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Awesome updates with more features.Thank u ActiveFocus! :)

Is there a code or setting to make the main large images on “home page example 6” rotate automatically?

Hi, you just view bootstrap provided carousel details will know that.

Looks now you just add little js in Alterna Options -> Scripts then will auto play it.We will maybe add the auto play params for the carousel shortcode in next update.


I edited the portfolio page and change the Portfolio Page Show Max Number from 10(default) to 30. Then, it can only show the first page’s portfolio and “Page not found” is shown when clicking other pages. But it can show the portfolio in every pages if it is a default setting – 10 portfolio per page. So, How to show 30 portfolio per page correctly?

Hi, looks it’s your permalinks setting with the problem.I had help u create a post on support forum, please check it.If you have any question please follow on support forum.


I want to add several portfolio pages and I want each portfolio page shows different filter.

However, when I add the pages using portfolio template and select showing filter, it shows all portfolio category filter in every portfolio page.(which means every pages have the same filter)

So, how can I remove or edit the particular filter items in order that different portfolio pages have different category filter?

Now, it’s will show all portfolio categories on portfolio page. If you need show different categories will need edit portfolio page php or we will add the new feature in next update.Thanks.

Concerning the sorting of the filter in portfolio page. How can I change the priority of it?

It’s default order from wp query list if you need change must modify query order params.Thanks.

How to add a simple image in the content that opens up in a lightbox? Thanks!

Hi, you just add a rel “prettyPhoto” for a tag.

Here is example:
<a href="" rel="prettyPhoto">
<img src="" alt="" /></a>


I wish I hadn’t wasted so much money on other Wordpress themes that left a lot to be desired.

Look no further. This is the greatest Wordpress theme ever made.

Hope you are happy with it, if you have any good suggest for the theme, please tell us so that we also maybe add more features for it.If you have please follow our another user suggest post on support forum.


Twitter widget is not functioning, any update coming?

Hi, because of Twitter update API to V1.1, so you can use other twitter plugin with the new API v1.1. or

You also can follow market forum about other news for the twitter v1.1.


Hi just a quick one, it seams my iPad display the full functionality of the website instead of responsive layout mode. Is there any specific settings for the iPad/iphone layout in the settings ?


Please send us your site screenshots and more details, we will check and help u.


Thanks for your quick feedback. I open a ticket and reply to and old ticket.



Hi there,

Just a quick question – I’m a ‘bundle’ owner and am simply wondering if it’s possible to have the drop shadow around the boxed version as per your demo. If it’s as simple as applying some CSS, would be of massive gratitude if you could post it :)

Many thanks – fantastic work

I have purchased this item when you sold it for a discounted price. It was a part of Corporate Bundle.

This item was build using a various scripts. I don’t think it smart to use this theme with no support.

However, I like this theme and may consider to buy extended support for this theme. Please. let me know if you are selling it.

I bought this from the bundle, but am willing to buy the latest version right now. I just need to know that the errors I’m experiencing with version 1.3 from the bundle will be fixed in the new version.

See the errors here:

History timeline is missing chunks and Twitter widget not working.

Hi, about your history looks it’s you used code problem, you can contact us let us help u check it after purchase it.

About Twitter because of twitter stop v1.0 now used new API v1.1, you can use other twitter plugin.You can view our another reply.


hello, I have a template, and paragraph I will blog properly. Posts are mounted. thanks

Please send us more detaisl with your question throught ticket.


Alterna V2.5 Update Had Online (New Header Style Layout Added, Visual Composer Page Builder to 3.6.6, Font Awesome to v3.2.1 etc… )!!!


Hello Activetofocus,

I want to say a big thanks & congratulations for your great theme updates!

5* for your awesome design and responsiveness to our needs :-)

Thx, Tasos (Greece)


Thank u help me and also congratulations for your great theme.

NP, thanks.

The columns for Visual Composer are not working. I specifically purchased your theme for Visual Composer’s ease of use. Links to review:

I have not made any changes to the theme’s CSS. Please provide very detailed instructions on how to correct the problem. I’ve also posted this in your official support forum.

Thank you, Paul Bryant

Hi, I had find your problem, it’s because of you changed VC default Columns CSS class names (I view your site used like sixcol replace vc_span6 ) so that appear error, If You open VC setting panel -> Element Class Names then top area clear have a notice told you if you change these default element name will also need add some other code for it.

Now you just delete these names of your had done back to default will works.


Thank you for your prompt and detailed response. Your solution corrected the problem I was having with the columns. Please note that I had not changed the class names, that was the way they appeared after installation. Thank you again for the help, it’s not often that an author replies so quickly to an issue. 5 stars!

one quick question, will you release a simple html version of this theme or only wodpress will be available?

Now, you can use wordpress version, we have no plan to release a html version!Thanks.

Thanks for your answer, I bought it and I will try to get the html from this wordpress version to implement it in another CMS.

Great theme I love it !

My good friend, I’ve been working with your theme for days and I have found out that any of the options in the alterna options doesn’t work. It’s really not changing anything one the theme. No colours, no logo changing, fvicon, nothing at all… I’m using last version of wordpress (in portuguese). I have made the instalation exactly the way it’s written in the documentation. So, can you explain what’s is wrong? I really need some help here, please! I have even bought the last version of the Visual Composer, without even needing it. Just trying to make the the works. I thank you for any help! Thanks

Hi, looks you had done some error setting or other problem. Please send us your site link and site admin account (ftp account also can send us if your site setting have problem) let us help u check it.


Hello, I would consult a detail to acquire the subject, to put full width slider does not set the entire width of the page? in the sample of the subject.

Hi, it’s just add CSS for slider will works.If u need help please contact us after purchase it.Thanks.