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(apology if I understand well that I do not speak English only Spanish, I used the translator)

Hi, I’m new at this to use wordpress templates are HTML, CSS, I have read several forums, comments, discuciones in their support page, I tried several times … and reinstalled several times to learn wordpress from scratch because I get …

I need your help because I want all equal sliders to preview that was what I convinced to purchase please give me step by step to import the slider or move out the correct and css Shortcode please, I would be helpful… this web and I have problem on the sliders:

1. – Revolution Error Slider: Slider with ID: 6 Not Found and

2. – Example 1 at 2 and 3 slider css does not apply to text and shadow box is not equal

3. – Example 3 in the 3 sliders css does not apply to text

sliders others no problems


Hi, about your question, these all slider example.We had provided some slider example not all as it’s not requires.

1. means your slider have no ID is 6 slide, you need create a slide and choose again. 2. You can open your rev slider then edit css copy our provided caption.css into here. (Downloads -> SimpleData -> revslider -> caption.css. 3. Looks it’s also css problem with your slider.Follow above copy our css.

Default these slider all depends on you to create so you can create yourself slide not yet use our demo slider.


thanks for reply soon, I’ll do me indicated with new slider css and I’ll make then any will write, Greetings

i have a problem where my custom logo keeps disappearing if i go into header setting options and re-save the image it reappears I just upgraded to 3.0.3 and this probelm is still occuring i didnt see any mention of this n your support forums

Hi, it’s your logo size problem, please submit a post on support forum with your site link and more details let us check it.


Very interested in purchasing the theme. Would it be easy to change the size of the logo area to be about 200px tall? Would the menu adjust correctly?

Thank you!

Hi, you can custom logo size through alterna options, if your logo size too big then you can add responsive css so that some screen size more good, we already had reply other buyer with it on support forum, you can login support forum view details after purchase it .


Hello I bought your theme but I find only 2 blog layout. Where I can find for example layout “blog mid witdh style ? Thank you, Federico

Hi, it’s just need set blog show type option, very easy. I had create a post on support forum for the question. Please check it .


Hi there, I purchased the bundle and got this theme. But there are no updates available for the theme? Please help

Hi, bundle item without update and support, please read our notice get more details.


Are there CSS3 image animation effects included?

Hi, it’s css3 style you also can add yourself if need.For example our portfolios waterfall flux filter show with css3 animation.Thanks.

Hi, I am intered in your theme but I have a few questions…

Can I reduce the high of the top bar or remove it? Can I change the width of the content area?

Thanks for your answer.


Hi, 1.default if you top bar have no content will just about 5px height , you also can remove it.2.content are basic bootstrap, if you need change content width you need add some css for it.


How to control the width of pricing table?

If I put the following code, the table width become full page width.

Also if I put two pricing table code, it is staking over each other. Why it can be side by side and in the middle of page as shown in the demo.

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Please use columns for your price, you can view columns code.
Your price code

If you still have problem please send us a ticket with your site admin account let us help u change it.


Thanks. How to make a post featured post to be displayed in the side bar.

Hi, I had create a post on support forum with your question, please read it.

If you have other question, please submit on support forum.


Hi, I bought the Theme Alterne through a package of Envato. Can You send me the latest version? I put my login and API Key Envato in Settings of Theme Alterna but do not know how to upgrade.

Best regards

Hi, bundle item without update and support, please read our notice get more details.


When I enable the “Right Menu Style #2” the background of the menu items becomes white making it invisible unless rolled over. I am using the latest version. How do I fix this color issue?

The color is already set and I even went thru and reset them, it doesn’t take any effect on the menu tho when on “Right Menu Style #2”. It remains white despite there not even being an #FFFFFF hex in my color scheme besides the header background.

Did you had click enabled custom color button? If you change header style then you also need change these menu color setting. If you still have problem please submit a ticket with your admin account let us help u check your site.


Yes, I did. I’ll submit a ticket. Thank you.

It’s possible add by default the rel=”prettyPhoto” on all the img on Posts and Pages.

Our theme support prettyPhoto, if you need support or help please contact us after purchase it.Thanks.

good morning I hope I apologize for the Spanish speaking only English; I bought the theme but I’m having problems with the browser internet explorer browser as this page goes completely unconfigured apparently are not supported as could solve this problem pages are: and , I hope your help many thanks

Hi, you need add subsets for spanish font through Alterna Options -> Font will find the options. About subsets details you can view google fonts


is there anyway to ad a url to services short code? so When when you hover over it you can also click it to go to the webpage?

We already had add services with click, if you need it must update your theme.


Is there a way to disable the portfolio items from linking to a page and ONLY have them linked to the image? Example: On the portfolio page when you hover the thumbnail/preview, there is a link to the picture and the single page. I just want to see the link to the picture only, no page.

Hi, about it will need modify some code for it or you can add some css hide link single page button.If you need us help u change it, we’re provided custom services.


Okay, nevermind. I was hoping there would be a simple CSS code that I could use to hide the single page link.

Hi, I have a portfolio 2 columns but I want remove the table at the right with the field Date and categories on each post. can you help me? tx

Hi, I had help u create a post for your question, please check it on support forum.


I wish to purchase this theme. Looks really good. But I have a question. Is there a way to remove the dual titles? I have seen sites built with this theme and even in your official demo there are 2 titles. See this image post for example –

There is a title on top of breadcrumbs and then again after the image. Is there a way to remove one title from the 2 without affecting SEO? Thanks

Hi, it’s possible.You just need add a css for it will works with your request.Very easy and simple method.

If you don’t know how to do, please contact us after purchase it.


excelent theme and 5 star support! thanks.

Thank u! :)

Will you guys be working on a megamenu, because that would really be helpful for my shop.

Hi, we’re provided custom services for it if you need please contact us after purchase it.


Hi we have alterna, but we get it on a bundle. I know that we do not get support? its a very small thing we need to translate the PRevious and Next text of the portfolio. can you please advice? thanks

Hi there, I purchased a bundle a few months ago now and it included your Alterna Template, am I entitled to free updates? Or do we have to pay for a template again?

REgards P

Hi, bundle item without update and support, if you need update please read our notice get more details.