title Content(HTML FORMAT). Here is a example with our contact page of demo.
<h1>Connect With Us</h1>
<h4>We're happy receivel your message, we'll reply u within 24 hours.</h4>


Hi there,

Just a quick one: What is the HTML code you use in order to show email & phone icons on the top left corner ( Header Alert Message ) on the header of the menu ? Also what are the short codes for the SOCIAL MEDIA icons in the footer – as per your demo ?

Thank you.


Hi, about header alre message html code, you can view the post. About social icons we use shortcode , you can view the post.

If you have any question also can please submit on our support forum.


When I try to use the ajax option for my portfolio page, the “view more portfolios” button doesn’t populate the rest of my items when I click it.

It works for the homepage, but not the portfolio page itself.

Loos you done some error with your setting.As bundle item without support, updates.If you need, please follow our notice.


Hi Team,

would really helpful to read this answer -> or do you have an answer?

allready thank you (and yes im a bundle buyer but it would be nice to get this answer)

Best regards,


Hi, he already get solve with the problem from our support forum. If you need support, please follow our notice get support .


i know but i cant view it and im not allowed to create an account without the code… ... (as stated im a bundle buyer) I would be totally happy to view the answer – might you send it to me? or post it here…! pls pls pls!

As bundle item if you want to get support must follow our notice.So now you have no get support means can’t view our support forum answer.Thanks.

Hi… Great theme… But what about advertising on it? Is there a way to put some ad code (for example google doubleclick) on it?

Thank you

Hi, you can use widget add your google ads or other methods.Thanks.

Is it still responsive after that?

If google ads is image will maybe responsive, it’s depends on ads code content.Thanks.


how i can convert flexslider in Carousel..

thank you

Hi, it’s different plugin, you can use our provided shortcode change to flexslider or carousel.Thanks.

Hello How I can create a facebook page for the width allowed by facebook with this issue? regards

Hola Mi pregunta es si se adapta el tamaño una vez creada la web con este tema a facebook (810px)? Saludos

Hello My question is if it suits the size after creating the web with this issue to facebook (810px) regards

Hi, it’s can been show with facebook 810px fixed width.If have show problem with 810px, you also can use css fix it throught Alterna Options -> CSS. Thanks.

Hi! When I try your demo, I see 2 version : multipurpose and woo shop. Is the multipurpose compatible with woo commerce. I want use this version but also sell product via the same website? thanks;

Yes, it’s same theme.Before we use one demo show all, but some user suggest use 2 demo for user preview more clear so we change to used 2 demo show now.Thanks.

Alterna V2.4 Update Had Online (Visual Composer Page Builder to, Font Awesome to v3.2.0 with 361 shiny icons, Clients shortcode added, Author page template added etc… )!!!


Your awesome ActiveFocus! Your Focus is Active that’s for sure! Always updating excellence to supreme deity, haha! Your theme updates I think have exceeded almost everyone’s customer expectations. I know you have for my expectations. Buying a theme from you has given me a great experience as your customer because there is always something new to look forward to! Thanks!


I have this theme included in the corporate bundle. I liked it a lot and considered buying. However, only if it supported RTL.

I referred to this comment about the topic:

I still do not think this theme supports RTL. I have done my homework and added the configured rtl.css. It didn’t work. I referred back to WP Codex to make sure I did all right!

I found out that bootstrap has to me modified to allow RTL.

My question, are you to support RTL in this theme so that I can buy it?

By the way, over 500 million internet users are RTL native language speakers with only 5% of all themes supporting RTL.

We have no test with RTL, as you said you already get it from bundle so you can yourself test it and modify with RTL or get help from google search about RTL.Now we have no plan test and modify it for RTL.Thanks.