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Alterna V3.0.4 Update Had Online (Visual Composer Page Builder to 3.6.8, LayerSlider to v4.6.0)

More update information please click link view details.



I am interested in the template: Alterna

I have some queries:

1 Future upgrades are free if today bought the template? 2 Can translate well into Spanish? 3 works well with version 3.0 or wordpress? 4 give me support if I buy the template? that tipod and support?

thank you very much regards

Hi, thank u interest in our theme.

About your question:
1.yes, future update free.
2.yes, our theme tested by WPML plugin, many user already do it for spanish.
3.V3.0 is our theme version number, our theme works fine with WP 3.5+.
4.we already create a support forum, you can login in and submit your question.


Hi, thanks for your answers, other questions:

Comes including home and PSD to work it and edit pages? Comes with manual or explanation?

Thanks and regards

We had includes our demo xml files, you can import it.We have no includes PSD files.


Hi there,

Is there a way or shortcode to include for wordpress post/page gallery images to open using prettyphoto lightbox?


Hi, our post support gallery format, it’s support prettyphoto lightbox.

Here is a post about gallery of blog or portfolio.

Now, have no other way or shortcode for it.


I am having an issue with the layer slider. When I try to publish it I get this message:

LayerSlider: jQuery Transit issue It looks like one of your other plugins also uses jQuery Transit and loads an extra copy of this library which can cause issues. Please navigate on your WordPress admin area to edit this slider and enable the “Put JS includes to body” option in your Global Settings under the Troubleshooting section.

When I go to the troubleshooting section and enable to “Put JS…” it just resets itself to the “off” position after I hit save.

Hi, it’s because of some js LayerSlider need load to body, you can view our reply for other user and follow it will works.


Thank you so much for your help! Love the theme and great support :)

This might be a dumb questions, but I can’t figure out how to do it!

I just want to create a coloured band with text and button on the homepage, just like the one on the demo site.

Can you give me a clue as to where I should be looking?


Hi, np, please submit a post on support forum with a screenshot of you want then we will make sure what’s you want and help u.If you have other question, also please submit on support forum.


You support section is not working properly. When logging into my profile and hitting the “discussions” button the page just keeps resetting itself.

I want to know how to create the black bar with text in it just like on the first homepage on the demo under the slider. If you give me an email address I can send you a screen shot.

Hi, looks it’s forum system problem, but don’t worry that. About your question.

You can import our new demo xml files view the page code details.

Here is little text edit code example for it.
[wide style="background:#2a2a2a;margin-top:-20px;"]
<p style="color: #fff; text-align: center; font-size: 16px; margin: 0;">Alterna can create any type of website; business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, magazine, shop etc…[button text="Read More" type="btn-custom" url="" bg_color="#3a3a3a" bg_hover_color="#5a5a5a" txt_color="#ffffff" txt_hover_color="#ffffff"]</p>


Hi, I’m corporate bundle buyer & just try to install alterna on my local server. everything’s fine, but when I add a shortcode on page or post, i got this error:

Notice: Array to string conversion in D:\\localhost\www\test\alterna\wp-includes\shortcodes.php on line 236

please help, thanks.

Hi, it’s shortcode return array appear notice, we already update them change all return use ””, if you update new version will have no the notice.

VERSION 2.3 – Jun 07th, 2013

Because of bundle item without update, so you can change these shortcode return use ”” replace array.

You also can don’t worry that, it’ll also works just a notice without debug.


sorry, but I still confused what I should change to.. (maybe it’s because of my poor english)

so, can you give me an example about it? or maybe you could give me the fixed shortcode.php file instead? cheers

thanks & best regards

Hi, means you don’t worry that and don’t need change anything, the theme also works.

If you still want to change you can change it like the example.
function alterna_flexslider_item_func($atts, $content = null){
    return $alterna_flexslider_items;

//here change to

function alterna_flexslider_item_func($atts, $content = null){
    return "";

Because of our new version shortcode.php can’t works for your old version(we already changed many code), if you need it must update your theme, it’s require you purchase again.(Bundle item without updates)


Hello, can you please tell me how to remove the white space at the top of the header. I’m using default header style. I’m refering to the white space above the green header. Have a look at

Hi, looks you add a site count image so appear the white space. You just add a css hide it will works through alterna options -> css.
#statcounter_image {display:none;}


Thanks, yes it was because of statcounter.

LUV Alterna and #ActivetoFocus! ANY New WP Work/Themes coming out (soon I hope!)?

We’re working new WP theme and will publish it.Thanks.

Hi, all your shortcodes can be used via Visual Composer in a graphical way?

Hi, we had add all our shortcodes for VC, you can drag or use our shortcode btn click choose them.Thanks.


Do you have on your theme a Container Background Color Opacity Function ?


Hi, now have no Opacity options, but you can add css through Alterna Options -> CSS for it!


Excellent, Thank you

Hi, I did not purchase the FULL VERSION of Alterna and only received the Bundled Package from Envato. By error and not knowing there was no support for this item I got a wrong API key from envato and put that in the Alterna setup area. ever since I have been getting: problem:

,strong>Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Envato_Protected_API in /home/web7day/public_html/ on line 13

I took everything off my server via FTP for wordpress of the Alterna package and reloaded the Bundled Package back to Wordpress…getting the same message!

IF I was to BUY THE THEME, I’m worried that this would still happen!!!

Would this happen if I purchased the theme and started fresh with support, etc…


Bundle item without updates so your API can’t works for auto update, if you want to update must purchase again and use the item purchase code for update and support.


Hi there,

The theme has been working great for me, however when I have setup portfolio’s I have created 5 categories and added posts to each.. however when I test the page filters only two categories show content the others (although the category is set in the post) do not show anything?

Can you suggest what might be the problem please, I have check plugin conflicts and there are none.

Additional.. the categories display the amount of portfolios in them correctly, just not displaying on the page.

Hi, you can submit a ticket with your site link and admin account let us check it.


OK done.. thanks :)

Pre-sales Question - in the SimpleData file of the theme, there are all the content of the online demo? (post, page, image, LayerSlider sliders, Revolution Sliders ecc…

Hi, we provided all content as WP can imported and we also provided sliders demo.Thanks.

holaho activetofocus, i have got some questions to your great theme – if already mentioned, let me know pls … :: 1:: portfolio: .could the portfollio items be tagged + displayed under/by tags (categories in portfolio are fine enough but i would like to use tags for all the visual/image content of the web i prepare and be able to display the images under tags) 2:: gallery: .could the gallery items be tagged + displayed under/by tags … .could the gallery and/or images from gallery be linked to the FB/TW/G+? ... or could the theme work with other plugins … idea is something like the thumbnail gallery by dotonpaper ( in combined with some image tag plugin … >? - thanks for answers! &greetings from bohemia

Hi, as your said something must need custom them.We’re provide custom services for them if you need.About the plugin we have no test it, but looks it’s good. Thanks.


I’m trying to upgrade to WP 3.6, but get the following error. I also tried disabling all the plugins before the upgrade, but that didn’t work either.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Plugin_Upgrader in /home/gettingf/public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php on line 632


Hi, here I had success upgrade to WP 3.6 and works fine. Maybe some plugin problem, you can switch default WP theme then upgrade again.Thanks.

Thanks! That worked.

Hi, can I use optimize press 2.0 with alterna theme or do you have an alternative plugin like optimize press that you have include in the theme.

Hi, we didn’t use optimize press with alterna theme.You can try use it.About plugin we also don’t know you need install it test it.


Hi! I was just wondernig how to set custom icons for my “SERVICES” element. I try to replace them by using the same name but it doesn’t seem to work. Any help?


Hi, we didn’t view you purchase our item, if you need help please first purchase it then can submit your question details on support forum or ticket get our support.


I have just seen the announcement of the new Alterna 4.0. When will it is available? Will this update contains the Visual Composer 3.6.9?

Yes, we had update the VC plugin to 3.6.9 and had upload the V4.0 maybe some hours will available by TF reviewer.


Hi, I don’t see list of changed/added/removed files for all your theme updates. Can you include them please?

I still don’t see list of actual files changed with every update :)

Many files changed so can’t provided a list if you modify files best use child theme method!Thanks.

Happy to see latest updates :) Let it keep coming cheers g.