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Hi there, I have a major issue… the site displays fine in everything BUT IE 9 and 10… this issue is preventing final delivery to client. I started from scratch and re-installed wordpress and the new updated theme files… Can you advise?

I would enjoy sending you screen shots if needed.

Please send us your question details and screenshots.Let us check it.


I just created a ticket 280563 Please respond quickly.

We had reply your ticket please check it.Thanks.

Hi, having a small issue with Wordpress SEO plugin: Your theme contains a meta description, which blocks WordPress SEO from working properly, please delete the following line, or press fix it: <meta name=”description” content=”’.$meta_description.’” />
When I press fix it nothing changes

Hi, about your said <meta name=”description” content=”’.$meta_description.’” /> it’s just for our theme provided seo options not you used SEO plugin. You can view the options through Alterna Options -> General -> SEO , then if you enabled our provided seo options will works or it’s not works.

Open header.php view the code clear find the code work just when you enabled our provided seo options.
/* Custom SEO */
if( alterna_get_options_key('seo-enable') == "on"...
    echo '<meta name="description" content="'.$meta_description.'" />';

       echo '<meta name="keywords" content="'.$meta_keywords.'" />';

} else {

Sounds you used other SEO plugin so don’t need delete these code because of it’s different. All setting all depends on your plugin.


Hello, do we get activation codes for Visual Composer and the two sliders so that we can get updates or do we have to purchase that separately? Thanks!

Hi, normal we will update these plugin with new version when update theme so you don’t need purchase these plugins.You can view our support forum post for plugins update problem, please follow it and update your plugins.



I purchased the bundle package with this WordPress Theme is included. May i know, is that version can create more than 1 menu layer?


Hi, bundle item without support, updates.If you need more menu layer like our demo must update your theme.Please read our notice about updates question.



Once downloaded I still get 2.4, why I cannot get 2.5?

Regards, Jerry

Hi, just I check the download files it’s v2.5.1 version, please down it again .If still have problem you can contact envato support tell them about the problem or send us email, we will send u the version.


I set the portfolio format to gallery. Create a gallery with few pictures But the portfolio only display 1 image.

Please assist

Please view our support forum get help, we already post it.


I am using yellow backgrounds for the navigation and thus the buttons are yellow, as well. My buttons are yellow, the text on them is white, and they are not readable. I cannot figure out the css to change the button color to and button text to other colors without changing my menu/background to another color, too. Can you help? Thanks.

Hi, as you said you just need add little css for them, you can send us your site link let us view your these setting. Thanks.

After trying the Bundle version I am planning to purchase the full theme. However, my site is in the Hungarian language, which uses many special characters like á é í ö ? ú ü ?. [EDIT: not even this themeforest forum can properly display all of these characters, hence the question marks]

In the bundle version, special characters like these appear in a larger font in every post. I made a screenshot for you here:

I see on your support forum that a Swedish user has had a problem with this as well (in this thread: ), but I cannot see whether their issue was resolved as I have to be a paid member to see replies.

I would like to know if this bug has been fixed. I hope you can understand that I do not want to pay the full price if I will not be able to use this theme in my language.

Thank you. Adam Dobay

Hello, thanks for your quick reply. So it is fixed, but I will have to buy the full version to be able to update and test it, right?

Yes, you need buy it update new version or you can change code for it.Thanks.

Hello, I just wanted to give you an update, I just purchased the full theme and the problem was instantly remedied. Very satisfied with the new version, thank you for your help. :)

Hi, I purchased the theme and I see 2.5.1 has now been updated to 3.0.1 and I have moved my website with this template, tell me how I can update if I have downloaded the 3.0.1 issue I must do now, install new??

Hi, you had down new version, have no any problem.The version number will know that 3.0.1> 3.0 . Thanks.

Alterna V3.0 Update Had Online with Awesome Changes!


Great updates ActiveFocus!! Question… where do I apply Full Width Backgrounds/Colors “Wide Background”?

Where do I change Page Header images? I don’t see them in Alterna settings or the Post editor. I downloaded update a little while ago. I don’t see it in the documentation either.

I can see the default Page Header “background: url(‘img/bright_squares.png’)” but I don’t see where it’s coming form to change it.



About your first question, I had create a post on support forum, please view it will know.

About second question, I just submit v3.0.2, it’s add page header background setting options on alterna options, you will view it when it’s online.


Thanks! Appreciate it!

hi is the sitemap page in your demo created through a shortcode or page template or did you create it piece by piece. i cant find how to create it.

Thank you. this theme has worked out perfectly for me, I originally got it in the Corporate Bundle but recently purchased it to upgrade to 3.0.

Hi, it’s page template, you can create a page then choose sitemap template will works.


Hi, Is this theme supporting a child theme? tx

Yes, it’s support child theme, we had test it works fine v2.3.1+. Thanks.

Hi, What’s the best way to add icons in the menu area?


Hi, it’s very easy, please view our support forum.


Hi, I purchased the theme and I installed the 3.0.1 version as I do now which is 3.0.3 paraactualizar is updated automatically or not.

You can auto update theme throught envato provided plugin, please view the post get more details on support forum.



I purchased the theme through themeforest bundle, how can i get the documentation of it, as I could not find it in the website

Please check your download files -> DOC -> index.html.


Hi. I;m having some problems with the new theme. Actually I’ve been using version 1.3 bought with the bundle on themeforest and today I purchased your theme again to get the new version. The problem with the new version is when using Layer Slider. Even if I’m setting the slider to be on responsive mode and disabling full width, it’s showing it as a full width and it’s not even responsive. I was not having this issue with the previous version of your theme.

To test things out, I’ve uploaded the older version of Layer slider with the new alterna theme, its the same problem.

Finally I’m trying to post this in your support forum but cannot see any link to post new problems. Apparently I’m supposed to verify my email address with your forum even though I’ve confirmed using the purchase code on themeforest, for some reason I’ve never received your email confirmation link. It’s not even in spam.

Awaiting your feedback.

Hi, looks it’s your slide setting problem, you need change some slide setting will works.You can submit a ticket with your site admin account let us help u check it.

Because of it’s third-party plugin default theme author don’t provide plugin support, you need get support from plugin so maybe support forum have no related posts.

I had help u change your account support forum status, if you have other problem you can submit post through support forum.


Thanks for fixing the forum login issue. I’ve submitted a ticket titled: Problem with Layer Slider with new alterna. I’m sending you the login to the concerned website via a private message here itself in a few minutes.


Hi there, i realy like your theme an would like to use it for a Magazin, but for a Mag there are some functions missing, like a home version with the latest posts of each category, Contentslider, maybe Ratings and an authorpage. Are you working on that functions and do you think you can ad them to your theme? I am sure you would sell a lot more than.

All the best allmedia1

Hi, we are provided custom services for your these request, thanks.


You said your theme is child theme ready, but I need to change portfolio slug to make a more appropriate url. How can I do to change ‘public $id’ in my child theme?


It’s version 3.0 (but purchased ith a bundle). My question is: Can I change the portfolio slug (in inc/penguin/module/custom-post/portfolio.php) from my child theme? From my functions.php ?

Your seems very fast to answer me, so I continue with others questions: I can’t find to change header style menu. It should be appear in Header Setting admin panel, no? (Idem with Drag & Drop Visual Composer Page Builder)

Last one: My blog page displays posts with only one style even if I choose Blog Template Waterfall… (Reading settings ok). I would a waterfall display like on your demo (with 2 or 3 columns).

Thanks a lot

I didn’t view you purchase our theme why you have v3.0 version?If you had purchased our theme will have a purchase flag so if you need any support or help please first get support or send us your purchase code make sure you purchase our theme.


I find your theme in this bundle: “The Corporate Bundle is on for 2 Weeks!” My purchase code is the bundle one, so it doesn’t work. I understand you can’t say anymore… Thanks

Is there a way to add links to the carousel or flex slider so you can click on individual slide and have it go to a specific URL?

if not, this would be nice feature – like url=”” for example within the carousel shortcode.

thanks for help.

Now, it’s can’t add a specific URL, maybe we will add the new features in next update.